Jack (#53304)
Level 25 Wildclaw
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Pale Greattusk
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Energy: 48/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Male Wildclaw
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Jack, The Hatchling Caretaker
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Member of:

[Nostalgia Hatchery]

5 digit 2nd gen
Not for sale or trade

Ohh Jack.." followed by a deep sigh and a shaking head. Since he was a hatchling, Jack had been used to dragons shaking their heads at him. He was different. Always the outsider.

Jack was born in a nest in The Starfall Isle. At the moment of his birth his parents knew there was something different about him. He was a wildclaw and expected to be a good hunter with lots of power. He was thrown into training at a very young age. Jack HATED the training.. he hated being trained to attack others, he could not see the point in all of this. His father, who was a big and powerful guardian, was disappointed in him. "Battle, son, is a thing you must master. It is an honor to wade into a battle without hesitation." Jack had been listening to his father talk about the "charge" all his life. He felt so out of place in his home. He was the 4th sibling and so far his older brothers and sister had been guardians, the pride of their father's eye. Jack could feel his fathers disappointment to the core of his bones. His younger brother Rune, was also a wildclaw but he was a more traditional wildclaw, a good hunter with great physical strength. "Look at Rune, he is younger than you, and still he does better." Jack's father shook his head and sighed.

The years went by and Jack really tried to fit in, but everything in him just told him that violence was wrong! There was no reason to do battle. But, his family became more and more disappointed in him. He felt so useless.. and what was worse, Jack did not like meat. He did not like the taste of dead flesh. He preferred eating flowers and plants, all of which he tried to do in secret.. but his mother found out. Then the line he had heard so often came again: "Ohh Jack.." his mother shook her head. She was a fae and had a better understanding of him. Or so he thought.. until that day. "Jack, you cannot stay here. Your father and your siblings will eventually kill you. You have to leave! Go now!" She turned around and flew away, not looking back once. Jack stood with tears in his eyes. "Mom!" he cried out, but to no avail. She was not coming back. Jack had never felt so alone before. He did not know where to go, so he just sat on the ground and began to cry.

Time past by and his brother Rune came by. Jack looked up and Rune stood over him with a lifted claw, ready to attack. Jack quickly sprung up and began to run. He ran as fast as he could, but he did not see where he went. THUD! He fell over a cliff! He tried to get to his feet so he could use his wings to gain balance again, but too late, he rolled and rolled and rolled. He could see the ocean. `Oh well, this is the end!´ He thought. But, to his surprise, he did not land in the water. Instead he landed aboard a ship. He was bruised but had survived!

Jack was speechless. Where had he landed? "Don´t worry." A beautiful red wildclaw approached him with a smile in her voice. "You are safe here. There are a few rules though, if you want to stay onboard." Jack sighed. `I bet she wants me to fight for her..´ He thought. "No violence. No magic. If you kill for food, make sure you kill quick and efficient without making your pray suffer." The red wildclaw replied. "I´m.. I´m.. I´m a vegetarian." Jack stuttered. "No problem. We have plenty of herbivores on the ship. There should be something for everyone. Go down to the galley and make sure our chefs know your dietary preferences." The red wildclaw smiled and gave him a nuzzle. "And welcome on board "The Namárië""

That was it. From that day forward, Jack had a home. He soon learned that all onboard "The Namárië" were dragons who, like himself, had grown weary of warfare. He was given the job of taking care of the hatchlings. It was a job he loved. No one talked down to him or bullied him for being different. He had finally found a home! He still heard the phrase "Ohh Jack." but this time it was said with a loving voice from the red wildclaw, Jill .

;- Lore by myself.
; - Bio template by [Doomslayer ]

Art :
Drawing done by Peridot5XG
Drawing done by Sabyk
Drawing done by SonnyKat
Drawing done by Mythnomer
Aprils Fool Drawing done by Akiri
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