Zmij (#57353660)
Level 20 Banescale
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Dancing Chalice
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Earth.
Male Banescale
This dragon is an ancient breed.
This dragon is hibernating.
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Personal Style

Ancient dragons cannot wear apparel.




5.54 m
5.57 m
559.51 kg


Primary Gene
Marble (Banescale)
Secondary Gene
Arrow (Banescale)
Tertiary Gene
Wraith (Banescale)


Dec 09, 2019
(2 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 20 Banescale
EXP: 7445 / 111687



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ŻMIJ the Serpent's Bane

Banescale's Choir
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Breaking out of the shell of his egg, Zmij's jaws gaped open to take a gulp of molten air. The heat seared across the wet egg fluid upon his scales, drying him in an instant. With another wriggle, he was free.

Screeches and hisses of excitement echoed as hundreds of hatchlings clambered over their nests and each other. His brethren burst out of the imprisonments of their shells, taking off to the skies in a flurry of wingbeats. But Zmij was in no hurry. He looked around, taking in his surroundings, his earthly-colored scales flashing a glimmer of toxic green in the magma lighting.

The voices of his ancestors sang in his mind, booming loud, but hauntingly sad.

Born of Fire and Flame, Banescale must rise!
Flamecaller’s Children, take now to the skies!

Zmij blinked as foreign memories ran through his mind in motion to the song. Memories of his ancestors, bringing upon the heart-wrenching pain of loss. Images swam around; images of the banescale elders who had sacrificed themselves to protect their eggs.

When the Flame calls, we know what we must do:
Fly far and fly wide, we take and consume!

Zmij's dried wings unfurled, and the greenish-blue flashes of scales hissed loudly. Fire magic engulfed his body as he tested his muscles, and the moment he took off, the tips of his appendages burst to emerald smoke much like flames—a blessing from the Flamecaller who'd once mourned for her children frozen in time.

Deep into the ice with magma we claimed,
To take from the Ice God in Her Great Name

The dragon looked much like a snake, the outline of his long, lengthy figure slightly different from his brothers and sisters who struggled and fought to free themselves from the cavern first. Zmij rushed out after them. After being battered by wings and claws, impatient teeth nipping at his tail, Zmij finally broke free!

The Children of Ice, unworthy and frail,
In the face of our might surely would fail.
Our pride was our fall, our ego our shame,
As Ice overtook our Fire and Flame.

Off into the deep expanse of night Zmiji flew, his senses tingling with excitement. The cries of his brethren became distant very soon, until he was the one, flying alone in his direction.

We Banescale were one, our Flame shared one space;
Our future did lie within one embrace.

The song of the banescales deepened in volume, a lasting reminder of the history behind his existence.

Arrogant! Foolish! We prideful banescale!
Our future, our Flame, we grieve and we wail!

Zmiji flew aimlessly. He didn't know where he was going. He only knew that no matter how sad, how vengeful some banescales may be against the gaolers, it didn't matter too much anymore.

Our Flame’s lost to Ice and frozen in time.
We sing you this song now as we all die.

It's all in the past now. His ancestors could not come back to life. He could not change history. The song spoke of the regrets of the banescales for being foolish and prideful. It was enough to know that the banescales also made mistakes on their part.

If you should fly free, remember our song:
Fly far and fly wide to see the next dawn!

Although nothing of the past could be changed, Zmiji could change the future. He would remember and adjust as he suspected his fellow banescales would do. But for now... He'd travel until he found a new home.

Born in Fire and Flame, Banescale now rise!
Flamecaller’s Children must take to the skies!

The song had yet to end, but it was getting fainter and fainter the further Zmiji flew from the Great Forgeworks.

If you should fly free, remember our song:
Fly far and fly wide to see the next dawn!

Although he didn't hear the complete ending of the song, words conjured themselves in his mind, and he found himself whispering the last verse.

Learn from our failure and join with the world,
Our future, our Flame, flies with you unfurled...


The sudden changes in temperature were not to the degree of harming the body, but Zmiji could feel it the further he'd fly. He didn't know how long he'd been on the move, but he'd seen the sun ascending and descending in the skies quite a few times already. The air was becoming stiff, and the smoke upon his wings was buffeted by the colder southern winds, to the point where he'd thought they would freeze over.

Right as he thought over that terrifying possibility, a powerful gust blasted into his side, and his body was jarred. Unable to stay up in the air anymore, his wings gave way to the wind, and he plummeted, spiraling to the forest grounds below.

...His high-pitched scream was not something a mortal would wish to hear for the second time in their life.

The greenery covered in a thin layer of frost greeted his spinning vision, and a moment later, Zmij's body crashed into a branch, knocking him unconscious. He didn't notice the way the toxins within the fumes his body released seemed to gnaw upon the healthy branch, turning it a dark black, as though it had sucked all the nutrients from that side of the tree...

When Zmij awoke, he felt something slithering over his body. In shock, he tried to stand up, only to fall off the branch he'd been limply hanging on.

Looking up, he saw a colorburst buttersnake peering down at him with an expression filled with scorn. its tiny arms hanging upon its body was holding a dripping leaf, the water that it had tried to feed him knocked over from his sudden fall.

Zmij slowly got up, shaking himself off. Looking around, he looked back up at the snake.

"Where am I?" he asked.

The buttersnake carefully unwound its body from the branch before it fluttered over to Zmiji.

"You're in the Snowsquall Tundra, near the Cloudscrape Crags." It hissed.

Zmij didn't know what that was. His face was full of question marks.

The buttersnake tossed the ruined leaf it had in its paws off to the side before it clapped. Changing the topic abruptly, it cried bossily, "Alright, little brat! I don't care who you are but since you've landed in this area, then ya gotta heed to the rules of yours truly here! That is if ya don't wanna be killed and eaten by the dragon clans out there!"

Zmij gave a growl in discontent. The little buttersnake didn't seem to care though, and it tried to rub Zmij's snout, about to tell him to calm down. This resulted in a cry, and the buttersnake's wings almost popped right off its body as it held its tiny paw in shock.

The toxic fumes Zmiji emitted from his head had actually burned the little snake!

The snake raised a scaly brow at the hatchling before it, looking a little weary now. Just before, it had been lucky to not touch the parts of Zmiji's body that had released these toxins, allowing it to receive a nasty shock this time.

"What in the world are ya?" the colorburst buttersnake asked after regaining its cool, curiosity piqued, "Never seen a dragon able to release toxic smoke from its body before! Ya part of a clan or somethin'?"

Zmiji shook his head.

"Witch's curse perhaps?" the snake tried again.

Another shake of the head.

"What, ya've gone mute now? Where be your parents?" The snake was careful this time as it grabbed a stick from the ground and bopped Zmiji on the snout. Although the tip of it darkened with a sizzle, the snake was able to protect itself from being burned this time around.

"I don't know. I don't have parents." Zmiji replied. He found the buttersnake to be somewhat interesting... Its actions were very amusing, especially the way its tiny little arms waved wildly as it blabbered.

"Ehhhh?" The snake crossed its arms, tapping its chin in thought as it slithered back and forth before Zmiji. Then, after a long pause, it finally said, "Then I'll reluctantly allow you to live in my territory. But! Ya gotta help me look for food and protect it!"

Zmiji didn't say that he was going to stay, but the buttersnake had its own thoughts. Without even reaching a consensus between both of them, the buttersnake had already landed on its final decision.
━━ notes ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
» Against his will, Zmiji's life with the buttersnake started that day. Every day brought him many surprises, but also many life lessons. Although the buttersnake was somewhat blunt, it was actually very fair and kind to Zmiji. Sometimes it would force him to give it some of his portions of food he'd gather for them, but it wasn't that bad.
» As time passed, Zmiji also became more and more snake-like. Although he didn't forget his blood roots, his actions and habits became more and more like that of a snake's. Able to harness his magic, he was soon able to shift into the form of a snake.
» Later on, Zmiji met the Ysbraviar Clan after flying a little too far from the boundaries of the Snowsquall Tundra. He may be one of the first(?) banescales to join the clan(?). Of course, he brought the little buttersnake with him, and they've been living in the clan ever since.
» The bright patterns on his wings ripple and shift, hypnotizing those who look for too long. He is able to dim down his colors and change them akin to a chameleon or cuttlefish.
likes: sounds of nature (rain, the wind in trees, birds...) / being in quiet, reclusive places / sunning / old books and antique illustrations / warm sand and rocks /
dislikes: loud noises / aggressive or rude confrontation / being judged /
aesthetic: snakes / overgrown ruins / greens and browns / smoke, incense / old temples / mysterious locations and rumors / pagan rituals /

code by epher #101073 || Bio written by FenJi!


"Ellireid" wrote on "2019-12-13:
Giving your new avatar baby some love!

He's absolutely a gremlin, getting into stuff he shouldn't be and causing issues. It's never with bad intentions, just a desire to learn more about this huge new world he's in and definitely a smidge of frustration after being cooped up in an egg for so long. He was recently found stuck halfway up a tree like an angry, scaly little cat and hasn't been able to live it down since.

You can frequently find him dangling off of the horns of some of the larger dragons around, he's particularly fond of Larkspur. However, the fact that he's about three feet long compared to her nearly hundred means he either goes unnoticed or just acts as a little snake hat for the day or until someone plucks him off.
"Shiromori" wrote on "2020-01-06:
"*holding a python* i am one with the sneks"
"CheshireGata" wrote on "2020-10-17:
Umm...11/10?! That is the first time I have seen a user pull off that vista. Absolutely amazing! <3

3Dec 09, 2020, CheshireGata: Zmij‘S lore is amazing! :3
"KiwiLass" wrote on "2020-11-01:
The Banescales Wraith gene matches really well with the vista even with the shade of green being slightly darker - add in his matching accent/skin and you have a winner :-)




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