Heimdallr (#63036123)
how can my charge be the sea?
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Stonewatch Harpy
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Energy: 48/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Fire.
Male Guardian
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17.27 m
16.7 m
8142.63 kg


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Aug 01, 2020
(1 year)



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Level 1 Guardian
EXP: 0 / 245



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Well, well, well, what have we here. It seems someone has wandered off to the roughest parts of town completely unaware.

hamboy-by-50precenthell.gif Heimdallr | Humbert | Hamboy



Every breaking wave on the shore
Tells the next one there'll be one more
And every gambler knows that to lose
Is what you're really there for

Summer I was fearless
Now I speak into an answer phone
Like every fallen leaf on the breeze
Winter wouldn't leave it alone

Fire and Water

> His charge was the sea
> but bro im a fire dragon
> flamemama: hmmmm thats yo problem homeboy
> frack
> you know what imma join a pirate crew
> bro you'll die
> ye but water
> nearly dies mutinies name disgraced
> branded pirate and traitor
> changes name
> haha wow i hope this doesnt start an identity crisis
> lives in a secluded island
> blacksmith work because fire dragon et al
> oh boy do i love this stable job and life!!!!
> just kidding i hate it
> whooo is that girl i see staring straight back at meee
> suddenly vanessa shows up
> yooo kid wanna buy some vibes
> what vibes
> pirate vibes
> bro ive been branded traitor
> do i look like i give a flock
> and there was much rejoicing


Her magic subsided

By yours truly, crappy non-native English included.

This is the same storm featured in Laila's story The Captain's Daughter, seen from a different ship.

xxxxxxx- If you mutiny, Heim, I will be sure no Captain on the Thousand Currents ever takes you in again.

xxxxxxxWhat was he supposed to do, being the strongest dragon aboard that fleet? A Maelstrom was not a storm they could sail through; this wasn’t a battle they could miraculously win.

xxxxxxxThe many years on the Sea made him arrogant and proud of himself, and his skills as engineer and forger; but he wasn’t the type of dragon to gamble with other lives. Heimdallr loved the Sea, and he would gladly give up his life for its whims. Such was his curse as a guardian; that was the trick his charge played on him; no other dragon had to suffer for his nature.

xxxxxxxThe life of his crew was a toll too steep to gamble against the wrath of the Sea.

xxxxxxx- We are not taking risks, Captain. We are sailing south and away from the Maelstrom. - He screamed as the wind started to pick up.
xxxxxxx- You are dead to this ship. And to me. Think well, Heim. Think carefully. - She said, magic gathering around her wings. - If you do this, there is only one type of crew for dragons like you. And that is if they will take a traitor. Not even a pirate would trust a mutineer.

xxxxxxxHe looked at his Captain. As second-mate, if he gave the order, they would return to shore. He would be disgraced for defying his Captain and would lose everything he loved so.

xxxxxxxHeimdallr was arrogant, but not selfish, and his choice was transparent on his face. She grunted in anger, defiance and uneasiness.

xxxxxxx- So be it, pirate. - She roared, wings flapping in a meditation of arcane magic.

xxxxxxxShe was strong and mighty powerful, but their size difference was too large to overcome. Heimdallr pushed her down, and she stood no chance. He overpowered her with his massive size. In the battle were his claws, his bites and her magic. It sparkled in hues of pink, as he kept pushing his paw against her neck; she fought back with all she could. Arcane bolts burned his tights, his face, his wings. Blood splattered everywhere, but he did not yield, he never did.

xxxxxxxShe was strong and mighty powerful, but Heimdallr had always been sturdy in every way. He resisted her attacks, and her magic subsided. Her body went limp as she passed out.

xxxxxxxTogether, they stood, a match made in heaven. Divided, they fell out, and now their partnership was over.

xxxxxxx- Take her below deck and put her in a cell. - He told one of the scared mates. - All dragons to sails! - He yelled. - We sail south and away from the Maelstrom! Now! Now! Now! Move!

xxxxxxxAs that massive storm picked up on the horizon, the World Snake turned on its sailing and went back home safely.


xxxxxxxHis Captain was his mate, yet his love was the Sea. But she was right: not even pirates would take a dragon unworthy of trust that could easily overpower most.

xxxxxxxHeimdallr had once been a ship engineer and builder extraordinaire; a dragon who loved the Sea and was second-mate at a war galleon.

xxxxxxxHumbert was a surly forge worker, living in a small and secluded islet. He was waiting to be forgotten, as he watched the ships that went sailing. He bid his time, idling until he could afford to be a proud and arrogant sailor once more.

xxxxxxxOn the horizon, he could gaze at the endless blue; he longed for the Sea.




New name, a new life
"Do you even know how many ships went down in that storm? I can say six off the bat of my mind and I'm sure if I look into it, I'll find more, much more. Your captain was a fool to think she could face off the wrath of the elements on a boat. Many a good dragon drowned that night. I don't care about that mutiny. I need a ship engineer and a strong longshoreman, someone who will hold my ******** accountable if I'm out of my mind. Hoist my flag, guardian. The Stormsbane Crew could use your skills. Hoist my flag, and I'll offer you the sea again. What do you say, Hamboy?"

He had always been different. How could a fire dragon have the Sea as its charge? How could a charge be something so broad, so odd? Heimdallr only bothered to ask himself that for the first weeks of longing as he stared into the shorelines of his homeclan. There wasn't much to be done. He looked at the waves breaking on the shores of the Blacksand Annex and the molten magma solidifying into dark obsidian under the toll of the waves drew him in. He first started tackling his charge with that dark obsidian. Making weapons, refining the molten magma into sharp blades, then strong bullets, then machinery pieces.

But it was never enough, never enough.

Heimdallr wanted to be around it, closer to it. He longed for the life on the sea.

It called for him and he knew he wouldn't settle until tasting, at least once, the life of sailing the Sea of a Thousand Currents. He didn't have a family. All his life, he had sold his skills for shelter and food. Why not do it aboard a ship? Why not join a fleet? Heimdallr was young, strong and skilled. Looking at the sea, he felt life would be bright. The Sea was his charge and he wasn't going to let his element stop him.


Every sailor knows that the sea
Is a friend made enemy
And every shipwrecked soul knows what it is
To live without intimacy

I thought I heard the captain's voice
But it's hard to listen while you preach
Like every broken wave on the shore
This is as far as I could reach

Hamboy.png Heimdallr, Humbert, Hamboy... Whatever you want to call, he's Vanessa's best man and that's saying something. Reliable, strong and talented, he's always doing work for her fixing ships, doing repairs on their fleet or just being her drinking mate. He's settled nicely in Porto, simply because he knows Vanessa also loves life on the Sea so they're off outside of town sailing and exploring.

He's a popular figure in town among the single ladies, for being good company and overall pretty nice (and handsome, don't forget handsome). Still, he's pretty much married to the sea, and for that, never keeps relationships other than the ocasional fling and deep friendships based on loyalty.

Extra notes:

PastelPeryton commented on my profile: I love Heimdallr so much tbh





Porto's Food Club wrote:
Humbert Hamboy

Favourite food: Special Meat Cuts
Least liked food: Fresh Salad

Oy, isn't that the guy who hangs around with the cooks all day? The one nicknamed 'Ham' because he's always eating? And he has that body? What a jerk!
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