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Jan 26, 2021
(11 months)



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Eye Type
Level 3 Fae
EXP: 356 / 1401


Petalara is the leader of the Breezefeather Hibiscus-Petal clan. Her Zephyr Gem Guardian companion is named Galegust.

As a young fae, Petalara dreamed of being a Tri-Element Mage: mastering Wind magic, Arcane Magic, and Nature Magic. She achieved this through years of training.

Petalara is sweet and kind, always seeing the good in others and hoping to bring it out. But if something truly threatens the dragons she loves, she will use her three powerful elements of magic to defend, and is a force to be reckoned with. Petalara is grateful for the life she has and always remains cheerful and upbeat.

petalara cherub/toxin fae

Petalara was born on the Cloudsong, on the 14th platform.

Poem by me about the Windsinger and Wind Dragons:

("great dragon" refers to windsinger)

"Oh how we praise the great dragon who
Paints the sky with the clouds
And the land with bamboo

The wind comes soaring through the heights
Hundreds of wind dragons take flight
To feel air under your wings is such a delight
To see the world from up high is the greatest sight

When you fly, you see it all
We are wind dragons, the air is our call"

(Petalara's lore is W.I.P, but it goes here anyway!)

Petalara's Lore!

Chapter 1:
Lore written on January 26 2021

It was a pleasant day on the Cloudsong. 12.png

The structure is massive, built thousands of years ago by ancient dragons, and still maintained to this day. It was crafted to show devotion to their deity, the Windsinger. The dragons even built it to be shaped like the Windsinger.
The Cloudsong is made up of 30 circular platforms, each about 3 miles in radius, and in front of the first platform was a massive head resembling that of the Windsinger. The first 7 platforms are considered the "neck", the middle 15 are the "spine", and the last 8 are the "tail".

It keeps afloat by "swimming" on top of a special air created by wind dragons, which is almost as dense as water but looks like normal breezy air. Strong currents in the magically-densified air keep the Cloudsong moving.
The currents are generated by massive bamboo fans that blow air and are powered by the magic stored by the orange tassels that hang from them.

Surrounding the Cloudsong is a large, massive bubble of fresh air and any dragons flying out of the bubble will have their own miniature air bubble around them until they are close enough to the ground that they no longer need it to breathe.
This massive air bubble around the Cloudsong is necessary because even with the Wind Flight's plentiful oxygen at higher altitudes than normal, oxygen is still required at the height of the Cloudsong, as it flies 6 miles above the ground.

Each platform of the Cloudsong has two orange patchy bat-like wings made of fabric that blow wind magic behind them and soar over the Windswept Plateau.

The Cloudsong is tethered to the ground by green cables attached to each platform. The bottoms of these cables are mobile and move with the Cloudsong accordingly. The Cloudsong also has many balloons, airships, and decorated mini-Cloudsongs flying by it.

Life on the Cloudsong is joyful and fun. The dragons, known as "Cloudsingers", are those who live and thrive in the communities of the Cloudsong.
The decoratively-patterned fabric platforms, with patches of grass and trees and bamboo placed in patterns, are where their homes dwell. The center of each platform has a beautiful centerpiece park, for all the dragons to see, and at the very center of that is a shrine devoted to the Windsinger.


dragon?age=1&body=37&bodygene=10&breed=12&element=10&eyetype=3&gender=1&tert=175&tertgene=5&winggene=12&wings=109&auth=a8161a811d9d88535de5b62ddce47a4b6c82e725&dummyext=prev.png dragon?age=1&body=18&bodygene=2&breed=1&element=9&eyetype=2&gender=0&tert=124&tertgene=0&winggene=5&wings=128&auth=8d1a4e5ac03bed89647680338f84eae551cfb393&dummyext=prev.png

Pavlakira, an elegant green Nature coatl with pink wings and a purple belly, was tending to her nest of five eggs. Her mate, a striped purple Arcane fae named Viniipo with golden feathered wings, was flitting around the nest. The hatchdate of the eggs was due to be soon, and Viniipo was anxious with excitement.

"Pavla, the eggs are due to hatch TODAY! Oh, oh, this is incredible! Can you believe it? I can, or maybe I can't, or what words should I say, to describe that I am excited, these eggs will hatch! Look, they're bouncing up and down! They're excited too!"

Pavlakira looked at the eggs with a calm, peaceful expression. For the past year, she had been tending the nest of eggs. Dragon eggs take a year to hatch.

The soft pale green eggs bounced through their nest of bamboo, a small grassy patch atop the Cloudsong. Viniipo cheerfully bounced along with the eggs. Two of the eggs were large, clearly bearing Coatls, while the other three were small and held a baby Fae in each.

The eggs glowed faintly, a sign that they soon would hatch. Viniipo took a few steps back. Pavlakira looked on the eggs with bright green eyes. Her excitement was inconcealable now. She was about to see what her hatchlings look like, and become a mother of five wonderful wind dragonets.

Viniipo jumped up and down in excitement, flapping his wings which created little sparkles. Pavlakira smiled. Viniipo touched a talon to one of the eggs and felt the magic pulsing from them. "They're gonna hatch! Five new lives are beginning today!"

As he moved his front paw away from the eggs, the glow of the eggs pulsed brighter. The eggs vibrated and the nest seemed to shake.

Cracks appeared on the soft-shelled eggs. The cracks began to branch out, and get wider. The nearby breezes seemed to be directed towards the nest, swirling around it in circles of fast-moving air.

"Pavla, is that normal? Those swirling winds?" asked Viniipo, looking upon them in awe.

"It's certainly normal, but.. They're not usually this fast." Pavlakira considered running inside and grabbing a book of "Guide to Raising Wind Dragonets: Windswept Plateau Parenting 101 Guide" for a moment, but then she would miss the nest hatching, which seemed to be very soon. So she stayed put and watched as the winds got faster. The whooshing sound of wind grew in magnitude.

A group of curious onlookers watched from afar. Though they had previously slowed down momentarily to admire the soon-hatching nest just moments before, now they stopped to watch. It was common knowledge among Wind Flighters that wind eggs would shake and have a faint pulsing glow and swirl breezes around them before hatching, but this nest had stronger gusts, and the eggs glowed brighter.

Finally, the cracks on the eggs went all the way around. At this, the winds fell silent. The eggs began to glow in blinding green rays one last time, before the glow dissipated.

The eggs opened as the five little hatchlings popped the eggshell off and rolled their egg over, slowly tumbling out.

"D'awwww!" squealed Pavlakira. In a voice rich with motherly love, she said, "Welcome to the world, little ones."

A bright cyan coatl hatchling fluffed up her feathers at a breeze and waddled out of the egg. Pavlakira gasped as she saw the magic tuft of wind at her tail.

As the other hatchlings stumbled out of their eggs, Pavlakira looked at each one of them. A light blue Fae, a dark blue Fae, a green fae, a purple coatl, and a cyan coatl. But all of them shared one thing in common: they all had a tuft of wind magic swirling at the tip of their stripey tails.

"A nest of Windtails!"


Chapter 2:
Lore written on July 24 2021

The tiny hatchlings slowly waddled short distances out of their nest and the little dark blue fae made a squeak as she bumped into one of her coatl siblings. The green fae began to have a short nap on the soft grass, slowly moving his orange wings, which were still somewhat floppy since he was only recently hatched.

The dark blue fae was taking a breath in of the fresh air, moving her tail side to side. As with her other siblings, there was a large light green breeze of wind magic at the end of her tail.

"We'll need to give them names now, of course!" whispered Viniipo cheerfully to Pavlakira, who was still a bit taken aback by the hatching of the eggs she had experienced, with gusts of wind and glowing eggs stronger and brighter than any other hatching. Why? thought Pavlakira. The green and pink feathers on her head blew in the breeze as she tilted her head up to the sky. Have the spirits of the wind flight sent this blessing to our hatching?

A strong breeze blew over the nest, shaking the tops of the bamboo for a few moments before stopping. It blew leaves over the nest and one of the hatchlings listened to the gust, astonished, although they hadn't opened their eyes yet.

Names swirled in Pavlakira's head as she looked upon the five dragonets. The green Fae woke up from his nap and sat with his legs tucked under him and his tail brushed the grass beneath him. The name Vardeo fits you. Pavlakira thought about it for a bit, before concluding it was satisfactory. "His name will be Vardeo," said Pavlakira, pointing to him with one forepaw.

The dark blue Fae flapped her wings which were gold and purple. Pavlakira tried to think of a fitting name, something that evoked colorful flowers and grace and the color blue.. "Zivirpeia. A beautiful name."

As she named the dragonets, some of them began to open their eyes. Opening eyes for the first time was an exciting moment in a dragon's hatchlinghood, because not only is it showing the color of their element, they get to see the beautiful world around them for the first time ever.

Vardeo's eyes were a shade of green that matched his head-fans and the cyan coatl's eyes had a shade of bright cyan around the rim that matched her feathers. The purple coatl's eyes were the same minty green as the tips of his wings and Zivirpeia's eyes took on a minty shade as well. The light blue Fae's eyes were bright and eager to see the world.

Pavlakira went on to name her two coatl hatchlings: She named the cyan coatl Piamakaia, and the purple coatl became named Kirodal. Lastly, it was up to her to name her light blue Fae hatchling.

The light blue Fae was waving her colorful pink wings in the wind as if she was pretending to fly. She stopped to prance in a small patch of flowers in the nest. She booped her cyan coatl sister Piamakaia and skittered off while flapping her wings excitedly.


The five new names ran through her head. Vardeo, Zivirpeia, Piamakaia, Kirodal, Petalara. I should think of nicknames.

How about Zivia, Piama, Kirod, and Petalie? The name Vardeo's too short to nickname, she thought. It was now up to her to tell the hatchlings their names.

She went around introducing her five hatchlings to herself, each other, and their father Viniipo. The dragonets stared up curiously at their parents. Petalara walked forward to squeal joyfully and smiled with her head fins and cheek fins fanned out happily. Pavlakira smiled and said:

"Welcome to the Cloudsong."

Chapter 3:
Lore written late July 2021 to August 4th 2021


Soon after the hatching, Pavlakira, Viniipo, and the five hatchlings went home, with Pavlakira and Viniipo flying and bringing a floating pod carrying the five hatchlings, after taking many happy videos and photos with the hatchlings and bringing the portable nest with them, leaving the bamboo patch where it had sat free for use.

Petalara's family's home was a lovely three-story mansion surrounded by a large yard with trees and bamboo at the sides and a bamboo fence surrounding the considerably large backyard. The home was a swirled mix of pale green, light yellow, and white with three sturdy green pillars on either side that were patterned to resemble bamboo and were embedded with small jade crystals. Flowered hedges neatly decorated the front yard and a fountain trickled water out peacefully.

The house's roof alternated green and orange tiles. The windows of the house were clear and had swirly intricately-patterned curtains. In the front yard, there were plentiful leafy bushes and leafy bamboo along with tall mossy-branched trees whose leaves let dapples of sunlight through to the soft green grass.

~Switch to Petalara's perspective, around three years after her and her siblings hatched~


"Ma! Look!" squealed Petalara as she made little whirls of wind around her. She rolled over on the colorful foam mats and batted at the whirls, then tried extra hard to put them together so she could play with it like a yarnball. She chased the little ball of wind to the carpet and curiously tapped it with her wing. Kirod pummeled in to try to fan the windball towards her with his feathered wings and within moments they were throwing the ball between each other, watching in awe as it soared through the air.

Fun! Ball play! Air fast then green and round and go fast! The other two little Fae hatchlings were attempting to make a block tower while Piama hugged a soft stuffed animal that resembled a Floron cub. "Fwofoo!" she squealed. She tossed the plush into the air, bouncing it around with wind magic before making a puffy cloud on the carpet for it to land on. As she looked at the plush with wide eyes and a big smile, she attempted to say 'Fwofoo fwew' (which is "Flofoo flew") but ended up saying "Fwofwew fwo.. foo? Foofo fwee! Fof? Foof fwo foo. No.. fwofwofwoo! Not wight.. Fwofoo fwew! Yay!" and then danced around in circles a little clumsily but filled with glee.

Viniipo helped improve Petali and Kirod's ball-throwing game by adding some of his arcane magic to the ball, making it sparkle and have moving pink splotches. Pavlakira added some of her nature magic to the ball, which added bits of slightly darker shades of green swirls that had tiny flowers and leaves. Petali and Kirod excitedly jumped at the new improvements to the big ball.

Pink.. green too. Before, only green and light. Now, pink shiny and other green with small flower? How happen? "Mom, how the ball change?"

"You mean 'how did the ball change' little one. Now, the ball changed because me and your Dad added arcane magic and nature magic to the ball. Before, it was only wind magic. I am a nature dragon, Viniipo is an arcane dragon, and you are wind dragons."

"Oh! The same pink magic and leaf magic I see before! Ma, could I use pink magic and leaf magic too?" asked Petali.

"Yes, it is the same pink magic and leaf magic you've seen before. Dragons can learn magic of other elements."

Petali was fascinated by this and went off to go see Vardi and Zivi's block tower. The block tower was colorful and had various shapes of blocks: cylinders, cubes, arches, and others, and came in a variety of bright solid-colors. The base was wide (a recommendation given by Viniipo) and the tower was getting taller.

"Taller! Taller!" squeaked Vardi playfully as he ran around gathering the colored blocks from the bin and giving them to Zivi, who then placed them all over the tower (especially at the top) and stared in joy at how big the tower was now.

I know! I know! I should put the ball at the top! thought Petali. She made a bowl shape out of the colored blocks, slowly walked over to the ball, and pounced on it, rolling around like it's a yarn ball. Then, she put it in the bowl which she held in her front talons and stretched her wing muscles. She jumped up and began to fly, then used her wind magic to carefully transport the block bowl and the ball it held onto the top of the tower.

Suddenly, the tower slowly began to slowly sway. The wind magic from the ball began to leak out and twirl around the tower, pushing it one way and the other. The three faes sighed with relief as they realized the tower would not topple. Unexpectedly, the wind magic began to push it with a strong force in one way. The tower was about to fall, and in the split second before all of the blocks separated it..

"NO!" squealed Petalara. In an unexpected burst of magic, the tuft of wind on her tail became twice its size and she created a mini-tornado around the tower, attempting to control its power. But the power could not be contained by her for long as the blocks began to separate and whirl around the small tornado. And the blocks were about to fall on her!

Her four siblings watched in awe. Using all the power she could, she held the blocks with floating arcane magic, pushed them together with strong wind magic, and tied them together with vines of nature magic. The three magics began to fade as she flopped onto the ground, head spinning and heart beating fast.

"Petali!" shouted one of her siblings. She didn't know which one. The voice sounded warped, as if she was underwater. She took in a huge breath of air and began to stand up with the help of her siblings.

Pavlakira walked towards her. Noises sounded clear now, as if Petali had emerged from a deep pool. Pavlakira said..

"Magic is a powerful thing, young one. You have used its strength, determined to do good. But magic does not always bend to one's will. Yet, you succeeded in harnessing the power of magic.. I knew you had it in you."

Later, after Petali had calmed down, she was ready to return to playing, having joyful times with her brothers and sisters by playing with toys and gentle, easy-to-control magic. The magic from the ball was put back together so that the hatchlings could still play with it.

The experience still lingered in the back of her mind, however. Pavli is right.. she thought. Magic really is a powerful thing. It almost destroyed the block tower.. but I saved it. With magic. At this, she decided not to dwell on the thought too much, as it felt too complicated for her tiny toddler brain, and began to cheerfully play with toys again, just as she always loves to do.

To be continued..

~Four years after Pavlakira and Viniipo's dragonets hatched. Petalara and her siblings are now four years old, which is the equivalent of a three-year-old.~

"Mama! Are they almost here? When do they come? I wanna play so so soon!" squeaked Zivi. Today Petali and her siblings would have a playdate!
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