Riden (#51544294)
Level 25 Skydancer
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Ghosthost Viola
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Energy: 28/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Male Skydancer
This dragon is on a Coliseum team.
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4.12 m
6.95 m
446.87 kg


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May 04, 2019
(3 years)



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Level 25 Skydancer
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Name: Riden
Age: 26
Relationships: Akime's long lost brother (not currently aware of it), Kaiyoku's boatswain, has the hots for Shinku
Personality: A bit more on the quiet and observant side, he is the more rational mind on Kaiyoku's ship(in the future, but his personality remains the same) and could rival his captain with his level-headedness and brain. He is a bit of a romanticist at heart, but in dire situations, he could separate his desires from what's needed to be done, and what needs to be heard. However, he has strong opinions and loyalty for the beliefs he holds, and should anyone he follows betray his moral code, he would abandon them in a heartbeat.
Abilities: He wields multiple undisclosed magical weapons, one of them being his Dancing Daggers. He is quite versatile in water magic and has used his abilities in the past to speed up the duration of voyages. A bit more on the quiet and observant side is the more rational mind on the ship

one of the older members of the crew, and one of the few voices of reason

ship navigator, bio wip

uses water magic and those daggers (shadowstrike)

quick story snippets for more insight on personality

The boatswain wandered down to the mess hall as suppertime approached. Riden had the vessel in tip-top conditions in anticipation of their long voyage and had been relieved from his duties for the day. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the darkness of the decks below as he strolled over to Kai.

"How's the studying? Reading up celestial navigation from the books proving to be a bit more harder than in practice?"

He smiled kindly and took a seat beside Kai, buried in his studies. Being a seasoned sailor, Riden knew his way around the stars and the sky. There were a lot more in the space beyond than he could ever grasp, and he hoped to learn as much as he can in his lifetime. As the smell of food wafed towards the two, Riden offered, "If you'd like, after supper and sunset, instead of reading that dry old book, I could show you what real navigation is out on the decks?"
A smile of delight grew on Riden’s face as he saw the black cat approach him. “Oh hey there kitty, you must be Raven.” He let the cat take in his scent, awaiting the familiar’s approval, before gently picking her up and scratching her chin. Riden was quite partial to animals, but he had always preferred the company of cats over dogs. He thought the hyper beasts were a little too brainless and loyal for his tastes. The boatswain fancied the haughty and independent personality of felines, as well as their calculating looks one can often receive from them.

“You are awfully well-kept and adapted for life at sea,” Riden announced, a bit surprised. Usually, animals on board were neglected or traumatized from the vast amounts of foreign activity and environment.

Turning back to a crestfallen Kai, Riden could sense defeat emanating from the weary navigator-to-be. “Don’t you worry,” he reassured, “I could put in a good or two with the captain with your good progress today with the reading. Then we can see about putting those textual concepts to use!”
Riden knew immediately he had overstepped his boundaries. The snappy cook reminded him of his calico cat back home, feisty, but worth her salt. This was going to be a challenge, and Riden liked challenges; he was only invigorated by this opportunity. But first, he had to set things right--He couldn't stand it when problems weren't straightened out.

"I am deeply sorry for my brashness, if you'll accept my apologies, Ma'am," Riden began sincerely, setting the bowls down, "I was rude and wasn't aware of the rules you had laid out, even if I didn't know of them--since I have not had the chance to dine here for lunch--I should have inquired first before taking any actions."

He leaned on the counter of the grate to get a better look of the cook, never breaking eye-contact. "It was my folly for not accounting for your wishes, I will not do so again. Although, today, I was only trying to fetch supper for the quartermaster and Kai. Zane has been worked to his bone and I was hoping to acquire him a bit of extra bread to go with your..." Riden paused, taking in the warmth of the soup stomach growling in protest as he has skipped his previous two meals to tend to the ship, "gosh, tantalizing gumbo."

He shook his head, he couldn't afford to be distracted yet. His job wasn't complete until the lady has approved of him. "As boatswain, it is my duty to keep the men in line, I once again apologize for my lack of rigidity, I will make sure you never find trouble in your kitchen again. May I make up for my blunder tonight with cleaning? You are a respectable lady, Ma'am, I wholeheartedly confess you are a vital member on this vessel. I see your concern for the crew and care for us. I commend that desire."

art is also wip

what his daggers look like


Hairstyle, but with a ponytail
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