Aurelia (#58218770)
Unity Domain || Cleric
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Female Pearlcatcher
This dragon is hibernating.
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4.4 m
4.58 m
521.27 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Jan 04, 2020
(1 year)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Pearlcatcher
EXP: 0 / 245



  • none


  • none


Treasured Royalty

Lore keeper - Lair Planner
Eye types:
Common-unusual: normal eyes, dont mean anything special
Dark Sclera: Refused Exaltation


Quite neutral and sticks closely to tradition. Doesn’t mean they’re boring though! Many yearly in-flight festivals and celebrations. Many older dragons move to Dragonhome to escape the busy, and the younger leave to see the rest of the flights’ culture.

The second-most cultural diverse flight, The Viridian Labyrinth is very open. Plague dragons find it’s bustling clans to be far too.. alive. Refugees come to the coasts to find new peace. For the more introverted of Nature Dragons, its difficult to find a peaceful part of the Labyrinth, but they find comfort with in the blooming fields.
status of your lore? as in for all dragons and all clan lore
individual lore: in progress - I’ve got ideas, but not the right ideas on how to write in
clan lore: not started got a little bit of an idea but thats it.

what is your lair in your lore? a clan? a kingdom? random dragons with no relation to each other? Like, a couple tiers of balloons, getting dragged around by basically a earth powerhouse demigod and such. The other one is just some lads

what is each tab in your lore? a faction? a place? these dragons are blue so i guess they go in a tab called "blue dergs yeehaw"?
Their settings! And that one info tab.. and the pretty dergs.. but. They got their names and descriptions so I’m satisfied

how does each tab relate to each other? is it an aesthetic they all fall under, are they all parts of a kingdom, a cult, etc.?
Just two places, no relation.

give me a little summary of your lore.
these three ladies became friends, and found a lot of other dragons to live in their balloon stack

who are the main character(s) in your lore, if you have them?
Sunset, Otieno and Aurelia. Sunset is the jury, Otieno is the executioner, and Aurelia is the judge.
Jkjk sunset brings in and helps the dragons who are lost, Otieno recruits people who help the lair, and Aurelia makes sure the other two don’t absolutely lose it

how much of canon lore do you follow?
A whole lot, as far as settings go. I have a whole other idea for the coliseum that what i usually see. Screw it, ill type it here.
- at the shattered plain and highland scrub, there are two main events, the coliseums. A giant, dome of a building, surrounded by camps and taverns. Dragons from every lair make a claim outside stay for the next few months. Inside, its just like the coliseum from Rome. Every week the setting shifts, and creatures from around the globe are brought in to fight. One team at a time, they fight monsters and loot is dragged off to the side to take later.

“You’re exhausted, you look to your healer, close to fainting, barely holding it together. The trainee is stronger, but still just as terrified as the first day. Will and the small bit of health is the only thing you have left. Golem Workshop, what a horrible idea. Maybe the next pack would be the lumens- hopefully. Clank, clank. Your heart drops in you chest, as cheering arises. Turning around, you see it, the boss of the workshop. Stone Borer, ready to KO your whole party”
Yeah isn’t that neat.

where are your clan(s) in Sornieth, if at all? what do they look like?
Circling around the Windswept Plateau

are your dragons in lore dragons? (spirits, gods, humans?, ???)
yeah, but some are kinda weird (refusing exaltation, captured to be put in the coliseum)

if so, are they civilized or feral dragons?
Civilized! Mostly.. more civilized than feral

if you have fandragons, how do you lore them?
Uhh i have plans, theyre going in a separate tabs, with links to the show. That’s it
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Exalting Aurelia to the service of the Windsinger will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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