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Cardinal Hippogriff
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Energy: 48/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Wind.
Female Veilspun
This dragon has recently returned from a Hibernal Den. It cannot hibernate again until Aug 12, 2021 00:41 (17 days).
This dragon is an ancient breed.
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Personal Style

Ancient dragons cannot wear apparel.




0.58 m
1.14 m
0.86 kg


Primary Gene
Bright (Veilspun)
Secondary Gene
Vivid (Veilspun)
Tertiary Gene
Diaphanous (Veilspun)


Jul 22, 2020
(1 year)



Eye Type

Special Eye Type
Level 25 Veilspun
Max Level


nothing is truly as it may seem. things sputter to and fro as you approach the area... where are you, you wonder?

why, you're in the tempest spire! ... now, the scarred wasteland? and now... the fortress of ends.

truly, as a clash of the elements fade in and out of existence, you're where many a battle has taken place.

;; welcome to digitex industries ;;

a glowing neon sign on what appeared to be a lair made of bone, metal, and ice. this truly is a strange place.

The Age of Calibration wrote:
est October 2014 ; Lightning.
Where Digitex founded its roots.

While The Shifting Expanse itself was not accommodating to most dragons, the dragons of Digitex Industries were innovators, and adapted to the ruthless environment.

They were devout and studious dragons who revered the Stormcatcher, and He repaid them in kind. While they were not the fastest at development, they were tenacious, and thusly, they eventually grew to expand elsewhere.
The Age of Records wrote:
est Dec 2015 ; Light

Digitex packs up and takes to the sky, but in its current state, the clan cannot make it far.

It lands in the Sunbeam Ruins, and takes refuge with another clan. For now, they merely learn Light's ways of recording, and make note of their ways.
The Age of Wandering wrote:
est ??? ; Wind

Much of this age is lost to time.

However, this much is known - dragons of Digitex made quick friends with Wind dragons and found refuge in The Windswept Plateau for quite a long few moons.
The Age of Ill wrote:
est ??? ; Plague

Digitex's Co-Founder and Patriarch, Calthor, falls ill to a strange plague.

Eris is beside herself with worry, and all but packed up the clan herself in order to find assistance. This brings the clan to The Scarred Wasteland. For a time, they were happy there - but time was not on their side.
The Age of Solidarity wrote:
est 2017; Earth
This is where the clan begins to move again.

Once Digitex realized where and what it was becoming, they only spoke of settling down and beginning eternity. In Dragonhome, they thought they had finally had it.

The Earth shook. And they knew they must travel onward. Rifts began appearing across the lairs.
The Age of Expansion wrote:
est 2018 ; Lightning
This is where Digitex really started to shine, and began making history as a proprietor of artificially intelligent dragons. Some of them acted so lifelike that they were allowed into other clans, and even mates of real dragons!

Digitex really had a business boom during this era, and their name became commonplace in many lairs. They returned to the HQ that they had settled back in The Shifting Expanse, and focused merely on production and upkeep.
The Age of Ferocity wrote:
est 2019 ; Plague

The era of Tempest&Wolf ; a band of mercenaries from The Scarred Wasteland - the most notable of which, Lockswell, took the travelling Lightning dragons under his wing when Calthor fell ill. He and his mate Savil deemed themselves the new power-couple of the clan, and protected it with a ferocity unlike any other.

Despite their new guardians, Digitex had to move on. The Wastelands only reminded them of what hurt them so in the beginning.
The Age of Quiet wrote:
est 2019; Water

Despite their history of travel, Digitex has fallen. Multiple rifts tear the clan asunder, and many split off to make their peace with Sornieth. The dragons left over, well... they go into a deep silence.

The multiple rifts allow them to live in patchwork portals in The Sea of a Thousand Currents, and Water dragons have even spotted odd robotic dragons amongst the fathomsearchers. The aquatic androids never did locate Tidelord, and many of them sunk quietly to the bottom of the sea.
The Age of Lockdown wrote:
August 2020

With the Banescales' and Gaolers' release, the remnants of what was natural and sane in the clan are naught but criminals in the eyes of most. However, many afflicted by the unnatural glitching that Digitex had caused now works with the jailers of the Fortress of Ends ; locking up unnatural, glitchy dragons and even exalting them in honor of the Icewarden. It seems as though Digitex has formed a new HQ in the heart of the fortress.
The Age of Innovation wrote:
February 2021 (current)
During their stay in Ice, something strange occurred... strange entities the clan refers to as 'ZERO' have joined their ranks, but they aren't quite draconic in nature. After escaping their icy binds, the clan leaves to pinker pastures - to the source of the Shade, Starfall Isles. They suspect that ZEROes must be borne of shade, and perhaps they could find clues to their origin...

Digitex's Gatekeeper



Security is a veilspun - at least, that's how it looks - that watches over Digitex Industries, and even the rifts in reality that it creates. While she reigns supreme as the AI guardian of the HQ, she is prone to make mistakes, and thusly, many backup guards were hired to supplement for the unseen threats of Sornieth.

While she makes a corporeal form in order to interact with the clan dragons around Sornieth, she glitches in and out of existence, and is never in one place for too long. It is unknown if she can settle down and mate with a drake, for now, and the rest of the dragons seem too afraid to ask. Her physical form tends to only be spotted due to the strange mass of river muck that appears to want to be her friend.

On top of that, her corporeal form doesn't speak proper draconic, stuttering and clicking accenting her words.

No one knows what happens to the dragons that Security deems a threat, but there are reports of accursed dragons appearing out of thin air across the world. Suspicious dragons can't seem to pin it on her, but she can't prove it wasn't her, either.

"T-take care, traveler. Do not cause ussss trouble. zzt."
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Exalting Security to the service of the Arcanist will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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