Oliver (#67905113)
My oh my, the sky's so much bigger than we thought. (he/him)
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Fire.
Male Spiral
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4.05 m
2.6 m
62.24 kg


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Mar 10, 2021
(1 month)



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Eye Type
Level 1 Spiral
EXP: 0 / 245



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apparel done! :D

oliver is a little cabincore boy! he's generally very optimistic, but in a fun laid-back kinda way. he's way too energetic and is always talking about something, whether it be the cool animal he saw while on a walk or some philosophy about the vast world. oliver's a daydreamer, staring up at the sky, just lost in thought. he's always here to give you a cup of tea (or whatever beverage you prefer!) and some reassuring words if you need it. though he isn't actually the best at reassuring words and will usually get distracted telling some tale instead of trying to be comforting. at least you'll get a laugh out of it? he's super clumsy too and kinda really scared of a lot of things. you'll be lucky to go a week without him getting scared of something and hiding under your wing for the next hour until he calms down. don't let him near anything thats fast or jumps or whatnot, he's horrible with jumpscares (which is kinda a problem when you're in nature because theres animals hiding everywhere). he's imperfect and whenever he messes up he'll make you a little flower crown or something to apologize. he isn't the best but he tries to be everyone's friend anyway. he's isolated from the world and most other dragons but that doesn't mean he doesn't love them all.
you better drink water and sleep in a natural schedule or else oliver will come for you and force you to have good self care

> hangs out in the worldedge wetlands alone, other than the company of his friend (who is unnamed so i'll just call them 67601190 from here)
> has a little garden, grows little flowers and herbs
> likes to climb trees for the fun of it. its pretty neat as a spiral to just hang out in the branches and sometimes get tangled
> likes to watch sunsets/sunrises, and likes to stargaze at night. actually he just likes to sit back and watch the world go by in general
> decides to just go wander through the woods spontaneously, picks up some mushrooms he finds on the way but usually gets lost and needs 67601190 to come find him
> probably also picks some cute flowers when he finds them and makes little flower crowns for 67601190
> hangs out around the warm light of a campfire with 67601190 and trades ghost stories
> really disorganized, usually needs the help of 67601190 to actually get things done
> edison lights and oil lanterns
> staring up into the sky and thinking about how big the world really is, but also being perfectly okay with knowing he'll never see it all
> would wear cozy weathers or flannels if fr had either
> wants to be cool like 67601190 and document animals and plants in a little notebook but it takes too much effort to him and he never gets far whenever he tries
> if he existed in our universe would probably listen to like the oh hellos, cavetown, the paper kites, and punch brothers
> tea. lots of tea. he loves a warm cup of tea
> probably has a lot of plants. just all over his room. little potted plants he takes care of very well
> he never has a schedule for anything, he just does whatever he wants when he wants. except watering his plants, he makes sure he does that on time for them of course
> life is short. spend it finding cool mushrooms
by Desol
Flying too fast, bright expansive skies, the whiplash of wind as everything turns into a great big blur! Musty earthen mushrooms, crunchy dried herbs, fragrant and reassuring. Getting distracted by a shiny beetle, stalking skittering bugs through the grass, picking up small pretty things to thread into flower crowns. The slide of skin buffing tree bark, small woodland animals so used to your presence they just climb over you. Darting out to surprise your friend- boo! A warm cup of tea that fills your insides, giggles on a summer day, twinkling stars and campfires, pouring stories as often as you pour strong tea. Happy generous smiles and the security of wood planks, cozy blankets, the gentle haze of good company and warmth on a cold night. The stars reflected in golden eyes, excited and mischievous.

everlasting memories


welcome to another episode of!! psych was messing around with picrew and went ooga booga dragon??? as human?????????

bought for 25g
spiral for 0g (ty starbunnies!!! ily /p)
striation for 102kt

april fools day bad art gift format wrote:
Hmm... something feels a little... off today. Is that tree leaning a different way?
You're trying to figure out why everything looks a little... tilted, when you hear the light approaching footsteps of a spiral.
oliver.png well, footsteps weren't quite the right word. it was more of a thud, thunk, crash as the guy wobbled himself over to you. whatever the problem with today was, he had it too.
you notice he has a folded piece of paper in his paint covered claws. "hi!! im oliver! i was trying to make you a little present, but doing so is hard when everything keeps falling sideways off your desk...
oh well, i tried my best. i hope you like it!"
he hands you a crumbled piece of paper, covered in paint stains and small tears along the edge. in the center of the mess is a drawing of one of your clanmates.

oliver smiles at you, somewhat proud of his own work. "well, have a nice day, friend!" he says before making several attempts to take off into the air. when he finally does, he almost runs into a few trees, before twisting off into the distance.
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