Glimmer (#65193632)
"Bow down to me! For I WAS shown in the avatar!"
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Orbiting Spirit
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Energy: 47/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Male Fae
This dragon cannot breed until Aug 10, 2021 (12 days).
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1.34 m
0.97 m
1.39 kg


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Nov 18, 2020
(8 months)



Eye Type

Special Eye Type
Level 7 Fae
EXP: 2260 / 11881


Maybe it was because he spent so long thinking that nothing would come of it. He knew he was loved. Clay and Olive were nothing if not doting, the best adoptive parents he could’ve asked for. But he was so used to thinking of himself as an outsider, as someone they’d picked up because they felt bad and not because he were anything special.

He was just the adopted child saved from some unspeakable horror. It was pity that led his parents to him, and it was pity that kept the other clan members from saying otherwise. Perhaps that’s why he worked so hard, had that itch to prove that just because he’d been fodder didn’t mean that he was incapable, or worse, broken.

And then, before he knew it, his parents were stepping down as the king and queen, and suddenly everyone turned to him.

“Who else would we pick?” they asked, baffled as he balked and stammered, all of them staring at him with so much faith. There were tons of other dragons with more experience, who’d been in the clan longer. Shouldn’t they be the ones to lead?

“We trust you,” his parents said as he succeeded the throne in a whirlwind of fanfare and processions, in dances and dinners and new introductions. “Do us proud.”

“There’s no one else quite like you,” his wife and queen, Crimson said gently, affectionately that night as they lay together in bed, his head still buzzing from the day, high on the attention and shaky with nerves. “You’ll see.”

Glimmer fell into his new routine. The castle was filled with decadence and grandeur everywhere he looked, and still sometimes he’d wonder if he’d wake up in the morning and find that this were all a dream.

“You’re doing well,” Crimson assured, even as he struggled with the increase in his responsibilities, the sudden realization that he was the one everyone went to when they needed an answer.

Days turned into weeks, turned into months, and the clan flourished. He helped where he could, created plans to further the clan’s development, oversaw construction of the new temples erected for the other royals, and overall, things did go well.

His days were filled with well-wishers and advice seekers, as he patiently listened to them and pointed them in the right direction. He was the king, yes, but he was there for the people first and foremost. When he finally extricated himself from his duties, night had fallen and his wife drew him close, smiling all demur and sweet. “A full year,” she murmured, nuzzling him affectionately. “Can you believe it?”

Glimmer thought of the rooms that now looked and felt like home, warm and lively and inviting, the halls filled with the laughter of their children and the murmur of visiting dignitaries from far and wide. And he said, “Here’s to many more to come.”

Glimmer never noticed the effect he had on people. The way the room always quieted when he spoke, the way everyone sought him out. He was a ray of sunshine, a bubble of happiness, and he was hers.

Crimson watched, mouth twisted in a wry smile as Glimmer stammered and stumbled through their persistence, shaking his head and looking a second away from declining the throne.

“What are you smiling about?” he asked as the others filed out of the room, their eyes bright, already knowing he’d accept.

“I love you,” she told him, noting the way their curious gazes lingered on them approvingly.

Everyone knew Glimmer was brilliant, his optimism and determination contagious. Even the most dour of dragons brightened when he spoke, and what more could they ask for when someone so exquisite could hold the reins of the kingdom?


“I don’t know about this,” Glimmer was saying, and Crimson nudged him.

“You’ll do great,” she assured him. “Trust me.”

Already she could feel the difference in the air, the way the dragons held themselves straighter. There was something new stirring on the horizon, something great with Glimmer at the cusps. And Crimson couldn’t wait to see where it went.




Lore Notes:
- Originally fodder posted on the AH
- Was adopted by the progens (clay and olive) after arriving
- Had the throne of the clan passed to him after he had proved his ability to motivate other dragons
- Has a happy family with his wife Crimson

- Bubbly
- Cheerful
- Optimistic
- Stubborn
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