monsterofthedeep (#60880326)
he/him | monster | he really is a monster of the deep...
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Blue and Gold Macaw
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Nature.
Male Tundra
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4.32 m
3.5 m
296.68 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
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Apr 23, 2020
(1 year)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 4 Tundra
EXP: 2620 / 4027




"give me your shinies!"

a little blue tundra sat in a nest to two eggs. the little dragon chirped and then stepped on one of the other eggs. it wobbled, tossing the hatchling off. the egg wobbled again and this time the blue turndra nipped at the shell. when nothing happend the small tundra tackled the egg making a large crack on the surface.

Suddently a skydancer ran over, "what is he doing?!?" she shouted then a tundra came over "he's a little bossy one! we'll have to keep an eye on him. teach him so manners." it grumbled.

Latter that day the other two eggs hatched, one a skydancer, the other a tundra. the hatchlings played with each other, mostly play fighting. the parents were quick to choose the skydancer and his sister as their favorites.

the next morning everyone sat at the table. "get me some jam!" screamed monster wich was what the parents had named him. they named his sister Yolonda and his brother Belleth. "ugh, just wait. we dont have jam right now." said his mother anoyed. "But i want JAM!" monster screamed. his father sighed and picked up monster and tossed him into the hatchling's room.

latter his sister and brother walked into the room. "good! help me up to the window." monster commanded yolonda and belleth. "Hurry!" yolonda and belleth pushed hime up to the window sill. monster pushed the window open and jumped out shouting "i'll come back with jam!"

monster fell into a cart of seaweed. when he sat up he saw the bright light of the sun and shouting voces of store keepers. he climbed out of the cart and went searching for a supermarket. finnally he found a place with jars of strawberry jam linned up infront of the door. monster grabbed one and walked away "STOP THEIF!" someone shouted monster kept walking untill he relized that he was the theif. monster broke into a run, dashing through the legs of other dragons.

he halted at the edge of the water. where would he go? sudently a beutiful Blue and Gold Macaw gracefully flew out of the water and picked up monster with its tallons. it flew him to the roof of his house and then landded next to him.

once he got back inside he was greeted by his parents yells of "were have you been?" and "how'd you get out?" his bother and sister said "he told us too!" his mother looked as if slime started dripping from everyones heads. "you let him boss you around?" they nodded shamefully. both monster's parents crossed their arms and grabbed monster by the tail. "come with me" they said and dragged him to the doc.

once they got their his parents dropped him in the sea. the cold water soaked his feathers. he closed his eyes as he sank. he sank deeper and depper seaweed and coral flew around his head. a blur of feathers sped past him.

Monster's eyes flickered open. the parot, the one that had saved him before, was standing infront of him. they were in a underwater cave. sea stars glowed on the wall and barnacles dotted the cave mouth. "wha- what? how'd I-" then he remembered what had happened "right... you saved me?" he asked the parot "um thanks?" the parot said something that sounded like ognam due the the way the water vibrated. "ok Ognam... wanna go do something?" the parot bobbed it's head wich monster took as a yes.

they swam out to a boat filled with gems and fish. monster hit his head on the side of the boat. one of the fisher-dragons shouted "its a monster! a monster of the deep!" as monster tipped the ship's contents into the water. monster dived after the gems that had sank while eating a few of the smaller fish.

once he and Ognam got to the bottom of the sea monster said "monsterofthedeep.... has a nice ring to it! i'll make people call me that now."

another boat passed over and monsterofthedeep swam straight into it. he hit it and hit is a barrel of pickles fell over the side but monsterofthedeep wanted more he closed his eyes getting reay for another strike but a net was thrown over him making his hit feeble and usless. he sturggled as the net was lifted out of the water taking him with it.

"whats your name?" commanded a blue guardian. "I'm monsterofthedeep! i want your shinys! let me out!" the guardian smiled and turned to the purple coatl. they talked in a whisper until the gaurdian turned to monsterofthedeep "ok tiny. your in we're pirates i'm your new captain ossprey and thats heartly my first mate. we're a small gang but we're good at what we do."
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