Davian (#50852069)
I am not what I once was.
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Smoke Gyre
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Fire.
Male Wildclaw
This dragon is hibernating.
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6.8 m
7.16 m
458.21 kg


Primary Gene
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Apr 08, 2019
(2 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Wildclaw
Max Level



  • none


  • none


Davian is based off of an OC and is the closest I will get to a perfect dream dragon. He will NEVER be for sale.
TLDR - The answer is likely to be a no or do research then offer.
Dragon/sales related
  • If I bought your dragon at fodder prices (usually below 10kt/g then no.
  • Fodder is generally named Gemstone and not for sale, but you can try and sway me with a good offer.
  • I will never intentionally buy a dragon to flip, I impulse buy often and thus resell these on occasion.
  • If I have something listed it is usually for what I want it for, but you can try to haggle the price.
  • Can I buy X? type of questions will be ignored, I'd rather you just offer instead. Most bios should have what I paid for the dragon to give you an idea of min prices.
  • Begging for free stuff will be ignored and continued begging blocked. It's not hard to make money on the site.
  • I do not stud or breed my dragons outside of Bellona and Vellus on occasion. DO NOT ASK ME TO BREED MY G1S EITHER.
  • Hornhelm? You'll find the answer here
  • I think imperials are the worst breed below Tundras and Snappers. Not even jealous of G1 Imp owners like you do you.

About Skins UMs/UMAs
  • I often buy 2 copies of a skin/accent if possible! This is so I always have a spare copy if a friend needs/wants one, for trading purposes, I decide to do a raffle or donate to my flights dom bank if I want to sometime down the road.
  • I do not resell if I can avoid it and if I do it's usually because I need gems desperately. I think buying to resell as a primary reason is scummy.
  • You can find a list of UMs/UMAs I own on Nocturnal though it may need updating depending.
  • I like mostly plague, nature, gold themed stuff but honestly it's hard to narrow down my specifics. If I think an accent is neat I'll buy it.
  • If I happen to be selling a UM the same rules as other sales apply, i.e do research or just offer me :,)

How do you money??
  • Set yourself a goal and work on reaching it. I personally make about 10kg a week but I also spend a lot.
  • Max your lair and hibden, you'll thank me later.
  • I practically live in coli, it's a good passtime when catching up on shows, series, movies, let's plays etc. Food is a very good seller.
  • Sell everything you don't need.
  • ALWAYS have something brewing. Need to go out for hours? Brew. Working at the PC? Brew.
  • Coli not ur thing? flip dragons/sell fodder.
  • Flip items, bond familiars and sell chest or open them if you want to gamble.
  • Rare will I do art, adopts or custom art are both good.
  • Sell eggs don't hatch them, best tip I can give especially if you're into G1s.
  • If you have the skills UM/UMA making can rake in big $$
  • Cap fairgrounds daily. It's around 2millt monthly and can take no time if you can do G&G. I personally do Mahjong or don't cap fairgrounds.
Otherwise the easy solution is supporting the site and buy gems. I've done it a few times if I had the money to spare.

About Me
  • I'm neurodivergent (Autism) and I generally do not get the /pos /gen etc so please don't use them with me.
  • I am VERY blunt in my manner of speech and I will use emojis to make a point of when I joke about because of it.
  • Queer trans-dude with an attitude. I'm a trio of oppresion from the LGBT+ community (Bi, Trans and Ace). I am wary of cis gays/lesbians (I'm sure ur all v nice but I have had bad experiences so please understand).
  • I'm an adult in my 20s and that's as close as you'll get to know my age on-site.
  • As an Adult™ I'd highly prefer if minors don't have extended contact outside business related ventures. It makes me uncomfortable and I'm sure there's plenty minors who feel the same.
  • You can call me Rev or anything like it, unless you're a close friend but then you know my actual nickname and/or irl name so.

  • My names come from OCs, Latin or Old Norse/Icelandic words. They have nothing to do with fascism, n*zis or white supremacy. If you believe so then pls go away. My culture and heritage has NOTHING to do with racism regardless of what some dumbasses say
  • No random friend requests.
  • I originally joined in 2015 and what happended stays in the past or feel free to snoop away off-site.
  • I sometimes do art, artshop tbd. Feel free to DM for DA/Twitter for examples.
  • If I block someone there’s a reason to it. Asking about it on behalf of someone I blocked will be considered block evasion and treated as such. And well, if you're blocked and reading this that just speaks more volumes about you than me.
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Exalting Davian to the service of the Earthshaker will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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