Tiant (#53129987)
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Flowing Taurus
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Wind.
Female Skydancer
This dragon is on a Coliseum team.
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3.17 m
6.68 m
718.88 kg


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Jun 28, 2019
(3 years)



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Eye Type
Level 25 Skydancer
Max Level


Matriarch Tiant

They say ambition is a tricky thing, a fine line to walk that can easily lead to ruin. I heeded those warnings, but I never let the fear stop me. Now dragons respect and adore me, listen to me, and heed what I have to say. Nothing is as sweet as this hard earned fruition.

As Clan Matriarch, Tiant takes her duties as serious as she possibly can. She's often running about, meeting with Flight reps, going to meet with other clans, going to the Auction House, or doing paperwork, all for the benefit and growth of the clan. Her primary mate is Dignis, but she takes other dragons to nest on occasion... if Helix or Anthina tells her the breeding could give the clan more valuable hatchlings.

Her strongest bond is to Dignis, having founded the Digna Familia clan with him, but she also has a strong relationship with Starfall, the first dragon to join their newly formed clan and her assistant with most out of clan errands. Her first hatched clutch and her daughters, Prima and Arche, though... she would die for her girls.

Aside from that, any dragon that gets adopted into the clan for a purpose besides exalting, and any in-clan hatch with... significance, Tiant gets to know fairly well, keeping up individually with all of them on a weekly basis.... or, well, MOST of them...
Tiant seems to be the only one who hasn't gotten to meet Regina, but she still hopes to fix that... one day.

Changed from a Mirror to a Skydancer to help assist Dignis possibly enter The Great Sleep if the need arose. He was resistant to becoming something other than a Guardian because he felt it so integral to who he was. Being a Mirror had been important to Tiant, too, so, to lead by example, she chose to become something else as well.


The old Mirrors dragonesses who raised her told her that she was found in an abandoned nest, soaked with blood. A single egg, too valuable to simply pass up. If she'd been anything other than a female Mirror, the old bitties had planned to sell her.

"So lucky to be born one of us," Mother Galba would practically croak almost every meal, sharing little bits with her, feeding her. "Raised among ladies of your own kind."

"So good to have some young blood here," Mother Albash would coo every now and then while going over scrolls with her, teaching her. "So many old ones here."

"Bah, we don't need men with us," Mother Melana would hiss anytime a male dragon would appear, in sight or in conversation. "What are we, breeders? More to life than just that."

Ah, she loved her mothers. They could drive her crazy, but she loved them. Teaching her how to hunt with quick and confident movements, teaching her how to read ancient tongues, and teaching her philosophies, they molded her into the dragoness she became.

It's just.... what she found comforting as a child began to grate on her as she reached adulthood. Perhaps another dragon in her place would have been satisfied, but she needed... more. She needed a clan all her own. A place she could be in charge.

So she left. She misses them, and she's sure they miss her, but she couldn't fight the thought that this was something she had to at least try.

Her plan was simple in construction, if not a little difficult in execution: find a Patriarch, find a nesting ground, and begin a clan.

Approaching the males was the easy part: finding a lone one and then convincing him that he needed her and a clan was the hard part. With failure after failure, she began to feel lost.

That's when he flew overhead while she was in a bamboo forest, hunting. She sprung up with no hesitation, following him.

He didn't chase her away, so that was definitely a good sign.

Eventually they landed after hours of flying. Her muscles hurt more than ever, seeing as she wasn't used to flying at much, but she refused to let that derail her.

She began chattering away, getting information: using it, molding it to help her.

He didn't have a name? If she could somehow get him to accept one, she could endear herself to him by virtue of that alone. He didn't have anything to guard? If she could get him to accept the role of guarding a clan, that would lead him towards her goals. She just needed to steer things her own way...

Then, she made her proposal, and... he didn't chase her off. He didn't say "yes", but he'd... well, he hadn't said "no" like the others had.

And then, she decided to pull out the ace up her sleeve.

"Well, I think 'worthy' describes you well," she declared, "so I'll call you 'Dignis', from an Old Tongue for the word!"

He stared at her with his head slightly cocked, then closed his eyes and sighed.

"Well, it's better than just 'Worthy'."

So from there he let her travel with him, accommodating to her lack of flying endurance, though he didn't make a deal of it. In fact, he always tried to play it off like there was always another reason, but she would see him sneaking looks to check on her while they were flying.

Then, one evening, she spotted an unclaimed territory with a stream, a cave, and a cliff that was just about perfect.

Shouting out to Dignis, she pointed out that she wanted to land there. They spent the day investigating it before she decided.

"We should start the clan here!"

"What? I haven't said for sure that I'll do this with you," Dignis countered.

"Oh, so you'd start a clan with someone else?"

"No! I don't know if I want to do any of that, is all."

Tiant's countenance drooped.

"Well, can we agree that this would be a great place to start?" she asked, looking a bit downtrodden.

Sighing, Dignis nodded.

"Okay, so we have this, at least. Why don't we ask someone you know with experience in caring for a clan what they think? Do you know someone like that?"

Dignis nodded again.

"I know someone who's a Wind Flight clan leader. I'll go ask them tomorrow. How about that?"

"Yes, that sounds perfect!"

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