Pestilence (#6322332)
Level 25 Skydancer
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Salve Kamaitachi
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Energy: 48/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Nature.
Female Skydancer
This dragon is on a Coliseum team.
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4.46 m
4.57 m
900.47 kg


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Sep 13, 2014
(7 years)



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Level 25 Skydancer
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witch | beastfriend

All that is known about Pestilence's origins is that she was born somewhere in the Viridian Labyrinth. Where exactly, well, she changes that answer every time. Previously a wanderer, she has spent most of her life traveling alone in the Gladekeeper's domain, never staying in one place or another for too long, as the denizens would eventually grow tired of her meddling or wary of her presence and drive her away. Now, however, she resides in the Greenwill Valley, begrudgingly putting her skills to use to help with the clan, while gleefully spreading rumours, soaking in the discord she sows.

Most dragons who have spent any amount of time in Greenwill Valley tend to avoid her, but newcomers are initially delighted by her seemingly bubbly nature and juicy bits of gossip. Whatever inner motivations she has are secret only to her, and it seems the leadership in the clan only barely tolerate her presence - as long as she crafts more of her creations for them to throw at the front lines of their enemies, she earns her keep.

The only confidants she seems to have are her creations, Decay, Rot, and Three Hundred. She claims Decay and Rot as her very first creations, while Three Hundred is the 300th since she settled in the Valley. The silent sentinels usually accompany her day and night, with the occasional errands wandering off to patrol the valley, or head back into the Viridian Labyrinth, an advertisement of her skill, and a personal courier of sorts, bringing her back all sorts of odd objects, some of which have raised eyebrows.

Pestilence was acquired many years ago when I wanted a lair of G1 zombies. I sought out a female with Grey primary, since Grey Iridescent went greenish on female Skydancers, and I wanted to make use of it. She was my first Mire Flyer, before I realized how terrible Nature was in the Mire.


Pestilence, along with Decay and Rot, were a few of a handful of individuals who answered a call for help from a small clan bound to the Gladekeeper. Emerging from the depths of the Viridian Labyrinth, the trio traveled to the very edge of the Gladekeeper's domain to reach the Greenwill Valley. One could hardly call the clan's location as part of the Viridian Labyrinth anymore, nestled as it was in the cliffsides of Dragonhome, and this was perhaps the reason for the call to help.

The nearby denizens of Dragonhome had taken notice of the intruders, and with hostile forces both eager for the bounty of the harvest, and the bounty on their heads, the hapless clan was now under siege. A more meek individual would have turned tail and fled back to the jungles to leave these fools to their fate, but wars were not won with meekness, and besides, after quickly discovering the more relaxed laws within this clan, she knew this would be the perfect opportunity to test her more unusual skills.

To her glee, this clan lacked a certain element of piety, with the leader, Aralt, snubbing her nose at the Gladekeeper at every turn. Pestilence had never before been able to permanently join a clan, as not many appreciated her particular craft. Accusations of necromancy and witchcraft were often muttered around her, and it wouldn't be long after the rumours started that she'd be driven out the area. So, for a long time, she had been wandering, drifting from clan to clan, but never staying too long.

Ever present with her all those years are her two behemoth-sized "friends", and the sources of the accusations, Decay and Rot, who look approximately like Ridgebacks. To the casual onlooker or mildly inquisitive passerby, she insists they are living, breathing dragons of their own free will, but in reality, they are giant, animated mounds of bones, sticks, stones, vegetation, and muck held together by years of work put into the enchantments she created for them.

With her behemoth "friends" by her side, Pestilence did her part in defending the clan. She was able to scare off those easily cowed, while the "Ridgebacks" were more than happy to scrap with those who needed more direct intimidation - and their "wounds" were as easily healed as finding and adding yet more debris. This new arrangement would seem to be a new chapter in her life - a clan she could call home, and for a while, all was well in her world, even if the attacks persisted and even worsened for the clan.

Then, one day, a new figure arrived, a guardian named Luyten. Unbeknownst to Pestilence, this guardian wasn't merely a passerby or even an enemy dragon; he was, in fact, one of the leaders of the Greenwill Valley, who had wandered off to serve the Gladekeeper many seasons before Pestilence had arrived, and now he had returned.

Luyten was much more of the pious sort that Pestilence preferred to avoid, and when he cursed and drove away Aralt for her heresy, Pestilence was quick to jump ship, taking Decay and Rot with her, back to the "safer" wilds of the Viridian Labyrinth. In her haste, it hadn't even occurred to the Skydancer to look for Aralt and see where the now-Kamaitachi had gone, and many months of wandering later, the inspiration came to her in a dream. She wasn't much for omens, but she hadn't much better to do while trudging through the murky depths of the labyrinths, and so began teaching herself to speak with the weasel-kin, and even befriending every beastclan she encountered, in the hopes of finding out what happened to Aralt.

Not all took kindly to the witch and her dragon-shaped shambling mounds of vegetation, but she did slowly work up a warm reputation among the scattered populations of Kamaitachi in the jungles, and eventually her patience paid off, she heard word of one particular individual who didn't quite fit in with their kin - a rambling, mad Kamaitachi cursing the Gladekeeper and talking of becoming a dragon, of undoing a "curse". It had long since been left alone by other Kamaitachi, strange and maladjusted to its circumstances.

Eager to find it, she convinced a few to lead her to this individual, and there, with bundles and scraps of herbs and interesting objects, a crude mimicry of her own supplies of witchcraft, she found Aralt desperately trying to cast magic in her cursed form, trying to undo what was wrought upon her. The ragged Kamaitachi did not look well, either physically or mentally, and Pestilence spent many more months trying to reach whatever remained of the dragon inside.

Aralt had only two demands that consumed every waking moment with obsession: Undo the curse, and take back her land. Both solvable problems, or so Pestilence thought. Those months were spent in toil, as Pestilence tried every scrap of magical spell or potion or... anything, to undo the curse, but the nature of the magic behind it was far too powerful for even her. She resolved to fix it, no matter how long it took, and when Aralt finally accepted that it wasn't going to be fixed any time soon, they were finally able to move on to her second desire: The land.

Pestilence knew that she wasn't the only dragon to have left the Greenwill Valley when Luyten returned, that, in fact, most of the "old guard" had left. All that remained of the "core" clan would have been Luyten, Jelanda, and only a few others, unfit for fighting. The rest of the dragons residing there were temporary, and definitely not warriors anywhere near her capabilities. With the loss of such critical help, Pestilence fully expected the clan to have long since perished, crumbling underneath the hooves and claws of their assailants. They would probably return to the withered, abandoned remains, to rebuild once again, or perhaps something new had taken residence, and perhaps, new alliances could be struck. Either way, it would be an adventure, a new chapter in her story.

She did not expect it to still be the Greenwill Valley, underneath Luyten's iron fist, and this time well and flourishing with a small army of highly-trained warriors. To watch the four of them be surrounded by a tight formation of dragons, vastly outnumbered when they thought they'd have the upper hand, was... embarrassing, to say the least. At Pestilence's urging, Aralt quickly turned to diplomacy, but never having expected this, the Kamaitachi was unprepared on what to say, and mostly floundered her way through. It was obvious to all that Aralt's painfully inept speech was nothing but lies, empty promises, and even emptier threats, but Pestilence could sense deep down Luyten's emotions, longing and sorrow heavy in his heart. This "battle" couldn't be won in the way they had hoped, but there might still be hope yet for a smaller victory, and so she subtly urged Aralt to continue, until Luyten had enough, and gave Aralt an ultimatum: Return to his side, and never stray from his sight, or be forever cursed as a Kamaitachi, and never return to this place.

One of those options being the exact opposite of everything Aralt had longed for, obsessed over, for so many countless months, she begrudgingly chose the other option, and Luyten swept her off of Rot's shoulders, undoing in a heartbeat a magic so powerful Pestilence could only marvel at, and true to his word, he never let Aralt out of his sight from that moment onward.

As for Pestilence, with his dragons still surrounding her and her creations, Luyten told her that her days of snooping and skulking around, of sticking her nose in business she has no part in, of gleeful blasphemy and lazing about, ended here. She could either live here, putting her talents to use and serving the Gladekeeper, or not at all. Not much of a choice, in her opinion, but she hardly needed to read his emotions to know he meant what he said.

"Dictator," she thought to herself, "I will stay, and I will see your fall, too."
Banners, bio layout by Vertegris. Bio layout tweaked by Ganondorf.
Endless Garden pixel art by Oranitha.
Bio written by Ganondorf.
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