Selveen (#61842529)
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Enamored Swan
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Energy: 47/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Light.
Male Imperial
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29.11 m
22.28 m
6105.98 kg


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Jun 06, 2020
(2 years)



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Eye Type
Level 1 Imperial
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


Unaðheim School of Magic

Our Mission: Unaðheim School of Magic is a safe, proud, legally-funded community. We are committed to providing a first-rate education for every young dragon, priding ourselves on academic excellence as well as instilling in each resident a desire for social responsibility and personal growth.

Prospective Residents: take this quiz to find out if you would be a good fit for our school!
Members of the Clan bear this symbol. Called a Vegvísir, 'that which shows the way,' it is a Nordic symbol which would keep bearers from harm even when travelling in harsh conditions or when they did not know their way. It has been adopted as Unaðheim's symbol.

Unaðheim School of Magic

Formerly closed to visitors and outsiders, Unaðheim School of Magic now gladly welcomes visitors and interested parties as part of the (required) guidelines for Light-funded orphanages and boarding schools. As part of your visit to Unaðheim, you can sit in on classes, talk to student and staff representatives, and, of course, donate to a good cause!

We gladly welcome you to Unaðheim, one of Light's most prestigious schools of magic and scholarship. The name means "Happy Home," and residents and staff often simply refer to the school as "Home." Formally an orphanage, we also provide a first-rate education to our gifted pupils. Located along the scenic eastern seaboard of the Sunbeam Ruins, Unaðheim is within a day's journey of Lanternlea Port and is a convenient stopping point for pilgrims travelling to the Beacon of the Radiant Eye. Pilgrims and sightseers are welcome to stay overnight in one of our guest halls (for a small fee).

Please contact Gatsby, our head accountant, for more information. Please look over the Visitor's Guidelines and Code of Conduct at the bottom of this page before arranging your visit.


Headmaster Lothur Answers Your Questions!
Q: How are students admitted to Unaðheim?
A: Our eligibility guidelines are flexible. We accept orphans, refugees, displaced dragons, and those exiled from their birth Clans. Applicants must pass through the legal process to allow proper documentation and the like, but I typically allow applicants to stay with us before they have been formally accepted.

Q: Is that legal?
A: …of course!

Q: How is Home staffed?
A: Our professors and other faculty members are typically overqualified, and are each hand-chosen for their roles by me. Most of our professors are masters in their elemental magic, and generally possess high degrees in their field.

Q: Do professors and staff members possess valid and current Light teaching certificates?
A: …yes. Absolutely.

Q: How does Home generate the funds necessary to operate?
A: Most of our professors frequently publish their own independent research on behalf of the school. Of course, as an orphanage, residents never pay a single treasure. This is their home. We rely on funds from Light as well as charitable donations from visitors like you.


The Halls

Unaðheim is divided into nine subgroups, called Halls. Faculty belong to the first Hall, while residents are sorted into the eight remaining Halls based on their personalities and ambitions. Please contact the Heads of Hall at the links below for more information.

Ásgarðr Hall

Ásgarðr Hall is the main faculty board. This Hall includes the Headmaster, the main faculty board, the Clan Guard, and other dragons of particular importance. Dragons in Ásgarðr Hall are expected to have a strong sense of duty and responsibility and do all they can to keep Home running smoothly. The Hall motto is צדק צדק תרדף (justice, justice, you shall pursue).


Vanaheimr Hall

Vanaheimr Hall is the Hall of Primal dragons. Primal residents at Home can choose to join any Hall, but most choose to become members of Vanaheimr Hall, where they can receive specialized magical instruction. Vanaheimr Hall students train to become Flight Representatives, and are expected to embody values of respect, cooperation, and learning. Vanaheimr students have a reputation as eccentric and strong personalities. The Hall motto is "Crescam et Lucebo" (I Shall Grow and I Shall Shine).


Niflheimr Hall

Niflheimr Hall is the Hall of scholars. Niflheimr Hall students are defined by their love of learning, and receive training to become researchers and academics. Students who are sorted into Niflheimr Hall are expected to be studious dragons who will never pass up a learning opportunity. Niflheimr Hall students have a reputation as "goody-two-shoes" and stick-in-the-mud sorts. The Hall motto is "Quaecumque sont Vera" (Whatsoever Things are True).


Múspellheimr Hall

Múspellheimr Hall is the Hall of adventurers. Students in Múspellheimr Hall often learn to become explorers and warriors, receiving training in offensive magic and building skills needed for exploration. Múspellheimr Hall residents value freedom and adventure, and are expected to be brave and steadfast. Múspellheimr students have a (not entirely fair) reputation for valuing brawn over brains, and students from other Halls often call them reckless. The Hall motto is "Higher, Further, Faster."


Miðgarðr Hall

Miðgarðr Hall is the Hall of humanitarians and philanthropists. Dragons who are sorted into Miðgarðr Hall train to become doctors, healers, apothecaries, and even politicians or lawyers. No matter their chosen path, Miðgarðr Hall residents are expected to use their knowledge to help others and make Sornieth a better place. Miðgarðr residents have a reputation as bleeding-hearts, and more reserved Miðgarðr students may be surprised when students from other Halls expect them to be sweet and overly-generous. The Hall motto is "Non Sibi Sed Suis" (Not for One's Self but for One's Own).


Álfheimr Hall

Álfheimr Hall is the Hall of artists. Training to become poets, novelists, artisans, and skilled craftsmen, dragons sorted into Álfheimr Hall are united by an ability to see the true beauty in Sornieth and their drive to put more beauty into the world. Most young dragons interested in swordplay, archery, and other physical combat skills are sorted into Álfheimr. Álfheimr Hall residents are expected to be creative and original. Álfheimr Hall students have a reputation as flighty, apathetic dragons, and may become frustrated when students from other Halls expect them to have their heads in the clouds or not take things very seriously. The Hall motto is "Ars Longa, Vita Brevis" (Art is Long, Life is Short).


Svartálfheimr Hall

Svartálfheimr Hall is the Hall of scientists. Students sorted into Svartálfheimr Hall may become alchemists, engineers, and scientists. No matter their area of interest, all dragons in Svartálfheimr Hall have a desire to actually shape Sornieth into a better place. Dragons in Svartálfheimr Hall are expected to be innovative and curious. Svartálfheimr residents have a reputation for being overly ambitious and having a predilection for darker branches of magic, and may be annoyed by students from other Halls considering them untrustworthy or cold. The Hall motto is "Nunc Cognosco Ex Part" (Now I Know in Part).


Jǫtunheimr Hall

Jǫtunheimr Hall is the Hall of magicians. The most selective Hall at Home, students are sorted into Jǫtunheimr Hall based on their innate magical talent, their drive, and their work ethic. The students in Jǫtunheimr Hall train to become highly skilled, specialized magicians, and are expected to value practice and dedication. Jǫtunheimr students have a reputation as elitist and proud, and may dislike residents of other Halls assuming them haughty or self-righteous. The Hall motto is "Pedes in Terra ad Sidera Visus" (With your Feet on the Ground, Look to the Stars).


Helheim Hall

Helheim Hall is the Hall for clever and cunning students. Like Jǫtunheimr Hall, students are sorted into Helheim Hall based on their personalities, skill sets, and behavior, and rarely choose to be sorted into this Hall. It has a reputation as "the bad Hall" as students sorted into Helheim Hall often get themselves into trouble. Students in Helheim Hall are expected to value asking questions and having critical minds, and often train to become cursebreakers, specialized magicians, or other dangerous professions. Helheim Hall students have a reputation as untrustworthy and self-satisfied, and may become angry with dragons from other Halls dismissing their talent as attention-seeking. The Hall motto is "In Lumine Illo Tradimas Lumen" (In that Light we Pass on the Light).

Course Catalog
Learn more about the courses offered at Home from the department heads of the disciplines!
We asked representatives from the Light ministry of Education to interview them. These are their off-the-cuff remarks on why their school's residents take their discipline's classes.
Professor Sefirah says: students at Home have the opportunity to learn from a wide variety of scientific experts, from natural scientists to alchemists. Beginner's classes include biology, chemistry, and earth science, and advanced students have the opportunity to specialize in extremely complex subjects such as anomalistics, nuclear chemistry, and cooking. Science: it's like magic, but it's easier to understand.
Professor Jude says: Home's residents taking history classes will be able to learn general Sornieth history, Light history, history of magic, and archaeology. We offer an extensive history program, and tracks for our history students include early membership into Light's archaeological guild. We also do not allow our students to trespass on archaeological sites. And I have never stolen a thing in my entire life. History: the main lesson history teaches us is that nobody learns the lessons that history teaches us.
Professor Keshet says: the residents at Home have to learn magic. It's required. Magic: they have to learn this. They do not get a choice. ............................................................................................................................
Professor Renly says, hastily and in addition to professor Keshet's statement: students at Home will learn magic following one of two disciplines: non-elemental magic, taught by Professor Keshet, and elemental magic, taught by me. All students will receive, at the very least, elementary training, and advanced students will have the chance to learn very advanced magic such as complex elemental spells and transfigurations. Magic: they do gotta learn it.
Professor Baruch says: Our humanities tracks at Home include courses in moral and ethical philosophy, the languages of Sornieth, and spiritual weeping. Our discipline is unique because our students often go on to become published in Light journals before they even graduate from Home, which I'm unsure is because we're good professors or because we're so bad this necessitates the writing of scholarly works as an outlet. The humanities: magic and science may keep us alive, but this is what we stay alive for.
Professor Salem says: our fine arts discipline covers painting, singing, writing, and many other types of creative expression. Our students are frequently accepted for Light-wide exhibitions. The fine arts discipline at Home is, without a doubt, the discipline of our most well-behaved, talented, and wonderful students, no matter what other professors may tell you. They're just jealous. The fine arts: art is too important not to share.
Professor Godot says: our pre-law track here at Home can put residents well on their way to being prepared to practice law in Light before they even graduate. Not only do they receive advice from actual, practicing lawyers like myself, they learn how to push rules in all the right places. Wait - no, that sounds illegal. I mean, they learn how to be law-abiding citizens and all that. Pre-law: you can get away with anything if you're smart enough.
Dr. Cielo says: our pre-med discipline offers multiple tracks to suit student interest, including medical and traditional magic, as well as specialized related fields, such as apothecary and blood ritual courses. Every one of our pre-med graduates has currently been accepted into the medical school of their choice - did you all hear that? I'm talking to you, Abel! I swear, if these kids mess that record up I'm gonna lose my mind. Pre-med: these kids are the reason my blood pressure is so high.
Professor Cecil says: we offer advanced magical track options for select students. We are a school of magic, after all! These tracks are for our most advanced students, typically our Jǫtunheimr pupils. This discipline also covers divination students and some Dark Sclera residents. Special topics tracks include very advanced classes in very specialized magical fields, such as necromancy, occlumency, and similar difficult and complex magics. Special topics: for when regular topics just won't cut it.
Professor Tenzin says: look, it's a scary world out there, right? Shade infestations, Horrorbeasts, nasty magic everywhere you look. Our defence against dark magic track trains young dragons to defend themselves. They take classes in hex deflection, illusion dispelling, stuff like that, y'know? We've turned out some of the best young cursebreakers I've ever met! The more residents learn how to defend themselves against dark magic, the better. I mean, not that they'll need it, what with Home being so safe. Yeah - Light is a super safe place to live. Defence against dark magic: they'll probably never need it. Yeah. They'll never need it.
Professor Lothur says: our education track at Home prepares students to pursue certification to become teachers in Light. Whether they choose to use that certification to teach at Home or another school or pursue a career in academia is up to them. The most important thing I teach them is that they gotta know Light education standards if they want to get around them, y'know? Hey, don't look at me like that - for a Flight that's all about education and the pursuit of knowledge, we're not known for the best teachers around. Our education standards haven't been updated since the First Age for what it seems like. I want the education students Home turns out to be intellectuals who care. Education: it's the best weapon I can give them.
Professor Lorraine says: our theology tracks allow students to explore careers as theologians and specific religious scholars, or otherwise go directly into the rabbinate. Myself and the other religion professors have designed a curriculum which allows our students to explore and engage with the various religions of Sornieth, including - what? Light standards only want us to teach Light religions? Uh, yeah, I was...joking. It's all Lightweaver up in here, wot wot. We only celebrate Brightshine Jubilee, bunch of good Acolights we are. Religious studies: what we're supposed to do. Cheers.
Professor Grisha says: our weaponry track differs from the weaponry courses at other schools in that we do not prepare our students to join the Light guard upon graduation. Rather, we simply give them the tools to defend themselves, their family, and their home. We have several specialties, including swordplay, archery, and - huh? It sounds like I'm calling for rebellion against the Light government? Well, that's just, like, your opinion, man. Weaponry: personally, I feel weapons are the best weapons we can give them.
Professor Pius says: research methods is a required course. It is our job to teach our students how to properly conduct scholarly research, recognize flaws in the research of others, and maintain a proper sense of intellectualism and academic honesty. What? No, I don't care that this could be construed as rebellion against Light educational standards. Get off my case about it. I'm not playing along with this anymore. You've already made me late for lunch, and it's taco day. Please direct any complaints about my conduct directly to Lothur, they're clogging up my mailbox.
Professor Errai says: I'm busy. Ask Sefirah about it.
Professor Zaid says: uh, can I pass? Did Errai just pass? No? Okay, uh, well, I know you lot won't like this answer, but look - here's how it is. We're not living in the Sornieth our parents lived in, right? We require every student at Home to learn at least one additional language, and our language tracks set students towards fluency in a modern Sornieth language or fluency in Ancient languages, which is very popular with our archaeology and classics students as well as with our Ancient students. We're also adding a track in Beastclan languages - oh, you don't want to hear about that? Alrighty, then. Uh, languages of Sornieth: the most massive and inclusive art we know.

Visitor's Guidelines and Code of Conduct
Alter and Zohar, Unaðheim's chiefs of guard, explain the rules that you should know before scheduling your visit.

Q: Who is eligible to visit Unaðheim?
A: For a small donation, almost anyone is welcome to visit! Unaðheim can be a convenient stopping-point for travellers making their way to and from Lanternlea Port as well as for dragons on pilgrimage to the Beacon of the Radiant Eye. Our partner orphanages in surrounding Flights and prospective students are, of course, always welcome. If you are arranging your trip as a representative of the Light Ministry of Education, we ask that you give us advance notice before your visit. So we can properly prepare your accommodations, of course.

Q: What will I be able to do at Home?
A: You may sit in on select classes, enjoy the beautiful view of the Beaconside cliffs from our guest halls, peruse our extensive library, or join select groups of our students and staff on trips to Lanternlea Port or nearby archaeological sits, if those trips coincide with your visit. You will be accompanied by a member of our guard at all times you leave the guest hall during your visit.

Q: Why is it required that I always have a guide with me?
A: This is a school, after all! Our visitor experience is carefully curated so as to avoid any interruption to student learning. We also must ensure that visitors stay within appropriate areas of the school. To maintain appropriate confidentiality, no visitors are permitted in our school archives or allowed to view our accounting information and rosters of permitted residents at any time. This restriction is well within our rights as outlined in the Light government's code of school maintenance, article 15 section 7b, and is in no way evidence of any improper dealings on our part.

Q: Is there anything else I should know before scheduling my visit?
A: By scheduling your visit with us, you agree to our terms and conditions, as follows: you agree to abide by our guidelines and code of conduct; you understand that we are not responsible for and cannot guarantee your safety on your way to and from Home; and you agree that any information you glean from venturing into forbidden areas as outlined in this code of conduct is information gathered without due process or an appropriate warrant and is therefore inadmissible in a court of law. Please contact our lawyer Godot with any questions, concerns, or threats of legal ramifications.

If you feel that this content violates our Rules & Policies, or Terms of Use, you can send a report to our Flight Rising support team using this window.

Please keep in mind that for player privacy reasons, we will not personally respond to you for this report, but it will be sent to us for review.

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