Octavia (#55939829)
Level 25 Veilspun
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Tsunami Gem Guardian
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Female Veilspun
This dragon has used a Swiftbrood Boon recently. Its next breeding cooldown will be longer than normal by 1 days.
This dragon has recently returned from a Hibernal Den. It cannot hibernate again until Dec 12, 2020 17:19 (18 days).
This dragon is an ancient breed.
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Personal Style

Ancient dragons cannot wear apparel.




0.48 m
1.08 m
1.93 kg


Primary Gene
Sphinxmoth (Veilspun)
Secondary Gene
Web (Veilspun)
Tertiary Gene
Diaphanous (Veilspun)


Oct 11, 2019
(1 year)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Veilspun
Max Level



Octavia was born to a family of performers in the Fire Flight city of Argeus. She was a charcoal skydancer of the Water element. Her early life was uneventful. From a young age she showed an intuition typical of a Water Flight seer.

As a young dragon, Octavia left Argeus for the Sea of a Thousand Currents. She was to become a full-fledged seer.

After much work, Octavia recieved her first vision. It was clearly of Shadow Flight territory. A beautiful forest of bioluminescent mushrooms, blanketing the land in a calm blue glow, their spores floating gently above. Though Octavia didn't know what it meant, she knew she had to visit the Shadow Flight.

Deep in the Tangled Wood, Octavia finally reached the area of her vision: Wispwillow Grove. It was even more brilliant in person. Yet despite its beauty, the grove was not free from danger. Its residents spoke of a dark forest from which no traveller returned. Maybe it was her vision, maybe it was stupidity, but whatever it was, Octavia knew she had to enter this forest. She took several lanterns, supposedly the best in Sornieth. In addition, she carried a ball of thread. According to stories she had been told as a hatchling, one of the Flamecaller's exalted used a similar ball of thread to make their way back from a cave.

Things were not looking good. Octavia's final lantern flickered out. No worries, she still had her thread, with which she could easily retrace her steps. For hours in pitch darkness she followed the thread, but soon reached its end. She was still in the forest. And the cut thread bore the shape of claw marks. Octavia was not alone in this forest.

As Octavia stood in utter darkness, it finally hit her how vulnerable she was. Her eyes were completely useless. But she was still a seer, and though she could not recieve full visions in this forest, she had her intuition. Octavia navigated through the endless vines and brambles, trusting that no matter what, the Tidelord would lead her to safety. Every so often a faint cackling rang throughout the grove. Was paranoia getting the best of her? After what felt like an eternity, Octavia stumbled upon a curious looking cave in the deepest part of the Tangled Wood. A dim light emanated from the tunnel, and she could hear a strange chatter from below. At this point she was so stranded in the grove it didn't even matter whether the cave was dangerous. Octavia gathered the last of her strength and entered.

As the light grew brighter, the cave's tunnels grew increasingly claustrophobic. Octavia heard laughter all around her. Calling out, she demanded to know who was tormenting her, a question merely answered by even louder laughter. Then the light went out, so did the laughter, and glowing eyes blinked silently in every direction.

A tiny dragon, of a breed which Octavia had never seen before, flew into vision. Octavia, who had a fae mother, knew not to judge a dragon by its stature.
"We are the Veilspun," the strange dragon spoke, "and you are the first outsider to ever enter our lair by themselves."

Now that she earned their respect, the veilspun proved surprisingly friendly. Octavia was bombarded with questions of how she, a skydancer and a water dragon at that, managed to find a veilspun lair. The younger, curious ones asked what life was like outside the forest. Octavia had never felt so important before. The veilspun offered to guide her out of the forest, but she politely asked to stay. This had to be what her vision was leading to.

The more Octavia got to know the veilspun, the more she grew to appreciate them. Far from the cold, dangerous killers of legend she had been warned about, these were normal dragons, albeit with a love of pranks. One especially striking individual was named Fountain. His hair glowed in a sapphire constellation, and he possessed a pair of bright green eyes.

Soon Fountain and Octavia were in love. One day the topic of hatchlings came up.
"It's impossible," spoke Fountain, "ancient breeds are incapable of breeding with modern dragons."
Octavia knew this; she had seen gaolers and banescales, yet somehow managed to ignore this fact.

Devastated, she vented to the veilspun clan elder, the dragon who had first welcomed her and who would always patiently listen.

"There is a way," the elder spoke. "Follow me to the hoard."

They spent hours searching the hoard.

"Ah, there it is!" the elder exclaimed, picking up a scroll. It had a veilspun dragon sketched onto it, along with runic text Octavia could not comprehend.

"Is this... a breed change scroll?" Octavia asked, "How did you find this?"
"We have our ways," said the elder.
"But these things are so expensive."
"You earned it when you found your way to this clan. Only a true veilspun can manage that."

They stepped into the cave's main hall. Every dragon present was called to watch. The clan elder held the scroll, shouting a series of verbal spells. Then, the scroll began to glow, along with Octavia. She grew smaller, her feathers morphed into a thick mane of hair, and a series of sapphire diaphanous formed around her face and limbs.

Octavia the veilspun took flight.

She had finally found where she belonged. She knew these woods well and planned to never leave. She had a clan that welcomed her presence, and most importantly, she had Fountain. So what if those back home worried? This was her home now.

One fateful day, the entire clan was in panic. That terrible portal, the one the veilspun had worked so hard to destroy, had been fixed. But while interrogating two foolish dragons who had entered the grove, Octavia learned of an even greater shock.

The Tidelord was gone.

It was a painful decision, but Octavia knew she had to leave. She had to find her deity. Once again, she left her life behind to face the unknown. Yet this time she was not alone, she had her mate Fountain.

Octavia now lives in her old clan of Argeus, along with her mate Fountain. Every day she works to find the Tidelord, taking full advantage of the abilities she learned from her fellow veilspun. The search may be slow, but Octavia is confident that the Tidelord is out there, and that she can find him.

Original genes: Savannah / Peregrine / Contour


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