Anatoliy (#50290258)
in love with his accordion
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Wind.
Male Mirror
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7.38 m
6.07 m
672.09 kg


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Mar 19, 2019
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Mirror
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


some kind of oc
redoing his bio soon everything is a mess

okay he's a human but I don't know how to draw

just an ordinary person

trying his best to put up a cheerful disguise, loved by many.
the only thing he knows is to try his best to finish his job, but something is happening on his body.
something went very wrong.
but what could they do

wonderful adopt, still waiting for the artist to change the banner style though (I can understand)

^by Cherryfleck^

some ideas (in fr):

"I wish to be...a good person."

>coder lol engineer, makes machines
>tall and slim, has dark circles under his eyes
>cheerful person, greets his friends and customers with a smile, usually soft spoken
>intellegent, excellent in his work and studies
>always trying to be a good person
>has that kind of perfect personality you can imagine
>makes "important" decisions for Vladimir, while Vladimir deals with everyday chores

>His family is pretty well educated, became poor after certain incidents. They devoted themselves into the education of Anatoliy, spent most of their savings, strictly pushed him to study and gave him high expectations. Anatoliy did well, and moved to the Southern Icefield for work. Years have passed but Anatoliy is still reluctant to return to visit his family, maybe he's scared or something. No, he doesn't hate them.

>wants to be the elite and support his family so overworks
>sends most of his salaries back to his poor family
>absolutely hates to be incompetent or pathetic
>constantly suffering from headache
>he tries to act positive to cover up his anxiety and tireness , so he may seem strange or have psychological problems, a tired man acting cheerful and somehow hyperactive
>yes he do socialize with others, plays video games with friends, but he view this as a task of being a better person

>he's used to the live of disguising himself. he once told Vladimir that basically every positive action he did in front of others is acting. But does Anatoliy himself even believe this?

>plays accordion for relief
>food enthusiast

>Vladimir appreciates his abilities and determination so follows him, Anatoliy is okay about this

Likes: internet, dishes with meat


Cryoluxa wrote on 2020-06-13:
His name was Anatoliy...but since his name was so hard to figure out how to pronounce, his classmates just called him Ana. His teachers, too. Ana hated this, but he didn't complain. He was a diligent worker, and the only person his family relied on since they were really poor, his dad had to stay home with his fifteen younger brothers and sisters, and his mom was in jail for selling illegal substances at a premium, being a member of a widespread criminal organization. As such, Ana worked hard, both in school and at his twenty-eight side jobs (four jobs every day of the week, and none of them the same.) Ana completely maxed out his time, subsidizing off of caffeine and sugar. After all, his family was relying on him to bail out his mother and feed his father and siblings...and Ana was a diligent son.

Ana was so busy, in fact, that he didn't realize his popularity. Despite the bags under his eyes from working so hard and his mechanical way he went about things due to never taking a break, he was still the best-looking, best-behaved guy in school. All the other guys were clear delinquents at best, and ugly hecklers at worst. (Ana's mom got him into this school.) In comparison, Ana was an absolute stunner...and today was Valentine's Day! Tee-hee!

The schoolgirls plotted their respective ambushes in order to confess their adoration and give Ana chocolate and love letters. Some chose the direct route, crowding Ana with shrill voices calling out to him, "Ana-samaaaaa!"

It was difficult, but Ana managed to escape the wailing horde. He got through his studies at school, only occasionally encountering an ambush from a blushing, stuttering maiden who would give him chocolates. He would take them in this calmer environment, as they had sugar and caffeine in them...though not nearly as much as he needed if he was going to continue his year-long sleepless streak. Was he even alive anymore...?

And then, the time came to go to his second part-time job for the day (the first was at the crack of dawn, of course.) On his way, he kept being waylaid by yet more ambushes. He accepted the chocolate offerings, but denied girlfriendhood to each and every female, including several grown women who had been held back
from graduating for the fifth year in a row. Some got angry. There was a fight scene involving gangsters and ninjas, but we can skip that. Ana got away, is the point.

During his part-time jobs, he had to keep avoiding students who were looking for him, and female coworkers who thought that they would express their attraction toward him. Finally, it was time to bring groceries home to feed his family. Then, it would be off to his last part-time job for the day before going to the next day's part-time job.

In the end, the day was a complete success. He maintained his perfect record his family was fed, and Ana escaped the advances of his pursuers that Valentine's Day. The End.

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