Alastor (#66205750)
The embodiment of gum disease
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Battered Vase
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Energy: 40/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Male Skydancer
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3.65 m
6.3 m
815.01 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Dec 29, 2020
(1 year)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 5 Skydancer
EXP: 3323 / 5545




  • none


HAZBIN HOTEL FANS, HERE COMES YOUR INTERNAL SUFFERING (I'm genuinely sorry you had to stumble upon this cursed abomination lmaoo)
(Whoever was the seller I'm sorry)
IKTR: 79
I(D)KTR: 1

Difficulty level: Medium
(Please pick him, I live for the cursed comments on this dragon)

(Yes, I gave him the worst familiar on purpose)

We all hate him don't we
Nothing can express the hatred I feel

How much have I wasted already:
-Him (9.5kt)
-Remove gene: primary (13kt)
-Remove gene: secondary (13kt)
-Remove gene: tertiary (10kt)
-Sinister tailcoat (280g)
-Sinister waistcoat (80g)
-Sinister pants (28kt)
-Sinister spats (kindly gifted by sadashi)
-Sinister monocle (kindly gifted by sadashi)
-Fancy cane (20kt)
-Ebony antlers (12kt)
-Glamorous scarlet spats (13,5kt)
-Well-to-do Sable Gloves (8kt)
-Bewitching Ruby Grasp (15kt)
-Glowing Red Clawtips (1kt)
-Accent: Igniting Feathers (110kt)
-Additional apparel slot (50g)
-Additional apparel slot (75g)
-Additional apparel slot (75g)
-Additional apparel slot (100g)
-Additional apparel slot (100g)

252 500

Was undressed during April Fool's 2021
Was also undressed during April Fools 2022




Yeah yeah I collect those
"RheoTastic" wrote on "2021-01-04:
I need to say that I have never seen hazbin hotel but this is exactly how I feel whenever I see Him. the anger. the bitterness.
"FairyForestKing" wrote on "2021-01-04:
[...]I feel the rioting tho, I too go into a Feral Rage whenever i see Him
also the fake achievement in his bio Obliterated me xD
"orbits" wrote on "2021-01-11":
I’m so angry. I’m so bitter. Every time I have to see that... red abomination... I burst into tears. The existence of that character makes my heart hurt.
"Spooner" wrote on "2021-01-14:
This is the first Hazbin Hotel dragon I've had the absolute displeasure of recognizing, and I'm sure it won't be the last. The unholy number of likes despite only two IKTR claims on him is only adding to the bad feeling I have about this guy, haha. I've got nothing more to say other than that he's horribly accurate.
"Opalara" wrote on "2021-01-14:
"Lasagnagsag" wrote on "2021-01-15:
Cursed fandragon. You spent so much on him purely out of spite, that's dedication.
"DelphoxError" wrote on "2021-01-16:
the amount of rage in this man's bio is truly a sight i've never seen before, and i'm proud
"GiantPandroid" wrote on "2021-01-17:
Hazbin Hotel, but...
What happened here? I'm scared. This is probably the first time I've seen a fan dragon created out of pure spite lol
"Requacy" wrote on "2021-01-18:
The spite that manifests in this fandragon leaves me giggling.
"ReaScorch" wrote on "2021-01-20:
First off, I'd like to say I love your take on Alastor.
Your take on Alastor is on point, and the 'anti-Alastor' campaign is absolutely hilarious. Especially the *casually whacks Alastor's kneecaps with a bat*, and he's probably writhing in pain right now XD
"Moonbli" wrote on "2021-01-21:
fhrj pfft this is great
his bio is even better 10/10
"KosserDragon" wrote on "2021-01-22:
I'm amazed that a fandragon can be made in pure spite.
"SoulLugia11" wrote on "2021-01-23:
The amount of sheer bitterness and spite channeled into this dragon... mad props. This right here is dedication. His bio? Even better! Made my entire day. Probably my favorite bio on this site, honestly, because I couldn't agree more-
"TsubasaBlue" wrote on "2021-01-25:
ç ü r š è d
"Teba" wrote on "2021-01-25:
Huh. You're... very committed to expressing your distaste for this guy.
"propaganda" wrote on "2021-01-27:
[...]his bio is probably the best one I've ever seen I can feel your rage
"SakraKaine" wrote on "2021-01-28:
Even though I have never watched Hazbin Hotel, I still feel that same rage for some reason. Also, his bio is golden, I seriously don't think I have ever seen a fandragon made out of pure hate for a character.
"Hwa" wrote on "2021-01-29:
Came here to see ugly dragons but apparently, I'm now gonna start a war. HOW DARE YOU. how the hecking heckedy heck DARE you talk like this about Alastor. I feel personally insulted. I cannot even-
First off I love your fan dragon so much I'd immediately spend a big sum on him or another Alastor dragon. He's so cool for real.
Secondly, Alastor is??? A KING? the love of my life??? the reason I get up in the morning??? My asexual role model? The coolest character ever? The style, the humor, the attitude. The fluffy deer ears. Pure perfection. And you dare saying anything bad about him smh
(obv just jokes and games. I really do love Alastor tho- he is one of my fav characters ever and I love this fandragon!!!)
"LizzardLady" wrote on "2021-01-30:
This is the funniest Alastor fandragon I've ever seen. The amount of hatred stored in his bio is hilarious. Points: -your dignity gets me really badly. The art in his bio just adds to it. I can't describe how much I love this.
"Ginny73" wrote on "2021-02-02:
askenfowjqe He just fills me with uncontrollable rage
"FairyForestKing" wrote on "2021-02-03:
The pure Fury, the absolute Rage I feel upon seeing him......I feel it
i love his bio, and that achievement is Real
hazbin throws me into a Rage, but I’m living for the Rage and Spite this dragon is filled with
"Stormfly" wrote on "2021-02-05:
I adore the sheer spite behind this guy. Everytime I see him it feels like there is more vitriol. Love the achievement.
I absolutely like this guy more than the actual character. Alastor is truly, a has-been.
Absolutely hilarious, 10/10, would like again.
"SmashRoster" wrote on "2021-02-08:
Wow, I can really feel the anger
"TheGodQueen" wrote on "2021-02-09:
it's him, its the most famous fandragon ive ever seen lmao
"Hintfox" wrote on "2021-02-10:
I've gone through all of your's that I properly know I'm on this thread too much but I've heard people hate this guy
"Shatapatrika" wrote on "2021-02-14:
The last of your fan dragons that I recognize, and this one only because your burning hatred of his character had me curious enough to look him up. I admire your dedication to spite, there’s a BNHA character that I hate but he’s not worth spending money on so I tip my hat to your furious passion in creating a focus for your loathing. May his kneecaps crumble to dust beneath your bat.
"OverlyOptimistic" wrote on "2021-02-14:
I also have to point out your [...] Alastor. I hope you turn his kneecaps to dust.
"ManaketeSilver" wrote on "2021-02-15:
Pffft his bio is great oml, I still need to watch Hazbin Hotel, my friends and stepbrother wont stop pestering me to watch it.
"BlankRSlate1217" wrote on "2021-02-18:
Pfftt, the amount of cursed and hate your Alastor gets is hilarious. Ironically, I have to say that he's one of the most accurate fandragons I've seen of the character.
"F1NCHL0CKE" wrote on "2021-02-19:
Never in my life has a creature made me as violent as this one,,
"devvil" wrote on "2021-02-19:
i didn't know people could hate a character so much LOL but as someone who doesn't like hazbin, this is HILARIOUS!!!
"SoulLugia11" wrote on "2021-02-22:
Oh yes, the cursed anti-Alastor dragon and Sir Penthouse! I love them both, their bios make me smile every time I look at them! I just realized your Alastor has all basic genes ON PURPOSE AND HE HAS THE WORST FAMILIAR ON PURPOSE AND I- PFFFTT
"DeathSpecter" wrote on "2021-02-23:
I don't know what happened to create such a cursed bio but I feel like I should be scared.
"Springaling406" wrote on "2021-02-26:
His bio is freaking hilarious XD
"MissingMercury" wrote on "2021-02-26:
God,,, the uncontrollable urge I get to strangle this terrible excuse for character design is appalling. You've managed to capture exactly how Alastor makes me feel whenever I see his accursed, ugly mug. Hands down best fandragon on the site, and if you ever need help bashing in Alastor's kneecaps lmk.
"Kharaa" wrote on "2021-02-27:
Instinct would've compelled me to select one of the LotR dragons, but they were off limits. That broadcast of yours just intrigued me, so, well...
any openings in that club of yours for new members?
"pharloom" wrote on "2021-02-27:
you know, i don't think i've ever seen someone get a fandragon purely out of spite before...i have to say, i'm impressed
run along, little deer. it's hunting season :)
"Escalade" wrote on "2021-02-28:
I can't... No... I saw the first four BUT THEN MY EYES LAID ON THIS and I COULD NOT LOOK AWAY.
I laugh any time I see Alastor in your lair now sensing your pent up angst and resentment, jus' sayin'~
Put some back into that kneecap whacking. You're welcome~
"Behemo" wrote on "2021-03-05:
i've seen fandragons created out of love for that character, and fandragons created out of impulse or a whim (i should know. I'd done this). But a fandragon created out of spite and hatred? That's new for me. But boy am I so amused to see one, and it's Alastor of all things. The spite... I can sense it from here
"SkyistheGround" wrote on "2021-03-11:
i've heard about this alastor fandragon before. i feel honored to finally be able to kick him in the back of the knees
"callerunknown" wrote:
I want to thank you for your Alastor fandragon, he sums up how I feel about him better than I ever could
"Headline" wrote:
You should take alastors clothes off forever. It’s what he deserves
"Modell" wrote:
He is the unholy God of fandragons
"TradesterGriffyn" wrote on "2021-03-19:
i saw one episode of hazbin and swore to never again watch it bc this character is So Bad
edit: that said he's a dang cool fandragon
"NorthernDawn" wrote on "2021-03-25:
As an Alastor fan, this fandragon is hilarious. I'm not quite sure what motivated you to do this, but I love him all the same.
"AllHailWebby" wrote on "2021-03-27:
The mighty Alastor fanderg created purely off of spite! I have given him a nice slap for the heck of it. Thank you for creating the anti-Alastor cult, your work is appreciated! Also I love all of the art in his bio
"ShinyYveltal12" wrote on "2021-03-29:
beautiful, just beautiful
"psychae" wrote on "2021-04-01:
i am in awe and fear of your pure spite and hatred. i've only vaguely heard of this guy but from what i've seen.. yeah no he deserves that.
"SoulLugia11" wrote:
Oh my gosh, you undressed your Alastor dragon for April Fool's!! Robbed of healthy kneecaps and now clothes! I'm rolling on the floor laughing, this is utterly fantastic XD
"Gravitate" wrote on "2021-04-02:
Oh, how I've awaited this day. First off, I hate that this mother-trucker is actually scarily accurate in terms of attire (you're so very right not to gene the undeserving fool). Second, I hate that I'm cursed with two friends who legitimately enjoy him. Third, I hate that I had an OC named Alastor for years before this brat came about, and now I can't use him anywhere without twelve-year-olds skedaddling their ways out of the walls to ask if he's inspired by the radio demon, even though they're nothing alike at all. Give him an honorary whack on the knees for me, won't you?
"Gabbiani" wrote:
Yeet the deer
"Cypr3ss" wrote on "2021-04-07:
Alastor does indeed stink
"Mistyleaf123" wrote:
Your passionate hate for Alastor is hilarious- also can't believe Alastor lost his clothes on April Fool's XD
"Faerghus" wrote on "2021-04-07:
from hazbin hotel! his bio is hilarious
"Aikka" wrote on "2021-04-08:
God, his bio had me in STITCHES. That ugly vase named "AlastorStinks" made me ugly laugh.
"Stellairria" wrote:
Your Hazbin fan dragons are perfect, their bios are amazing omg. Haha! Sir Penthouse had me in TEARS, I was wheezing I was laughing so hard and your hate for Al had me rolling too. Dear Light help me I can't breathe! XD! I needed this laugh! <3!
"icewater3" wrote on "2021-04-14:
Alastor i'll cause your kneecaps to spontaneously combust
"Encregen" wrote on "2021-04-22:
I was going to choose someone else, because I for one do not like Hazbin at all... but...
The energy... the amount of pure rage emanating from this dragon's bio... it attracted me... The amount of pure spite that comes from every comment down there is enough to fill the Grand Canyon and I'm living for it.
"Carvanha" wrote on "2021-04-23:
I never watched Hazbin Hotel, I just know him XD
Also your hate for Alastor is universal
"Birdmusic" wrote on "2021-04-23:
Omg alastor, the famous, his bio is glorious (also I love that you spent treasure to remove his genes lol, seems fitting for a dragon born out of pure hatred)
"Benzeno" wrote on "2021-04-25:
HDSBNFKADASBF the more I read into his bio, the more cursed it got, pure gold
No doubt you made the unholy God of fandragons
"Vodizea" wrote on "2021-04-27:
Omg i remember that absolute stinker, hes actually the one who inspired me to publicily shame Dirt XD
His familiar is a very accurate depiction of his face. The supreme stinker!
"mistywolf96" wrote on "2021-05-13:
oh my god. oh my god. it is an HONOR to kick your alastor in the knees I did not know he was disgracing the asexual community. Destroy him at once. Obliterate those kneecaps.
"Strangeflesh" wrote on "2021-09-30:
of corse i pick him. he is the worst of them all. *Breaks Alastor's knee caps*
"AimaElsecaller" wrote on "2021-12-13:
I refuse to acknoeledge his existance. However, if he were to theoretically exist id ask you why you had to do this to my eyes.
"Auraleaf" wrote on "2021-12-16:
Haha, the anti-Alastor campaign in his bio cracks me up. Yeet this radio man
"aludesh" wrote on "2021-12-20:
wwhy did i imagine him dancing to backstreet boys "everybody"
im scared
"Sageduille" wrote on "2021-12-20:
"Jaderannosaurus" wrote:
I just saw your Alastor ""fandragon"" and I agree, a disgrace to the ace community indeed, what a stinky stinky man
"eeurhe" wrote:
Sobbing. I’m not even a Hazbin fan, but I recognized Alastor. Everything from the Battered Vase staring into my soul upon clicking on him to the absolute slander (or truth?) in his bio is absolutely perfect. May those kneecaps never recover.
"ahzidal" wrote on "2021-12-31:
I... I've seen this cursed Alastor on the forums before. He has now graced my own thread. I was pretty into HH when stuff for the pilot was being put out, but I've gradually pulled more and more away from it as the fandom gets progressively weirder.
"MagatsuGoat" wrote on "2022-02-14:
god. i wanted to pick one of your genshin fandragons, but the sheer hate and loathing emanating off this guy is too much. alas, i hath been drawn to he to deliver a swift kick to his kneecaps. the amount of passion and hatred poured into this is incredible and the memes? immaculate. someone get this guy a toothbrush indeed.
also like honestly mood i do hate this guy too.
instant edit: i just noticed he has all basic genes. truly the pinnacle of loathing.
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