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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Female Skydancer
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Personal Style


Tigerlily Flowerfall
Tigerlily Flower Crown
Haunting Amber Forejewels
Haunting Amber Pendants
Deadpan Jester's Wing Cover
Silver Wing Garland
Ember Sylvan Twist
Autumn Woodguard
Adjudicator Waist Wrap



Scene: Earthshaker's Domain


5 m
7.09 m
827.88 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Oct 16, 2019
(3 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Skydancer
Max Level
Field Manual




Bellatrix Mateiren is, by all standards, brilliant. Passing every class at her university in the Sunbeam Ruins with flying colors, she has master's degrees in over 5 subjects, too many scientific discoveries and acheivments to count, and an eye for archaeology, dating(not the romantic kind), categorization and a talent for languages. She teaches a well-loved, if grueling class at the top-notch university in which she herself was educated, and her students and peers alike know her to be clever, quick with words and rather impartial. She would've made an excellent lawyer or judge, had teaching and archaeology not captured her attention first. They also know her to be quite frosty, coldly logical and almost mechanical in her thought proccess. She rarely lets emotions influence her in any way, and she can be harsh on the students that are slower than others. Her intellect is unrivaled, and this can make her overly sharp without meaning too(her crticisms have been described as "soul crushing"), holding others to her own standards. The gem on her forehead, unfortunately, does not tune her in with a dragons emotions, and she's offended or hurt others a few too many times as a result.
Bellatrix was born in the Starfall isles, but her mother left them to become a disciple of the Arcanist when she was very young. Bellatrix learned not to miss her from a young age-she wasn't coming back, what point was there? She cultivated a small circle of close friends, scorning the social butterflies who seemed to put popularity and fashion before their academics and future. She was quiet, a top student who was loved by her teachers if not so much her peers, and she did everything she could to set her future onto the best track possible, helped by her scholarly father. Not many dragons are so driven or put such stock into academics, so why did she feel the need? Bellatrix was aware of this, but never knew. She didn't have a tragic backstory, or deep emotional turmoil-in her mind, those were for storybooks and novels, not real life. Her mother left at a young age, but she wasn't throwing herself headlong into education because she was worried about resorting to fanatic prayers and rituals. Her mother hadn't even practiced rituals in the time Bellatrix had known her. No, she was just the only one who saw that education was the quickest and most reliable route to success. That was it. Right? It didn't matter if it was right or not, because what could she do about it? She liked education, discoveries from the past, for the future.
Snippet wrote:
Picks and dragon teeth were scattered all around the dig site. The pupils that Bellatrix had brought along for this expedition were excitedly sweeping away dirt and debris from the skeleton they had found. One student squealed in delight when the bone they had been slowly extracting from the firey earth of the Blacksand Annex came free. A few others gathered around her, admiring her discovery, only to be returned to work with a stern look from violet eyes. Bellatrix moved closer and examined the specimen. The bone was fairly common, a section of a femur, but she wanted to be sure that the young tundra who had found it would have no trouble with its categorization.

"It's a good start! Can you tell me what you think it is?"

The tundra scrambled to answer.


Bellatrix's feathers flared with slight irritation. This bone is clearly not a rib, it lacks the distinct curvature and the ends clearly mark it as something else...perhaps this tundra hasn't payed quite enough attention.

"Not quite. It's too straight for a rib, take another guess."

"A, a...a..."

Their gaze wandered suddenly to a butterfly flitting around their heads. Its purple wings shimmered, and there seemed to be sparkles trailing from its body. Bellatrix sighed. Not even paying attention...better put them out of their misery.

"Not either of those, and not related to that butterfly either. Okay class, do any of you want to help Marith out?"

The entire flock scrambled to answer as the students gathered around to examine it. Little scholars, Bellatrix mused to herself. She swept her tail into the air, a call for silence.

"Thank you for your responses. You are right Drymer, it's a femur. However, I didn't hear an explanation for that. Care to shre your reasoning?"

The Ridgeback seemed to shrink beneath her penetrating gaze. As he fiddled with his claws, it was clear that he'd been guessing. Bellatrix stifled a sigh.

"Alright, take a look at the ends of the bone. You can see where it would be jointed with the tibia down here..."

Her students nodded along until her explanation was finished.

"Understand? Good. Now, continue with your digging, we have a couple hours remaining. Remember, we are hear to learn and discover, not earn extra credit or get distracted. And there is a scientific explanation for everything."

Tertiary Gene: Firefly Primary Gene: Pharaoh (Aberration) Primary Gene: Flaunt Primary Gene: Petals Secondary Gene: Flair Tertiary Gene: Jewels (Aberration) Tertiary Gene: Runes Tertiary Gene: Stained
Will o' the Ember Adjudicator Rings Bewitching Bangles Lustrous Mantle
Unburdened Billy Scarlet Macaw Blue and Gold Macaw Mantarune
Tri-Color Scatterscroll Scroll of Eternal Youth Breed Change: Coatl Breed Change: Skydancer
Vial of Elemental Sight x2 Vial of Naivety Iron Treasure Chest Gilded Decorative Chest Gold Ore Silver Ore

Hey, who's this? Bellatrix found a butterfly near one of her digsites, I wonder where it leads?
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