Dignis (#53129986)
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Fluorite Windsinger
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Energy: 48/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Wind.
Male Coatl
This dragon is on a Coliseum team.
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8.42 m
8.49 m
781.96 kg


Primary Gene
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Jun 28, 2019
(3 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Coatl
Max Level


Patriarch Dignus


"I had once thought my reason for protecting this clan was because of an instinct I couldn't fight, but now I know it's because of love."

Dignis used to accompany Matriarch Tiant as a clan representative to other clans and the Auction House. Growing more in tune with his desire to guard his clan, though, he now heads the Digna Familia Guard, only leaving to fight in the Coliseum.

Changed from a Guardian to a Coatl in order to join the rest of the clan in the Great Sleep at a moment's notice. His Guardian nature had kept him compulsively bound to guard the den.

No memories of parents or guardians or clan; not even a memory of a name. How he managed to make it from a hatchling to an adult seems a blur of one desperate and lucky hunt after the other.

The fondest memories he has of when he was young, would be after a hunt, when he'd have the energy to spread his wings and soar. The wind was his closest companion, bringing him higher and higher as his skills and courage increased. The views of the forest and fields; the sight of the clouds from above and the stars while in the heavens... these things he remembers well and fondly.

It's little wonder he came to worship a being who boasts to be of the wind itself, to be a part of a Flight that venerates the aspect of nature dearest to his heart.

Wandering lands, he loved to take in the splendor and loved the pieces of lives he got to see in others. Still, a deep longing tugged at his soul: something primal he couldn't fight. As he made it to adulthood, the urge to find the thing he must protect only grew stronger.

That's when she swooped up from a bamboo forest below as he was flying by one day, passively following him. Not seeing a reason to fight her off, he simply kept on his way.

Hours later, he landed to make camp and hunt.

"Hi there, I'm Tiant!" she declared, right after landing with him. "What's your name?"

"I don't have one."

"Ah, so you are a young one! I'm young, myself."

He raised a brow. What an odd thing to say to someone... Opening his mouth to say something, his very breath was cut short by her voice.

"You're a Guardian dragon. What do you guard?"

"Nothing," he answered.

"Oh, dear me," she shook her head, looking at him with pity, "that must feel awful. You should find something to guard. Have you found anything worth while?"

"Uh... no."

"Hm, well, perhaps you could... make something worth guarding."

Frowning, his head drew back from her a little.

"I'm on my own, too. What if we made a clan together?" she proposed.

"I... don't know you," his expression still a frown.

"Look, I have a goal, and that's to make my own clan. I've been trying to find a dragon worthy of starting one with, and you seem like just the one! You have a goal to find what you want to guard, and I can help you make that happen by achieving my own goal, too!."

He scowled for a moment, then sighed.

"How about we travel together for a little while. I'd like to get to know you before making a definitive decision on this."

Tiant perked up at his suggestion.

"Fantastic! We'll make a good team, you and I, uhhh... you know what? This not having a name thing is already no good."

"It's worked well enough for me so far."

"Well, I think 'worthy' describes you well," she declared, ignoring what he had to say, "so I'll call you 'Dignis', from an Old Tongue for the word!"

He stared at her with his head slightly cocked, then closed his eyes and sighed.

"Well, it's better than just 'Worthy'."

From then on, she traveled with him. He'd subtly do things to help her flying fatigue, slowing down and resting more. She eventually didn't have to rest as much, building up endurance.

They'd converse often enough that Dignis found himself laughing at her bluntness, rather than being confused by it: that was just how she was.

Then one day, they landed in an unclaimed territory for the night, and Tiant almost immediately scampered off. She came back not too long after that, then dragged him along to see a cave, a stream, and different places around there.

"Do you see it?" she excitedly asked at the end of her tour.

"See what?"

"Dignis, it's the perfect place to start a clan!"

He looked into her four hopeful eyes as they glimmered with excitement and hope.

"I'm staying here!" she declared without waiting for his response. "I'll put the paperwork in with the Wind Flight to start my clan, and I want you to be with me, but you don't have to. I can just hope they'll give me an exemption to be a lone founder."

He sighed and looked away, glancing around the territory once more.

"Tiant, I think I'm ready to end my Search."
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