Unnamed (#53667061)
Level 1 Guardian
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Flowing Taurus
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Energy: 46/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Male Guardian
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11.99 m
18.84 m
10353.46 kg


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Jul 17, 2019
(1 year)



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Level 1 Guardian
EXP: 0 / 245



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Dragon laughed, looking up at the dragons around him. They were all swimming, even his mother.
"Look, dearie, we need you to stay here.
The Tidelord's disappeared, and we need to find him. You gotta guard his treasure. Take this flag."
His mother took a flag from some backpack she had been wearing, stuck it in the sand next to Dragon, and left.
Dragon tried to follow her, swimming like he had been taught, but a iron chain that they had placed on his foot did not allow him to leave.
The others swam away quickly, not a single one of them looking back at the hatchling they left behind.

Dragon grew up slowly, the iron chain constantly digging into his scales. He was forced to stay on the pile of gold he had been assigned to guard. He never once saw his family returning, or even swimming anywhere.
He was often visited by fish, and he ate a few of them to keep himself alive. His thoughts were full of nothing but 'They'll come back, they're my family!' still.
He met a Fae some time later. The Fae had swum all the way out into the deepest parts of the ocean where no one went anymore and found Dragon. "A trapped dragon. Another one?" she said.
"Whaddya mean, another one? Did you see my family?" Dragon asked. He was having trouble speaking, as he had not used his voice in many years.
"Ah, this one's still alive. Probably hasn't realized it's a sacrifice to the Tidelord to ask him to come back."
"Dearie, all the Clans who used to live here deserted this place. The Tidelord isn't coming back, and these waters are becoming more dangerous by the day. The only people who come down here anymore are reckless adventurers, scared criminals, and the occasional scientist looking to rediscover the wonders down here in the deeper water." the Fae said.
She swam away, and Dragon was left there still thinking about her words.
Dragon grew older, ancient, over the years.
All the time, he grew angrier and gloomier over his family's leaving.
One day, he looked at the rusted chain binding him to the sea's floor.
He growled and struck it hard with his hand, furiously trying to break it. He frantically lashed his tail and yanked on the chain, but nothing broke the chain.
He roared in anger and swept his talons angrily through the gold. Some of it drifted away, only to be swallowed by fish and carried away.
He settled down on the pile of gold again, glaring into the dark blue distance like a cat.
Over the years, he slowly became hungrier and hungrier, as he ended up eating less and spending more time angrily snapping at the treasure in the water and trying to get free of his chain. His leg was already broken and blood-covered from his frequent attempts to get free.
Eventually, he starved to death, and the Fae discovered him some time later like this and shook her head.
The fish ate his flesh, and his bones were carried away.
But from then on, it was said on rainy days the chains would rise from the ocean floor, shatter over and over again, and then fish would flock around some invisible being as it rose up, the flag in its talons.

(Lore by Soaringflame)
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