Level 10 Tundra
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Fire.
Female Tundra
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2.84 m
3.78 m
197.92 kg


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Apr 16, 2020
(3 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 10 Tundra
EXP: 1099 / 27676






60701482.png . .
This dragon embarked on a trip across Sorneith during Brightshine Jubilee 2020 from June 21 to June 27. She is one of many who are traveling to various lairs and clans in the hopes of spreading love and joy to those they encounter. When it's over, they'll be able to look back at the adventures they had and dragons they met and remember the journey they went on.

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6RNCxQc.png . Wyżyna . pUGLfcB.png

Wyżyna is a curious one, eager to know about other clans. She carries a basket of freshly dried petals, dyes and clay sculptures -- a gift from her clan, the Ykwi'maw, to anyone she meets during her journey. As a cartographer, she hopes to return home with various sketches and maps of things she saw.


Raw Lapis Lazuli

Day One: Archerfish(#313726)

____Wyżyna sat alone, frowning slightly and sketching at the strange shapes of the Sunbeam Ruins. Whatever magics were at work in the crumbling pillars, it didn't make understanding the lay of the land any easier. She reached up to adjust her monocle, and-
____"The pavilion goes the other way."
____She wasn't alone anymore. Sometime while she was bent over her maps, a hatchling had snuck up right behind her. Well, not quite a hatchling. There's something in her compound eyes that says otherwise. Blinking a few times, Wyżyna realised that she hadn't said anything.
____"Excuse me?"
____"The pavilion goes the other way. I live here." A small claw reached down to Wyżyna's map and traced the curve of a derelict temple, drawing an oval shape with a line heading due south. Or it would have, had the claw not gotten stuck midway and caused a brief amount of flailing as the hatchling attempted to unstick it without much success. Wyżyna pulled it away with a frown and a sound suspiciously like the tearing of parchment.
____"Right, then. What..." What could the hatchling tell her about the area's topography? Were the ruins stable? How old were they? Were there any other lairs close by?
____Wait. Right, names first.
____"What's your name?"
____"Mellilla. I think." Wyżyna elected not to comment on that second bit, and instead resumed her sketch of the temple. The hatchling -Mellilla- occasionally pointing out mistakes or oversights and investigating her mostly empty inkwell. At least she'd learned to stop doing whatever it was that caused her claw to stick to the map the first time. Even if Wyżyna was pretty sure she saw Mellilla lick something that looked suspiciously like honey off her claws before touching the parchment.
____"You're a good drawer." If Wyżyna is taken aback by that, Mellilla seems equally so. "That's not right. I don't think it is. You're a good..."
____"Artist?" Suggests Wyżyna, at the same time that Mellilla says "Cabinet." with the confidence that can only come from not knowing what one is talking about.
____Wyżyna stifles a laugh. "Sure."

Dried Flowers

Day Two: Honeyhare, The Kin of the Eternal Hunt #478882

Wyżyna sat beneath a large willow tree, it’s branches reaching down towards her wings. She was left in silence as she looked out across the rolling hills in front of her. The silence was peaceful, only the occasional shout from the camp or a few bird calls would break it. Wyżyna watched the sun begin to set over the hills, setting the grass aflame with bright yellows and oranges. The sky blended into a silk of pink and purple as the sun lowered in the sky. She felt her eyelids begin to grow heavy, but footsteps behind her brought her out of her sleep. She turned around, meeting the gaze of the Skydancer that approached.
“Hello, Wyżyna, right?” The female spoke softly but her voice held a note of authority. “I’m Tiderunner, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Wyżyna gave a small nod.
“Yep, that’s me,” she chuckled softly, standing up to stretch her limbs and wings a little. Tiderunner sat down beside her, a bundle of sunflowers and other wildflowers clutched in hand. Wyżyna gave her a curious look. “What’s that all for?”
“I was planning on making a few crowns for my children, to try and get them in the spirit of the Brightshine Jubilee,” she chuckled, setting them down. “Seems a little silly but they always look so happy when they receive one. I like doing them when the sunsets. The sun isn’t as hot and the breeze is just perfect,” she murmured, her eyes gleaming with warmth. She quickly shook her head and turned to Wyżyna, looking ready to apologize for rambling on.
“You have children? What are they like?” Wyżyna questioned, a smile gracing her face. Tiderunner seemed to light up. She started talking about her daughters, rambling on for a few minutes before realizing how much she had talked. Tiderunner picked up two flowers and wrapped them together, soon enough adding more and more as she cleared her throat.
“You may meet them later, they tend to like the night more than the day,” Tiderunner finished, no longer meeting the Tundra’s gaze. Wyżyna couldn’t help but smile; she obviously loved her children a lot. She looked out across the fields again, letting a comfortable silence settle over them for a while. Finally, she grabbed her a book and opened it to a new, empty page. She began sketching, occasionally glancing over to the Skydancer who was content and silent as she worked on her crowns. After a while of silence, Tiderunner had finished three flower crowns and Wyżyna had a single drawing done. The page was of the beautiful Skydancer sitting contently with a loving grin as she weaved her loved ones flower crowns.


Lightweaver Marble Bust

Day Three: rhapsodicDream, The Starscatter Temple Research Enclave #192638
Wyżyna was about to give up; from what she could tell, this map had just led her right into the woods on the edge f the Hewn Ruins. She knew she was in what she believed to be the right place, as she was following a river, and she could just barely make out the tops of the cliffs through the trees, just as the instructions said she should.
'That's it,' she thought to herself, 'I'm just going to head on to the next clan -'
Suddenly, a great rustling came from the bushes and a rather gentle looking Imperial emerged. He looked around before his gaze settled right upon Wyżyna.
"Ah, you must be our guest for today," he spoke in soothing tones. "Wyżyna, correct?"
"Y-yes, that's right."
"Please, follow me." The Imperial turned and walked back into the bushes. Wyżyna stared after him for a moment before chasing after him with a start. She went into the bushes, and --
There it stood. Starscatter Temple. Wyżyna stared in awe. How had she not noticed such a huge structure just moments ago?
"Surprised?" chuckled the Imperial next to her. "We were too, when we first found it. We knew something here was special... something worth researching. Over the years, what was a research site became home." He started. "Oh, but I'm getting ahead of myself. My name is Graphite, I am in charge of caring for any hatchlings here. Welcome to Starscatter Temple."
"Pleased to meet you too," Wyżyna mumbled out, still distracted by the grand structure before her.
Graphite seemed unbothered. "Come along, the others will be glad to know you arrived safely.

Historical Text
The rest of the day was a blur. Everyone was rather glad to meet someone new - especially those born to the clan, who had knew plenty of ancient clans, but so very little of the present. As a result, Wyżyna found herself quite popular, dragged this way and that by the various dragons.
But throughout it all, Wyżyna learned. She learned of the temple, lost to time and only discovered by accident. She learned of the old tomes it contained and the tales within them. And her favorite part - she learned of ancient maps, so close to crumbling from age, that the clan was trying so carefully to preserve and copy. In fact, they even allowed her to make a copy of one for herself to keep.

The next day, she left with a head full of new knowledge, and a parcel stuffed with notes, her new copied map, and random trinkets some of the younger dragons had gifted her.


Flamerest Embers

Day Four: mintea00 #475171
Craning her neck to catch a better glimpse at what seemed to be a pile of rubble on a raised dais, Wyzna frowned as she tried to get the proportions down correctly for her sketch. "Hmm..." This wouldn't do, she decided. Sighing, she erased the lines etched into her sketchbook for the eleventh time this afternoon. Though she was usually quite patient, the scorching hot summer air combined with her futile attempts were making her mildly annoyed. What was so difficult to draw about this misshapen rock?

"You alright there?" called a voice somewhere to her right. Glancing up from her work, Wyzna found a fae, carrying a notebook and wearing travelling gear, floating at a meter's length away. The dragon seemed bemused at Wyzna, which only served to make this encounter more awkward than before.

"Yes," Wyzna replied confidently, trying to shift her positioning and posture to give the impression that she needed no assistance. "Are you sure? That doesn't seem to be a very accurate portrayal of the famed sundial," the fae remarked. "But if you are sure I will leave you to your task."

Suddenly filled with an urge to learn more, Wyzna called out, "No-- wait! I do need help; can you perhaps tell me more about this stone structure?"

The fae stopped in her tracks and smiled. "Of course, traveler. This is the fabled Sundial, a relic of the ancient legendary wars among the gods. It was constructed by the Lightweaver, the deity that rules over this terrain. However, it was destroyed in the aftermath of the Arcanist's uprising, reduced to little more than rocks scattered through Sornieth. It has been the primary endeavor of the historian team here at Sunbeam Ruins, the Lightweaver's domain, to restore this ancient artifact to its former glory. We have searched far and wide for the missing pieces. I know it looks unimpressive right now, but the goal is that someday we can reconstruct it. Maybe; maybe then the Lightweaver will sprinkle some glitter over this area in her travels and bring us peace and warmth."

Upon the fae's last word, Wyzna felt herself wash over with a sudden warmth, as it the sun was embracing her in a warm bath of golden rays. As her mind cleared and her energy renewed, she felt a new connection to the area and the ancient ruins before her. After thanking the fae for her help, she sat cross leggedly on the stone and began sketching once again.


Reflective Fish Scales

Day Five: Jaspernoir, Alstroemeria clan #363800
Sour Strawberry Travelled to the Alstroemeria Clan
Your dragon appeared during their sunflower delivery route, through the brambles and blacksand beaches, to end up with the Alstroemeria clan for a time~
With a renewed sense of whimsy and a few weird trinkets, they head off to their next destination!
Achieved: BSJ 2020

Encapsulated Mist

Day Six: ClockworkEclipse, Wanderers of the Bifrost Watch #125046

Not long after her visit to Alstroemeria, Wyżyna found herself embarking on a search for her next clan: a group of drakes called the Wanderers. It seemed these particular Wanderers were under the watchful eye of a group of Gaolers who called themselves the New Bifrost Watch. She was honestly lucky to get past them. She knew the sunflowers were supposed to go to an odd dragon. What she didn't know was what she'd find.

It was a tower, though it certainly wasn't tall. The thin sunlight came in through large windows with thin golden drapes hanging above. Racks lined the walls with wooden toys, dolls, and even little dens. Plushes sat in a corner, carefully crafted by a skilled hand. A voice softly sang as a Pearlcatcher worked on what seemed to be a rather small Fae figurine, though whatever she was meant to be holding was missing from her talons. Careful brush strokes added the color to her eyes, a careful stitch patched her thin wings, and a little scrape with his claw etched that little quirk of a smile on her mouth. Soon enough, she was sketching the scene into her sketchbook, the light dancing on his scales as Wyżyna practiced her own craft. Finally, after hours of work, the Fae looked nearly complete. The Pearlcatcher let out a sigh however, shaking his head.

"If only there were something for you to hold, little flower." he mused. Wyżyna was surprised to hear the clatter of wood as he spoke. As she looked at him closer, she was shocked to find the Pearlcatcher himself was made of wood, painted with careful strokes more masterful than his own. The gasp she elicited got his attention, and while he didn't look surprised, he certainly sounded it.

"Oh! Are you the one delivering flowers for the festival? I didn't know I'd be getting any, what with that Bifrost Watch catching all our visitors..." he trailed off when he saw the sunflower. He looked between it, then his doll. It seems inspiration struck, and soon he had thanked Wyżyna for the flower as he dipped it into a clear substance, then set it out by the windowsill. Not before dusting the petals in a faint, shimmering dust however. He was about to ask the Tundra if she had other deliveries to return to when she asked if she could stay and watch. He was silent for a moment before replying.

"Only if I can get your name. Mine's Eiko."

She stayed for hours, sketching him as he worked. He in turn made quite a few trinkets and the such, setting them aside. One he put quite a bit of time into. Finally, when all was said and done, and Wyżyna truly had to leave, the Pearlcatcher handed her a Terracotta Figurine of the Flamecaller, the deity who watched her hatch. He'd apparently been making it for her. He gave her some brushes and some of the dust he'd used, saying she could paint her own toy to give it her own flair. As she left, the living doll took the sunflower and placed it into the Fae's grasp.

His creation was complete, and Wyżyna had a sketch to remember them both by, as well as a trinket to paint! She couldn't wait to see where her travels would take her next!

Level Up!

Current Level: Level 10
Item Drop: Curious Paintbrush x10, Unicorn Dust x30, Flamecaller Terracotta Figure x1
Curious Paintbrush Unicorn Dust Flamecaller Terracotta Figure Unicorn Dust Curious Paintbrush


Sparksylph Husk

Day Seven: Soulthreads (GuardianDragonak), Willowlight Shadows #309079

At the end of a long day of speaking to locals and passing out sunflowers, the last dragon to say farewell was Nightcore. Before saying goodbye and disappearing into the darkening forest, he handed Wyżyna a sealed box, and thanked her for coming to visit.

She was curious as to what was inside the box, but refrained from opening it just yet. She had a feeling it was a gift for when she got back home.

She had seen many new things while visiting the clan, though she'd been asked not to map the place. However, she had been given a few books and scrolls on the place, along with some paper and ink. Perhaps she could draw a few things on her way out?

Well, perhaps not. Nightcore along with many others of the clan had warned her to hurry on her way back, and to pay close attention for any dangers. Dragons would be watching her, but that didn't mean something couldn't slip past. Well, maybe she would catch a glimpse of one her mysterious watchers. Supposedly they were unrivaled when it came to staying unseen.

Whatever the case, she was glad she'd gotten the chance to visit this hidden place.

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