Hyde (#55877439)
"In the name of science, no price is too high."
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Male Spiral
This dragon cannot breed until Jul 09, 2022 (9 days).
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2.98 m
3.1 m
74.97 kg


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Oct 08, 2019
(2 years)



Eye Type

Special Eye Type
Dark Sclera
Level 7 Spiral
EXP: 7821 / 11881


Dr. Hyde
The Bitter Scientist

What is it? I'm quite busy, you know. As one of the finest minds in Sornieth, I have no time to waste on the likes of you. I've developed potions that give the meekest Fae the strength of a Guardian, and turn the brittle-boned into bastions of immunity against the odds. Don't bother asking about the finer details, you won't understand. And those potions are small potatoes compared to my life's work. My colleagues might consider my efforts and ambition to be less than ethical, but look how far I've come compared to them. The search for knowledge mustn't be hindered by laws or morals.

I'm not afraid to go where the questions lead me. The answers do not scare me.


From Ask A Dragon:
Q: Hyde, do you happen to know an alchemist named Jekyll? You two should really work together on your potion brewing, it'd be a huge success, I'm sure! Also, do you have some sort of secret ingredient you use?

A: "My potions use a special ingredient found in the heart of glaciers. It's an ancient, prehistoric mineral that was frozen eons ago. I've exhausted most of my stores, but I've found suitable substitutes in the mines deep below the Tangled Wood."
"As for Jekyll..." Hyde's lip curls distastefully. "He and I have never seen eye-to-eye. And that puts it lightly. I would never let him within ten feet of my work."

Documentation of the first trans elemental dragon, Hyde.

The respective elemental powers of the flights and their deities are prevalent in nature; this, a fact of every drake's life. A dragon's affinity for the magic arts, if they possess such abilities, is most commonly confined to their corresponding elemental heritage, also known as their "flight". Hypothetically, the elemental energy or magic that a dragon possesses from birth cannot be overridden by external forces. Hypothetically.

If an elemental suppressant in high enough concentration is used in tandem with extremely concentrated elemental force is ingested or otherwise absorbed by a dragon- the first to create an opening for the magic to take place, the second to fill and compete with the original element- in theory, in speculation, an element could be replaced.

the next 40 pages are incomprehensible, yet intelligent seeming, notes, recipes, and records of trials. The 41st page is heavily water damaged, the ink smearing off the page into nothing. The 42nd is torn out. Everything beyond that is blank.

The journal's blank pages lay open, the cover embedded in a thick sheet of ice covering the floor. The grain of the pages was crystallized and frozen, ice stuck to every stray fiber of the binding and tracing the still-wet ink on the page below the top. That journal's right page rose and fell with Hyde's rattling breaths as he was strewn across the middle of the room, eyes shut and trembling from the shock of his failure's consequences. His jaw hung slack, his tongue matching the black tone of some of his scales and of the rapidly onset frostbite staining his wings' membranes. His clawtips twitched, scratching the ice with a surprising intensity for an unconscious drake.

Inside his head, Hyde couldn't see.

This was terrifying.

He'd always been a visual processor, learning the world through pictures and being accompanied by the most vivid of dreams, remember colors, shapes, anything that didn't just go from right to left. He liked to smugly proclaim that was one thing that set him aside from other dragons: that he saw things from every angle instead of reading them. He wasn't completely wrong, but now? An absolute blindness surrounded him, yet everything else was the same…

He was a lucid dreamer and used it to his advantage. Many a plan was practiced in his sleep before, his awareness of his claws being a physical sensation that was still present. But no matter how close he held the talons to his face; nothing. Was he blinded by the blast?? But no, no, he was in his own head, how could he be blinded in his-

A flare of white light in the distance, a pinprick that danced off his dreamscape's body, showed him he wasn't blind. Displaced, knocked aside , stranded, but not blind. The distant flicker grew larger and larger as he sped off to chase it like he'd always chased what he wanted in life, with a haste and hunger unrivalled by anyone he'd met. But along the way…

Something nagged at the back of his mind, confusing him enough to slow his pace as thinking took over desperation; something was missing from his memory, something his spiraling train of thought screamed at him to conjure. But he couldn't. Perhaps he'd left something behind in the real world? He'd worry about it after he found that light, still so far but clearly with a blue tint now. He'd been making an ice catalyst when it burst, and the color of this vision gave him significant hope- was that the element in him, in his head? If he reached it, would he be the first accidental subject of his own research?! He kept flying, wondering what he'd tell his top customers, what fame this would bring, how he'd go to that snobby little Fae professor that always told him it'd be impossi-

With a blink of an eye, he lost the image of the dragons he'd been thinking about. The smug face and weathered old scales, every little detail was suddenly erased, and Hyde was just conscious enough to realize what had happened with a sudden stop in midair, still coiling over and over himself to stay aloft. He was forgetting things, the farther he flew towards that icey mass. He was losing bits of himself in the process of becoming a new being, a changed creature and an example of his own legacy and greatness. He was too smart to miss the details. This was the truth.

In the middle point between his identity and his lifelong dream, he crumbled.

There’s only one dragon in this world who knows what he chose. The glacier she sees in his mind- everything he once had, everything he couldn’t regain through furious study of his old notes, it’s sealed inside of his icy magical core, stuck under layers too many feet think to count. Slowly, though… It’s cracking. He remembers new things with every trigger and prod. His partner, she can see the ice decaying into puddles of an old life clashing with a new one, she can see as new things slip from the cracks.

If it melts… what will be there to take its place? What will happen? Who will he be?

Which god would he belong to?

In the middle point, between potential death and curious mysteries, anyone he trusts is helpless to save him from a mishap’s consequences. Even those who can see it coming.

Even those who see it coming and hide the truth, as to not hurt him anymore than he has hurt himself.

Incredible lore written by ViolentViolet77!
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