Naydra (#53255752)
Level 1 Gaoler
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Energy: 48/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Female Gaoler
This dragon is an ancient breed.
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Personal Style

Ancient dragons cannot wear apparel.




11.42 m
5.9 m
7252.32 kg


Primary Gene
Jaguar (Gaoler)
Secondary Gene
Rosette (Gaoler)
Tertiary Gene
Shardflank (Gaoler)


Jul 03, 2019
(1 year)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Gaoler
EXP: 0 / 245


Clan Lore
Lygtïem Related ideas


Guilds ♦ Multiple guilds, traveling around Sornieth - theme-based guilds?
Elemental Stuff ♦ Names for element-related things
xxx• Tsereveh (Ice thingy)
xxx• Larutän (Nature thingy)
xxx• Yawykah (Space thingy)
xxx• Niukerr (Water thingy)
xxx• Xineoh (Fire thingy)
Wandering Tride ♦ A tribe traveling and living in the desert
xxxA same-sex tribe, constituted of only females; there's a matriarch, and a multitude of smaller kinds of roles (for example herbalist, hunter, scavenger...). They travel in Dragonhome, in the desert more precisely, looking to grow stronger (possible fodderlocke or pinkerlocke?).
xxxMales aren't accepted in the tribe, and even if they accept to escort travelers, they don't take them in the tribe. They do, however, come to Lygtiëm from time to time to trade stuff, meet other people, and sometimes even find a mate to extend their tribe (male kiddos are left in the city under the care of either their father or a willing family looking to adopt a child, while females are taken to the desert and trained). They also share stories with the inhabitants of the city.
xxxThey are quite friendly, even if most of them don't look like it (but don't mess with them either, they know how to fight). The tribe basically shows that females aren't as weak as some males think, and that they can take care of themselves without being supervised by a male.
xxxxxxxxxPossible names: Southern Tribe, Tsepmett Tribe, Ravennest Tribe
Lygtiëm ♦ The main city
xxx Lygtiëm is a town located in Dragonhome, in the desert, not too far from the coast, and facing The Viridian Labyrinth. It was originally a virgin soil, dry and dusty, which was later fitted out. Now it's a functional city. The mayor/king of the town is Yzra.
xxxThere could be multiples guilds/groups of dragons, some being nice (merchants, artists, etc...), others being evil (thieves, fraudulent artists or merchants, etc...)

{ Yzra became mayor/king of the city, still helping to build it, but less than before having other things to administer. There's a council helping him in his decisions regarding the city.
Possibility: Make a council/group of dragons based on the 12 zodiac signs - All zodiacs will be a different breed, one which represents the sign there are (14 modern breeds)
Also: Have some council members represent one of the seven deadly sins.
xxx• There could be a council member being all gentle with the council, but in the dark taking part in illegal activities. Maybe even a master thief? Something like that (maybe...) ━━━
[Lucius could be the minister of finances, but being a greedy rascal, he would use his position to find ways to get rich and gain money for his own benefit; still does his job well, that way his mischief isn't found out and he can continue...

xxx• Scientific head/minister of health hoes by the motto "the end justifies the means". Any time a sickness appears, he keeps a few samples of the illness and then uses prisoners (criminals) as guinea pigs: this way he is able to better understand the illness and to create a very efficient antidote. He takes notes and keeps track of the state in which the prisoner is, and in case the results aren't as convincing as he would have wanted them to be, he finds another guinea pig to test on it too. Of course, the guinea pigs either die or are in an extremely bad shape, but the scientist believes that way it will help honest peoples.
Allies ♦ Allies of Lygtiëm; groups or other cities
xxx Have Icepeak be another town, situated in the Southern Icefields. Have the two towns be linked by trades and exchanges between merchants or travelers.
xxx Possibly make both the towns linked to Ekkinox's own lore (merchants,...)]
Oasis ♦ An oasis in the desert
xxxSituated in the middle of the desert, the oasis is a relay point for travelers; organized as a small village, with tents to sleep and a small shopping/trading tent (you can trade your loots for food and water, or materials to survive in the desert). Much like Kara Kara Bazaar from Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Travelers can rest here, and get ready for the continuation of their trip in the desert. It also allows people to know they aren't lost. Some dragons often travel from Lygtiëm to the Oasis, and they often become guides for those who don't know those lends.

Dragon Lore
Dragon related ideas - For eventual lore


♦ A dragon who is hated by one of his parents (the other being dead), who is a shame in their eyes, and who tries to make his parent proud by doing something stupid, and is even more hated because of that. The dragon runs away, arrives in Lygtiëm, and start a new life here, hoping for his parent not to chase after him.

♦ A hunter, who is grumpy and doesn't really like being with others, but helps Yzra by hunting, bringing meat and pelts to feed and heat dragons during the winter. Probably a warrior, too? Has scars. Doesn't talk about those. Is friendly with Yzra, and Yzra only. Maybe in love with Yzra?

(100 hatchling challenge idea?) ♦ A dragon gambled with someone who seemed shady... Turns out he was. Not being able to pay what he was supposed to pay, the shady guy, who turned out to be a demon, put a curse under the dragon: he has to have a hundred children, and when coming at age, their souls have to be sacrificed (exalt). The progenitor's curse will disappear only after the 100th child is sacrificed.
Alternative: A dragon owns money to the council, but can't repay right away. Lucius decides to take things in his hand, that way he'll be able to have money for himself at the end; the dragon has to have 100 kids so they'll be sent to serve the Earthshaker, all their belongings then returning to their parent, who'll then pay Lucius, who'll keep part of the money for himself, and give the rest to the council. Exception goes to primals/MG kids, who will serve Lucius as bodyguards/mercenaries.

♦ "Do you know who falls in love? Only fools do. So tell me, my dear, what are you?"
"I am a fool."

Unnamed is capable of resurrecting dragons. In return, she asks for the soul of another dragon. Or the eternal obedience of the one who asked for a revive. She's powerfull, and even if she doesn't look like it, she is quite gentle. But people are afraid of her appearance, and tho they never stay with her.
She's actually looking for an apprentice, someone who will stay with her and to whom she can teach what she knows about life and death.

♦ A god named Nirvana: god of serenity you pray at the end of your life, so you are protected and happy in the afterlife.

♦ A crow-god. It is said that he is a bad omen spirit, a malicious spirit you pray so he will curse someone. In reality, he is a god of intelligence. If you pray him, he will grant you, a relative, or your future offspring knowledge, intelligence, a clever mind, and skills related to knowledge. He is a lonely god, and only a few people come to pray for him, as they believe he is a bad spirit. He's looking for a friend/an apprentice.

List of Names
List of names I like, so I can rename my dragons


Ilyana • Jarith • Morrigan • Mstislav • Vaxel • Gharil • Anwen • Arkhip • Xehon • Eirlys • Skaia • Hikaru • Astrid • Zara • Alani • Seraphim • Deimos • Helios • Islwyn

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