Queezle (#61995761)
It's rude to stare, you know.
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Harlequin Stagwing
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Energy: 44/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Light.
Female Skydancer
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3.6 m
4.48 m
841.19 kg


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Jun 13, 2020
(2 years)



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Eye Type
Level 18 Skydancer
EXP: 38021 / 92435



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....."The Refuge has been home to Clan Ogygia for generations. What........ brings you here, wanderer?i"

..... spaceDeep within the Leviathan Trench resides Clan Ogygia, offering shelter for any creature that may be in need in this dark, forgotten place... so long as they pass the Matriarch's inspection, that is. While the trench itself may be a treacherous and savage place, those who live here find only safety and warmth - in truth, they find a home. The cavern system in which the clan resides, carved deep and twisted within the cliffside of that abysmal rift, is at times as mysterious as the trench itself. On lonesome nights hatchlings murmur tales of passageways without end and monsters that lurk in deep, dark spaces. The Refuge's central chamber, a deep circular pit known only as the Zenith, certainly holds secrets of its own...

spaceThe clan's Matriarch and founder is Calypso, a strikingly formidable Guardian who has had no qualms taking every member of the clan on as wards in need of her protection. The dragoness founded clan Ogygia after discovering this place in her youth decades ago. Her interest in prehistoric artifacts proved a useful pursuit - not only did she find a home worthy of a clan's formation, the Refuge has since become a mainstay for any who wish to explore the depths for themselves. Many historians and adventurers visit this place for that very reason - and some never left.

spaceIn addition to scholarly interests, the Refuge's location among the upper reaches of the deepest place in the world proffered a sort of terrane compromise: while this region is undoubtedly remote, the elevation of the cave system's entrance has made it accessible to the degree that trade is not only possible, but inspired. Local beastclan relations with the Ogygians have been well tended to for generations, and their long standing alliance has led to the formation of some of the only reliable trade routes to and from the trench's waters. But...

spaceHow did you come to be here...? Entering one of the passages cut into the stone walls of the Leviathan Trench, you swim through darkness until, after what feels like forever, you perceive dim light ahead. Bursting to the surface, you breathe deeply as you take in your surroundings. You surfaced in an alcove carved into the side of a much larger chamber. The water you wade in flows lazily towards that void, and you hear it as it falls, almost overwhelmed by the sound following the silence you traveled in before. You make your way to the water's edge to try to make sense of what lies beyond. Seemingly endless stalactite formations hang from the ceiling of that massive space, so high up that they all but disappear into the darkness above. Before you is a cylindrical chamber, large enough across that the side opposing yours is almost entirely obscured by mist given off by the water crashing deep below. This place, so large and formidable but delicate in its beauty, feels almost like a place of worship. Numerous alcoves dot the cavern walls, adorned with glowing moss and glittering crystals. As your eyes adjust further still, you realize with a start that the space itself seems to be... bottomless, several waterfalls slipping easily into the void.

The question remains... did you come here for trade...? For adventure...? Or have
the Trench's depths called to you for another reason entirely...?

. words


“We pay a price for everything we get or take in this world; and although ambitions are well worth having, they are not to be cheaply won, but exact their dues of work and self denial, anxiety and discouragement.”
~ A favorite book......

Hello there! If you've made it this far, consider this paragraph OOC. And my sympathies - I get pretty wordy! I go by either Queezle or Erin, I'm too old to be playing games about dragons, and my lair is pretty much doomed to be a perpetual, messy work in progress. I'm really just here to have fun, and as Flight Rising is just... such an excellent creative outlet. If you'd like to message me, then go for it! More than welcome, always open to meeting new people and chatting about whatever.

Back in character ~ Due to clearly being some... horrific mutant stuck somewhere between beast and dragon, Queezle tends to keep to herself and away from her clanmates' activities. It's alright, though - she prefers it that way. Her small den is full of soft things, bright lights, various potted plants and dried flowers. Her urge to hoard books, antiquities and honestly anything shiny or pretty enough to catch her attention for longer than five seconds is... well, it's borderline obsessive. She passes her time logging and keeping track of clan life on Calypso's behalf, and spoiling her adoring (and adorable!) companion Milo.

She/Her | FR+2 | 29 | Inbox open!.......

Good thing Mercer sourced this invisible ink for me. The recipe, too! A real miracle worker, that one. Don't get me wrong, I love writing this stuff down for the Elders, but there are some important notes I'd like kept to myself. And... some select others, I guess. Tidelord bless that old Gaoler for this one!

I think I'll keep the size charts in the footnotes. They're interesting, but hardly necessary.

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