Nirein (#63687938)
Everything has a begining....
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Ultimate Buttersnake
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Wind.
Male Spiral
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2.84 m
2.05 m
121.8 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
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Sep 04, 2020
(1 year)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Spiral
Max Level



8VoxtQn.png GgdYUY0.png580.pngCk5Ub6I.png16438.png0bJHjOX.png

T H E • D O O R

The dragon floats before you, curling about snickering under its breath. The door behind it is a rotting blackened wood inscribed "Mirkwood Tavern". You stand on the creaking wooden floor, it almost feels like it will break, dripping from the roof a black sludge that was once rainwater threatens to drip on you.
There is a strange miasma, thick and hard to breathe, Nirein seems to have no trouble breathing it even under their thick mask.

You have your reason for being here, it is best to keep that to yourself...

What is this place? You ask, wary of the answer. Looking for some explanation of the history.

What once was, what will always be. A place for the soon to be forgotten, it is the fate of us all.

That was... unhelpful...

What became of this place? What was it once? You ask with vigor, trying to be more specific.

Do you really wish to seek the past that should be forgotten?
Very well...
Sighs the dragon zipping through the air circling you.

This is the tavern. Those who are lost come here. They may be here to start their journey, simply passing through or this is where it all ends. Anyhow, they are here due to something dark inside them. It drives us all. It pushes us all closer to shadows. Closer to what we truly want.

This tavern has been here as long as time, the history of its construction outdates all of its occupants. There are no scriptures of where it came from. I suppose that is not important, unimportant things are always forgotten. Lost to time. That is the fate of everyone. Even you.

They pause, its ear flicks back towards the door and eyes dart around for a moment. You can hear crashing and a bit of yelling inside.

I…. have to go. They trail off, opening the door just slightly then slipping back in like a snake.

The door has not been fully closed, almost like they had left it open for you.



T H E • T A V E R N

You carefully open the door, and sneak inside. There are two______
dragons yelling at each other. A large Mirror covered in______
bloodied bandages and skulls, holding a giant cleaver. It flings______
a tankard at a beautiful dark blue Skydancer dressed in silks______
and robes. She ducks the tankard and it smashes against the______
wall with some strange drink spilling down the wall. She turns______
back to it as it hits the wall. She then sneers back at the______
mirror shouting.______

You utter Snog wash! What were you thinking? You could______
have killed me? You are so goddamn lucky I was there to save______
your behind from that Terror Toad. Next time I’ll just let it drag______
you into the portal and see how you like it?!

The Mirror starts to cackle, Me? You have no idea the______
work I put into this team to keep us from falling off the edge______
of the map! Can’t you just do your bleeding job and stop trying______
to be such a hero!

The skydancer starts to yell back at the dragon then catches______
your eye, moving her foot directly onto the mirrors head,______
pushing them into the ground. Why, hello? We have company..______
she trails off. Lifting her foot off the mirror. Who might you be?______
she sneers. You see Nirein hiding in the rafters, drinking from a______
tankard, smirking at you.______

I uhh…. you stammer, watching the mirror flick its tail back______
and forth. A grin shoots across the skydancers face, I see,______
another lost traveler… I am Ossein, and this.. Brute is Delta.______
You’ve traveled a fair way to make it all the way out here? You______
shouldn’t stay too long else you will make yourself part of the______
She looks up at Nirein, curled in the rafters, partly drunk.______

Nirein falls from the rafters, dripping almost with its long______
body. Catching themselves just before hitting the floor.______
Come now traveler, no matter what it is you are______
looking for, you should speak to Ranga. She has______
all the information you will be looking for.

It hiccups with the r rolling off their tongue. It stumbles______
in flight towards another door before slipping off to______
another section of the tavern.______

You meet Ranga in the next room.



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Bio written by @Apocracy.

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