Yuuto (#5855543)
Level 25 Coatl
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Bucktooth Digger
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Male Coatl
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8.54 m
10.75 m
967.42 kg


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Aug 22, 2014
(5 years)



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Eye Type
Level 25 Coatl
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|Whimsical| |Peculiar| |Eccentric|

Yuuto is the Magic Man. You can often find him rambling and mumbling to his rabbits, inventing optical illusions and pursuing other odd mechanical pursuits. He does not like to stay in one place, so when he is not off on his journeys you can find him in Shel's lair. Currently, he is taking a small hiatus from traveling until his new thread location is finished being constructed.

He has seen much of the world while traveling in his hot air balloon; however, as fair warning, he is known for telling tall tales. I, myself, wonder if some of his stories are true or not.

Would you like to help Yuuto on his journeys?


*Journal Entries go here*
Nulume's Lair wrote:
Journal Entry 11/27

I just arrived to a lair, attracted by a cartel that said in a brilliant green’s letters, “Wellcome to the Coalt Garden”.
Since I’m a Coalt, I thought was a good idea take this place to rest for a while.
Carefully I open the big doors, trying to not do a sound cause it was a night and all dragons here most be sleeping.
I look for a dragon, or someone to talk and ask about this place.
“Who are you” a female voice asked from behind.
When I turned I saw a black female coalt, with a black cowl and black antlers.
“Humm, I’m Yuuto, I was wondering if I can rest here for a while ?” I asked a Little scared for her apparent.
But then, a big smile (like the Cheshire’s smile” crossed her face, she removed her cowl and then was the time. I met the most beautiful light blue eyes that I have ever seen before.
“Sure you can!!” She said, “I’m Denki, my task is protect the Garden in the night, this Garden was built for all coatls, to have a place for eat, rest, play and other things, I will show you all of it tomorrow, but now, you should rest, you look really exhausted”.
I moved my head affirmative, I just realised that I really just want a place for sleep.
“You can rest in my place, since I really don’t want to bother the other dragons, come on here is”.
I follow her, looking around the garden with my eyes, the garden was dark, just the bright of the moon was there to give the dragons some light, some flowers were closed, and others were brightening, I was very surprised for this ones.
“What type of flower are them ?” I asked in a low voice.
“Oh these are night flowers, in the day they stay closed, but in the night when they open, their center started to bright, me and my friend Aika planted these. Well here we are”.
I look over her place, it was very a cavern, around the enter where all these night’s flower, brightening with different colors.
The inside was big, almost to big for only one dragon, I followed Denki to a room.
“Here is, I really hope you will feel confortable here, I will back tomorrow to look for you and present the others to you, now rest Little traveler.
When Denki left the room, I fell in a flower’s bed, I closed my eyes and started to slow my breath.
And then, I was sleeping, passing my first night in the Coalt Garden.

I had have a great time in the Coalt Graden.
I met a lot of wonderfuld dragons here, we had a great time together.
It’s so sad say goodbye so soon, but my memories will remember this beautiful place.
Thanks for accepting me here.
SilentKing wrote:

Entry 1: I landed in The Wastelands late into the night, and found myself sat directly in front of a lair. 'Just my luck!' I thought with excitement. I climbed out, my small little partners in toe. They seemed frightened of the strange and foul smelling land, and stuck close by...

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Axqu's Lair wrote:
Journal entry, 11/11/15
My advice to anyone who may or may not read this is this: Do not, and I repeat, do not go flying in a hot air balloon over the Shifting Expanse if you can help it. A tempest flung me right into a thunderhead, and before I knew it, lightning strikes had torn my balloon nearly in half. As I hurtled toward the ground, I spread my wings to try to get clear, and I felt every nerve in my body light up with pain. Everything went white... and then everything went black...
(continue reading this and other entries written while in Axqu's Lair here)
BloodyAngel12's Lair wrote:
Journey Entry, 11/4

My first day at the Lightseeker clan! When I arrived, looking around the Sunbeam Ruins, a Coatl and a Pearlcatcher eagerly ran up to me. The pearlcatcher was an excitable girl, who introduced herself as Sunny. Her enthusiasm was a pleasant surprise after my long journey here. The coatl was just an enthusiastic but much more quiet then his friend. He introduce himself as Safyre.

Journey Entry, 11/5

It was so busy yesterday! I couldn't finish my entry of yesterday but here it is now:

Sunny talked excitedly about everything she and Safyre had planned for us to do on the way to the lair. It was both a little overwhelming, but sweet. The Lightseeker's lair was in fact burrows in the ground. I was a little worried going into the ground but the area inside was so big and open and cool, with light entering from carefully placed skylights, I nearly forgot I was underground! Hideaki and Alaia, the clan leaders, welcomed me and before I knew it, the entire clan had a feast! There was so much good food. Safyre and I grew a kinship right away. And Sunny loves bunnies as much as I did. I met many dragons of the clan briefly, but they they seemed to realize how overwhelmed I was beginning to feel because Citrine, a yellow-orange nocturne, said that we'll welcome me more tomorrow, once I was fed and rested. It was a very welcoming day but I was so sleepy after the feast. Alaia seemed to realize this because she decide it was a good time to lead me to the lair place I was going to be staying in. Sunny practically hopped in excitement as they led me to my room. It was a small little burrow in the clan lair with a opening for light and a cool breeze. There were pillows on the ground to sit in, and books piling near the wall. The bed looked the most appalling for me after my long journey. They had even got me a stuffed bunny animal. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I felt pretty well rested once I got up and although (admittedly) I was too comfortable to get up for a bit, I decided it was time to be productive. I ran into Citrine, the nocturne from last night, who greeted me with a smile. We chatted for a bit before she led me to the clothing room, in case I wanted to dress in clean clothes after my journey. After I was dressed up, (snazzy but comfortable) I was led to breakfast. Considering it was still pretty early, only a few members were awake. Hideaki and Alaia were both up though, and I had an enjoyable conversation with the both of them.

Once Safyre and Sunny were awake, and fed, they showed me around the Sunbeam Ruins, it's incredible how much history is in these. The first thing we saw was the Sundial. It was huge!

After running around for a bit, we decided it was time for some lunch. A red, grey tundra strolled up at this time, carrying a picnic basket. Alaia thought we might have liked to eat outside. It was very good! Quetzal, their clan's cook, makes very flavorful food.

I ended up relaxing for the rest of the late afternoon once we arrived back at the clan. It was nice to have some me-time after all the fun we had earlier.

Good night!

Journal entry, 11/7

Its been a while since I wrote an entry! I spent the day with Citrine. Citrine is very mellow and sweet. We spent the day reading books, in my case tinkering with machines, and having a nice, quite day. It was peaceful.

Safyre and Sunny came in a little before sunset. They brought me outside, to meet a dragon. She didn't really tell me much, sit, stay, then once she was done she handed Sunny a picture, who was bouncing up in down in glee. She showed me. I had to laugh, it was me in a ....ball-like thing? It was very silly. They let me keep the picture, "for sitting so well".

Journal entry, 11/9

The week is nearly over. I haven't had much time to write until now. The Lightseeker clan sent me off with a festival. They strung lights up among the ruins and they spread blankets on tables and on the ground, so everybody can sit and eat. Citrine gave me an ancient book of mechanics they had gotten from a Lightning clan, and I had the picture from Safyre and Sunny. This was a fun trip, but I would be happy to see my clan again and to have a new adventure. I'm going to miss all my new friends.

It was fun while it lasted but onto a new adventure!

bellzan wrote:
Day 1, 10/28/2015:
After wandering the starwood strand, I came across a promising mountain. The trees grow thickly at its base, and it took me awhile to find a path. I followed it up the mountain, wondering what sort of dragons lived here. When I reached the entrance to the lair, two dragons and a two-legged creature similar to the humans of olden times were waiting for me. The dragons were both strong purple guardians with large wings. The first introduced herself as Amethyst, the leader of the clan. She wore simple, elegant jewelry and carried herself regally. The second dragon was Shimmer, caretaker of the hatchlings. He was wearing an interesting aquatic ensemble. They were clearly mates. The last creature stepped forward. She said her name was Bellzan, and she was co-leader of the clan. Bellzan confessed even she is unsure what species she is. Bellzan and Amethyst were created by the Arcanist. After I finished formal introductions, I wandered the clan. Venus, a cheerful wildclaw, gave me a tour. She is dressed as a knight in shining armor for Halloween. Apparently I am to be part of the festivities. Her enthusiasm is catching, and I soon found myself in very excited to see all of the clan. Inside the mountain, networks of caves connect the dragons sleeping quarters. It is a cheerful and active place. The outside of the mountain is tranquil and awe-inspiring. I saw waterfall after waterfall. As the sun set, we made our way back to the guest quarters of the clan. On our way back, Venus found a costume for me. I am a prince of fire. Really not like me at all, but I guess that's the point.

(More entries during Halloween & my stay with the Clan of the Amethyst Scale here)
Tarble's Lair wrote:

Journal Entry 10/27
Dear Journal,

Today is the day I must leave the Keep behind. Nike organized a huge going away banquet to honor my visit- I thought it might have been a little unnecessary to even drag Tart (he's a Nocturne who moved to where Heatherknell was born!) back for it. But Sorbet and the twins came back this morning, so I finally got to meet the bird Dragon! He wanted to talk more, but I guess the twins wore him out and he ended up asleep in his lunch, so Forge and I let him be and went to hang out with Biscotti and Mochi instead. Then everyone gathered in the great hall- I'm not sure how everyone fit- and we had a great feast. It was fun, but I'm a little sad to leave- though it'll be great to see my home again! After the banquet Forge walked with me to the end of their territory. He even gave me a little set of iron bracelets! I'll have to leave them at home while I travel, but it's a nice farewell gift. Maybe someday I'll come back.

Homeward bound for now!

Journal Entry 10/20

Today was my first day at the Iceswept Keep! I spent most of the morning following the path- the Keep is really deep in the Icefields! Their leader Nike, who is a Tundra, was waiting towards the end to greet me. When we got there I saw a lot of the Clan, but I only talked to Nyx, who's the head warrior and trainer, and the twins. They're supposed to be my guides to help me figure out where everything is in the cavern the Clan lives in, but they haven't done much yet. I have a feeling they're not going to be around long... Nyx didn't seem thrilled when they lost me before dinner.

Thoracosaurus' Lair wrote:


Thank you, Thoracosaurus, for the lovely Blinky you made of me...^_^
Dhay's Lair wrote:
Journal Entry 10/12
Dear Journal,

Wow, I came to clan Dhay at a busy time! New hatchlings coming and going, a huge move to Fire Flight, it was hectic! I had a lot of fun, though, and I was glad to help out however I could. I also wrote down my story for the clan's records, and the clan's scribe, Pitel, helped me find a place for it in their huge library! I almost didn't want to leave, but since no one had much time to make friends I guess I'll come back another day. Ha! Another Dhay!

Cherrysplash's Lair wrote:

Journal Entry 9/29
Dear Journal,

;w; I really miss Shel! This makes me sad to say, but I'm really homesick! On the other hand, I've met these great friends, such as this pink and shiny nocturne named Blossom, and this kind and light yellow coatl named Pharom. We had so much fun today! They showed me around the lair, and we even got to go as deep as near the Spiral Keep! It's really nice here, and the clan mates even pitched in to find my clothes to wear! ^^ I'll never forget today!

Signing off,
Journal Entry 8/4
Dear Journal,

I can't believe this is my last day! I guess I had so much fun with everyone here that I fell asleep as soon as I flopped on my bed... oops. I guess life here at Cherry Blossom isn't too bad cx . The dragons here are always pulling pranks on each other.. yesterday Molta tried to make Mint fall on top of the deputy, Kano!! I guess Mint found out, because Molta got scolded by Kano, and currently is cleaning up the leftover food from dinner! I made a lot of friends here... I even made friends with the antisocial Coral! Coral is this coatl with a magnificent plume.. I'm sure all the bachelors here have a liking for her!! On Friday, a bunch of us went to the Southern Icefield and visited Star's close friend Paris, and her clan. Shore tried to put ice onto Aster's back, and let's say... it wasn't a pretty situation. So right now Shore's at the infirmary... Hope you get better Shore! Altogether, this clan is really fun and entertaining. I'll miss all of them, so I hope I get to visit again!

~ Yuuto
Losiana's Lair wrote:
Entry 1 - Unknown date?
Dear journal,
It's a bad day, what was sup'osed be a shortcut has turned out to be a disaster, I've gotten lost in the middle of the darkest, most soggy area I have ever had the misfortune of visiting. And I have the tide lords magic flowing through my veins!
I don't remember much, all I remember of it was that I had tried clibing up above the trees to find my way. I was trying to claw through the brammmbles to find some sort of light. But the more I climbed and the more I struggled, the more tangled up I became! I distinktly remember a snapping noise before waking up with this strange clan.
I've been told I fell out of the tree. How embarrassssing! My cloting has gone. all torn up from the brambles, it seems to have take some of the damage though, for that I am grateful. The clan seems nice, on of their leaders, an old snapper was very nice when i wake uppp. Shes says I stay until their healer checks out my head, wouldn't want to start leaving off with the of infection now would we? I wrote in my journal to keep up to date on things until I learn more, until next time journal.
(The text is messy, words scattered throughout spelled incorrectly, barely legible. The classic symptoms of a concussion)
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Stormdragon's Lair wrote:
Yuuto finally agreed to stay still long enough for our clan painter Cloud to sketch and paint his portrait! Isn't he charming? :D
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