Alcyne (#48294901)
Stories remind me that I am alive
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Umbra Wolf
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Male Tundra
This dragon is hibernating.
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2.88 m
4.4 m
442.9 kg


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Jan 05, 2019
(1 year)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Tundra
EXP: 0 / 245


Contemplative || Judicious || Gentle
Alcyne is the Refuge's librarian, which is pretty much the opposite of what every newcomer expects from him. He's a collector of stories and histories and if you aren't careful he'll collect your story too. Dragons who are willing to put their story forth onto parchment go to Alcyne with it and he carefully slides their scroll in with the others. His story was the very first scroll to be written in the Kairos Library.

Alcyne was born sick, he was born and the healers of his home clan said, "this hatchling won't survive a month." The original purpose of Alcyne's name was to be a marker for his grave. Against all odds, Alcyne grew up. He never became healthier however, he was weak and frequently overcome with coughing fits. Still the healers said he would not survive to adulthood. Because of his sickness Alcyne could never run and play with the other hatchlings, so he read and learned and he developed a love for stories. As Alcyne reached his majority his health took a downward turn and everybody thought this was finally it. One night, they dressed him in the clan's traditional funeral shroud and he went to sleep.

The next morning Alcyne woke up, to the shock of his clan, and for the first time in his life he felt healthy and strong. He could breath freely. To celebrate his health, Alcyne traveled Sorneith and came across the Kairos Refuge where he decided to stay.

Alcyne is a gentle soul and somebody every dragon comes to for advice. Alcyne strives to be helpful to the Refuge and this has extended beyond the duties of a librarian and record keeper to helping every body with their personal issues. Most consider him to be one of the wisest dragons in the Refuge.

Alcyne has an excellent memory, and he knows every dragon's story and he can tell you where to find anything in the library without skipping a beat. He is a quiet, albeit friendly dragon and he literally lives in the library. But he always comes out to say hello and join in when the dragons of the Refuge get together.

the tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it


The One Who Whispers

The smell of parchment and ink greeted me this morning when the sun did not. I turned to look out my window and saw dark clouds had gathered over night and there was think drizzle making pools in the cobblestone. It was sure to bring more dragons than usual to the library, not that I minded. Anything that drove dragons to learn more and enter new worlds made me happy. I took a several deep breaths, as I do every morning. Just to make sure I can still breath.

It is strange to others that I can feel stories. That they seem to burrow deep into my weakened bones and then I can truly understand and connect. Some stories are cold and they seem to take my breath away. Others are warm, like a patch of sunshine in the forest, they make the day seem a little brighter and the world a little better. Some are hot with passion, and you are caught in a whirlwind and you can't rest until it is over and the passion has finally died. Some are just empty, and they leave you feeling like-

Anyway, I can feel stories. And that is strange to others. But then many things about me are strange to others. I wear my funeral shrouds often, that is strange. But it is a constant reminder of the second chance I have been given by some higher power. It is strange to others that I do not fly much, and I never move quickly or suddenly. My bones are still weak even though the sickness is gone. My bones will always be weak, I think. But I can breath, every morning I wake and I find I can still breath, and that is enough.

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