Tori (#59891905)
Level 4 Imperial
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Wetland Unicorn
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Female Imperial
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25.64 m
22.04 m
9117.72 kg


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Mar 12, 2020
(2 years)



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Eye Type
Level 4 Imperial
EXP: 3889 / 4027




  • none


Head Assistant
"My blade isn't for show,
you know."

___________________ Tori, the youngest child of the Shimizu clan. He grew up with a sword in his hands, embracing his family's path of the sword that had been passed down for countless generations. To him, bushido is a strict moral code he adheres to.

Perhaps a little bit of a loafer, he takes his position as 'Head Assistant' with some pride, even if there's nothing to be done. He has been with Tora for as long as he could remember, their ties with one another too deep to part. Had it not been for Tora, he would have remained in the Windswept Plateau — a curse, in comparison to having met Tora.
___________________ As the youngest child, he was quite unruly, being a difficult character to teach. Joachim was his teacher — his mother and the alchemist were old acquaintances, he heard. The renowned genius had travelled all the way to their humble estate in the Windswept Plateau, unexpectedly bringing along with him a child called Tora. It was without doubt that Tori made Tora his 'playmate' of sorts. The younger dragon was wary and silent at first, as if he loathed to speak to him, but they gradually warmed up to one another and became nearly inseparable. Tora was, at times, influenced by his bad habits, to the exasperation of their teacher Joachim.

He had never been one for alchemy and whatnot — his aspirations leaned more towards the way of the sword, to be a 'righteous warrior'. It could be said that he spared little attention to words, although he had interests in poetry and such. As the student of Joachim, he caused the other countless headaches, lacking the ability to sit still for longer than one could count to ten. For one who constantly raved about the morals of bushido, he certainly had no self-restraint and could not hold himself back from talking his mouth off to Tora during lessons. ('A little demon teaching Tora bad habits', he recalled his teacher muttering once.)

His family had no qualms virtually raising Tora — his mother was particularly fond of him ('a good child unlike this rascal' perhaps). He was like their family, not that Tori minded; he, too, was attached to Tora after all, more than his mother. Wherever Tora went, he would follow. He couldn't remember when he realized it — before he knew it, the aspiring alchemist had become his reason to live.
Little Trivialities.

About Tora—
"I'm an 'old friend' of his… that's what he said, right? Hehe, I know him very well. After all, I've been through thick and thin with him — we're practically inseparable."

About Joachim—
"Master Joachim is a respectable individual… so I say. I never really paid attention in his classes, and I'm pretty sure he found me a pain to teach. But what can I say? I was made for the path of a warrior, not an alchemist. It's still amazing though — I just don't get it. And to be honest, his lessons were quite boring… Hey now, don't go telling Tora I said that."

A certain research—
"Oh, you want to see something cool? Ah, but Tora told me to stop carelessly flashing it about like some toy, so I guess not…"

About Tora— part II
"I don't have any talent for alchemy myself, but I still think it's pretty wonderful — and Tora's amazing at it himself, you know. Even if he refuses to admit it… Every time I try to praise him, he goes off about how he could 'do better'. On a good day, he'll take it though… and probably just throw it to the back of his head. He's already a skilled alchemist, but he always say being 'good enough' is insufficient. I get the sentiment… after all, what good of a warrior would I be, if I did not constantly hone my skills? But it gets frustrating seeing him beat himself up over that… you know?"

The library—
"Not to be rude, but I've always imagined Master Joachim as somebody with no money, so it was quite a shock for me that the library he mentioned was… this big. And nearly every shelf was filled, no less… I could practically feel the sparkles jumping out of Tora's eyes that day."

The market—
"We're having daikon soup for dinner… you know, I could probably get a discount if I sent Tsuki-chi to go get them instead. The granny at the stall just loves his baby face. Hehe. Just consider it as his payment for staying here."

The way of the warrior—
"Bushido! …Come on, don't look at me like I'm stupid. Bushido is the heart of a warrior! There's no point of wielding a sword otherwise — that's just no respectable warrior."

Everyday life—
"I feel at peace here, just me and Tora. Our usual day is as such: wake up, have breakfast, do our own things, have lunch, relax, then have dinner and sleep. Maybe it seems a little boring, but I don't mind. My hands know how to wield a sword, but I think it's the better path if they never become stained with blood."

Joachim's last expedition—
"...Master Joachim departed a long time ago. I never expected it to happen, honest to Windsinger… even if I was never as close to him as Tora was, there was still a heavy dread in my chest when that letter came. It was the turning point of our lives — Tora and I. We left home after that, for the library that Master Joachim mentioned in his letter. Tora felt compelled to do so; I had no obligation, but I accompanied. …I had always made my decisions following my heart after all."
Other Trivialities.

About Tsukihyakushi—
"Tsuki-chi's a little odd fellow, but he's not bad, I promise."

About Yumenoriku—
"That gallant lady that lives down our road. I heard she used to be some wanderer — she's a poet now, and we have spars sometimes. A respectable opponent, I must say. She's a little mean, though. And her little kitty won't stop picking on me too… Ah, woe is me."

About Siegfried—
"Uuugh… him. I thought he was not so bad — Tora told me he was a good kid. But he's a menace! A menace, I say! Tsk, that damn overgrown puppy acts like a baby around Tora, and suddenly I'm the villain… Ugh is an understatement. Stop paying attention to him, Tora…"

The Dustcarve Dig—
"Ah, that. Tora mentioned it, and said he wanted to go… I'm worried, honestly. Tora's like… growing into the mold of Master Joachim. I probably shouldn't fret when he can take care of himself, but I can't help but feel apprehensive. …I just want him to come back safely."
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