Zhenniao (#51590714)
Level 6 Gaoler
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Inquisitive Shroud
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Female Gaoler
This dragon is benefiting from the effects of eternal youth.
This dragon is an ancient breed.
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Personal Style

Ancient dragons cannot wear apparel.



2.59 m
0.29 m
60.93 kg


Primary Gene
Pinstripe (Gaoler)
Pinstripe (Gaoler)
Secondary Gene
Striation (Gaoler)
Striation (Gaoler)
Tertiary Gene
Weathered (Gaoler)
Weathered (Gaoler)


May 06, 2019
(3 years)



Eye Type

Special Eye Type
Level 6 Gaoler
EXP: 2020 / 8380




  • none




Shade Touched
Misunderstood • Loyal • Timid

Zhenniao (Chinese: 鴆鳥; pinyin: zhènniǎo) or sometimes translated as Zhen or Poisonfeather Birds, is a name given to poisonous birds that are said to have existed in what is now Southern China during ancient times and is referenced in many Chinese myths, annals and poetry.

This bird is said as having a purple abdomen and green-tipped feathers with a long neck and a scarlet beak. This bird acquires its poisonous attributes from devouring poisonous viper heads. The male in the species is called Revolving Sun (Chinese: 迴陽; pinyin: huíyáng) and the female is called Yin Harmony (Chinese: 阴氳; pinyin: yīnyūn). Another description of the Zhen however appears in the Song Dynasty dictionary Piya (Chinese: 埤雅; pinyin: Píyǎ), describing it as being goose like, colored dark-purple and having a beak 7‑8 cun long and copper-colored.

From its very veins to the tips of its feathers, the Zhen's body is said to be tainted with an unparalleled poison referred to as Zhendu (Chinese: 鴆毒; pinyin: zhèndú) or Zhen poison. The Zhen's feathers were often dipped into liquor to create a poisonous draught that was often used to carry out assassinations. Its meat however was said to be overtly toxic and gave off a gamy odor that rendered it inadequate for surreptitious use, and the Zhen's excrement could dissolve stone. The Zhen's poison was said to be so deadly that it needed only to pass through one's throat to kill a person. The only thing that was said to be able to neutralize the Zhen's poison was the horn of Xiniu (犀牛) - or the rhinoceros. Xiniu horns would be made into hairpins and when used to stir poisonous concoctions would foam and neutralize the poison.


"pieseize" wrote on "2019-06-17:
“You know...I might be less intimidating to people if they knew how many napkins I have to carry on my person for this drippiness. Maybe.”
"CelebrenIthil" wrote on "2019-06-18:
"When you stare into the abyss..."
"SilverSilver" wrote on "2019-07-15:
O moon scales,
The hallowed halls have rejected you.

Impaled by your own poison,
Yearning for the days
Curled under the arbor,
Flowers in your mane -

So martyred,
Unfold your palms and wait.
The coming days will be unkind to us all.
"Wafer" wrote on "2019-08-25:
@KyuuBird (first off I loved looking through your naruto fandergs! Always a treat to see other lairs with dedicated tabs for anime :D)

Zhenn my goodness I love her. An eternal hatchling with those lovely primal eyes immediately caught my eye.

1. Perhaps she's self-conscious about the dripping of her eyes, and constantly has to dab at them even if they aren't leaking. She's always carrying bits of leaves and absorbents with her.
2. Because of her loneliness, perhaps she's developed a habit of talking to herself
3. Once she's made a connection to someone, she cherishes it and is super conscious of all future interactions with that dragon.
4. She can't look at other dragons in the eye, not because of her shyness, but because she's so worried that she'll frighten them.
"Cattington" wrote on "2019-10-29:
Zhenniao is mysterious and eerie. She is quiet around nearly everyone, but when she wants to, she can be a nightmare. No one knows much about her or where she came from.
"VampNephillim26" wrote on "2020-03-11:
Zhenniao likes to be called Zhen for short. She is very zen even though her eyes are spooky and her body is white like an angel. Angelic and demon she both is. She may show you her angel or her demonic side. Watch out dear friends, her demonic side is quite dangerous.

Her angel side is quite zen. That is the side she shows most of the time. That is where she gets her name Zhenniao, and Zhen for short. Zhenniao is a handful to say and she wants her name to be short and easy for people to remember.

She loves to meditate. Meditation keeps her body calm and keeps her demonic side from showing. She loves to be outside and do yoga and meditate for hours. Others think she is so boring but a select few dragons keep by her side. Would you?
Nice Words wrote:
@pyramids: I don't wanna say she's my favourite but she's definitely my favourite (-:
Everything about her is so perfect that I don't even know where to start aaa, those colours!! They're quite muted and pale and mix together so beautifullay, especially with the purple ooze because of her primal eyes - And because her colours aren't abrasive, her eyes are really out on display. They're so nice to look at compared to the light, washed-out tones that adorn the rest of her.
"SimplyNashie" wrote on "2020-02-16:
what a beautiful little lady shes definitely caught the eye of my babiest baby Naru
Naru my small floofiest goaler child ->

Naru × Zhenniao

~ the clans ambassador had chosen to take the hatchlings out to allying clans in order to give them a sense of the world around them the lovely naru curious and devious as ever decides to sneak away from the group and explore this clan territory on his own when he spots a very pretty little lady sitting with her back turned to him~

Naru sneaks up behind Zhenniao wanting her attention but having no clue how to get it and taps her tail with his foot gently she seems to jump at the surprise touch but quickly collects herself and turns to look at him. before she has the chance to question Naru gasps "o-oh... I didn't mean to upset you please don't cry." Zhenniao looks at him shyly wanting to explain herself to this strange new dragon who had confronted her but she just can't find the words "I'm not." is all she can timidly mutter out before she turns her head back to its previous position away from him.

Something strange and heavy struck the small red goalers heart as he thought about how he had scared her so bad she started crying and he knew he had to do something so he sat next to her and wrapped his tail around her in a way he hoped would be comforting she looked at him confused and flustered as he brought his paw up to wipe the tears away "I'm so sorry. you just looked really pretty and I wanted to ask if you'd like to play with me" as he wiped the 'tears' away from her eyes she looked into his and blurted out in a panicked manner "I'm primal." obviously not understanding Naru said "Hi primal I'm Naru." in a gentle voice as he kept wiping away the 'tears' that just kept falling. she pulled her face away and looked to the snow they were sitting in and spoke again "n-no. my eyes I'm not crying their just like that because I'm a primal they've leaked like that since I was born..... I'm Zhenniao."

"Oh?" he looked so confused but pretended to understand "I like your leaky eyes I've never seen anything like that before" he smiled sweetly still trying desperately to be her friend. Zhenniao's nose wrinkled at that odd choice of words and she giggled "you're weird..." and she took her foot and flung a pile of snow onto Naru. he stood up taking this seemingly as some sort of challenge and flung a much bigger pile of snow into her. "challenge accepted" he smiled cockily then ran away her following him just behind ready to shovel snow in his face.

sorry I tried I normally don't write



° ART °

a gift from the amazing Lullawish TTATT <3
Drawn by Lullawish herself!
drawn by @.puffpuffy
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