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Flower Nymph
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Wind.
Male Spiral
This dragon is hibernating.
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Personal Style


Blushing Pink Rose
Alchemist Eyewear
Golden Glow Alchemist Tools
Gold Earrings of Alchemy
Gold Cuffs of Alchemy
Gold Amulet of Alchemy
Fiendish Emerald Nightshroud
Plasmpool Hindcallouses


Skin: Fairydust Cluster


Scene: Enchanted Dungeon


3.92 m
1.98 m
97.13 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Aug 12, 2019
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Spiral
EXP: 0 / 245


Geneticist Helix


"As some wise man once said, 'It's only science if you write it down!'"

Name Reasoning: Double helix of DNA. He's a looping spiral, and he's the geneticist!

The only dragon hatched from the First Nest of Fascia, his mother showed him the ways of science as soon as he could wrap his head around it. In no time at all, Helix was doing what he could to understand as much about how the world worked as he could.

Eventually his interest turned to just how dragons function, then how their genetics function... He soon took over genetics documentation and research from Matchmaker Anthina. They work closely together, going over statistics and figuring out who would work best with what genetics.

He's had to also work with Arche on several occasions, the two of them taking an interest in each other... enough that Helix asked Arche to be his First Nest mate... After some hesitation, she eventually said yes.

Chronicle of Clan Gene Changes:
07/07/2019 - Dignis - Basic to Ruins
07/07/2019 - Tiant - Basic to Gembond
0?/0?/2019 - Fortunae - Basic to Gembond
08/26/2019 - Regina - Smoke to Gembond
09/0?/2019 - Slick - Clown to Skink
09/08/2019 - Panoptes - Underbelly to Peacock
09/10/2019 - Fortunae - Basic to Freckles; Basic to Ripple
09/20/2019 - Tiant - Basic to Shimmer; Basic to Iridescent
09/28/2019 - Dusk - Piebald to Skink; Paint to Spinner
11/14/2019 - Panoptes - Guardian to Spiral; Clown to Skink; Peregrine to Spinner
01/0?/2020 - Gustav - Guardian to Fae
02/24/2020 - Alexandria - Basic to Blossom
02/2?/2020 - Amberlee - Ghost to Peacock
03/28/2020 - Prima - Basic to Blend; Basic to Fade
03/28/2020 - Arche - Basic to Lionfish; Basic to Noxtide; Guardian to Nocturne
03/28/2020 - Tiant - Mirror to Skydancer
03/28/2020 - Oceanus - Basic to Current; Basic to Ripple
03/28/2020 - Fortunae - Mirror to Skydancer
03/29/2020 - Prima - Guardian to Skydancer
04/04/2020 - Dignis - Guardian to Coatl
11/14/2020 - Terra - Fae to Unveiled; Basic to Web; Basic to Shell
11/14/2020 - Dow - Fae to Unveiled; Basic to Mop; Basic to Bright; Basic to Vivid
11/28/2020 - Terra - Basic to Firefly
12/18/2020 - Terra - Firefly to Branches
02/01/2021 - Bloom - Thylacine to Peacock; Poison to Petals
04/09/2021 - Cohen - Basic to Fade; Basic to Blend; Basic to Basic to Peacock
04/09/2021 - Perseus - Bright to Fade; Vivd to Hawkmoth
04/20/2021 - MemeNum - Basic to Poison; Basic to Noxtide; Basic to Capsule
05/30/2021 - Abby - Runes to Flecks
06/12/2021 - Lissof - Mirror to Veilspun
06/13/2021 - Reynisfjara - Basic to Ripple; Basic to Noxtide; Basic to Thylacine
06/21/2021 - Goliath - Basic to Pinstripe; Basic to Noxtide; Basic to Peacock
07/01/2021 - Tok - Fae to Obelisk
07/04/2021 - Lissof - Basic to Skink; Basic to Spinner; Basic to Diaphanous
08/08/2021 - Saetal - Spiral to Obelisk
09/18/2021 - Clabea - Peacock to Glimmer
09/28/2021 - RoseKing - Underbelly to Opal
09/28/2021 - PinkQueen - Gemstone to Filigree
10/11/2021 - Fascia - Cherub to Ribbon; Seraph to Eel
10/11/2021 - Doni - Underbelly to Runes
11/15/2021 - Medusa - Nocturne to Obelisk; Common to Swirl; Basic to Tapir; Basic to Tapir; Basic to Stration; Basic to Crackle
11/25/2021 - Charney - Spiral to Skydancer
02/21/2021 - Doni - Uncommon to Swirl
03/02/2022 - Dryad - Banescale to Aberration; Basic to Tapir; Basic to Freckle; Basic [Porcupine as Banescale] to Polypore
03/02/2022 - Ent - Fae to Aberration; Basic to Tapir; Basic to Striation; Basic to Frill
03/05/2022 - Lupin - Basic to Jaguar; Basic to Blend; Basic to Capsule
03/05/2022 - Chica - Peacock to Smirch
03/27/2022 - Archeops - Nocturne (Bar/Current/Underbelly) to Gaoler; Basic to Fade; Basic to Streak,Basic to Pinions
03/28/2022 - March - Nocturrne (Basic/ "/ ") to Aberration; Basic to Orb; Basic to Weaver; Basic to Scales
03/28/2022 - Madness - Guardian (Basic/ "/ ") to Aberration; Basic to Orb; Basic to Weaver; Basic to Mucus
03/29/2022 - Ophas - Uncommon to Pastel
06/01/2022 - Marun - Basic to Sparkle
07/17/2022 - Ziggy - Spiral to Fae; Ribbon to Fade; Eel to Seraph; Contour to Opal
07/30/2022 - Eibhlin - Basic to Boulder; Basic to Smoke
08/26.2022 - Eibhlin - Basic to Toxin; Mirror to Bogsneak
12/02/2022 - Congo - Basic to Boulder
01/07/2023 - Neocean - Nocturne to Undertide; Basic to Fade; Basic to Rings; Basic to Nudibranch
01/21/2023 - Antique - Trail to Paisley; Cherub to Fern; Peacock to Veined
01/30/2023 - Laylan - Cherub to Tide
03/23/2023 - Bumblebee - Basic to Stinger
04/04/2023 - Diana (#37298706) - Jaguar to Mosaic; Common to Multi-Gaze
04/04/2023 - Bumblebee (#84984013) - Basic to Mosaic; Basic to Morph
06/15/2023 - Arcee (#84983996) - Basic to Cinder; Basic to Blaze; Basic to Monarch
06/20/2023 - Starry (#85390849) - Basic to Sparkle; Clown to Fade; Blend to Myrid
09/09/2023 - Lizzie (#86697926) - Nocturne to Banescale; Basic to Flameforger;
09/09/2023 - Lag (#67250174) - Basic to Carnivore
09/27/2023 - Dignis (53129986) - Ruins to Koi; Skink to Cinder; Spinner to Blaze
09/27/2023 - Lizzie (#86697926) - Basic to Cinder; Basic to Tear
09/27/2023 - Lag (#67250174) - Jaguar to Fade; Rosette(?) to Blend
09/27/2023 - Sonet (#89112778) - Basic to Ragged; Basic to Blaze
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