Darya (#48277470)
Level 15 Skydancer
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Female Skydancer
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3.27 m
6.94 m
575.42 kg


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Jan 04, 2019
(1 year)



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Eye Type
Level 15 Skydancer
EXP: 48829 / 60881


|| Banshee/Rusalka ||
Forget everything and Rise or Fear everything and Run
United we stand, United we conquer.


Cruel and cold like winds on the sea
Will you ever return to me?
Hear my voice, sing with the tide
My love will never die
Over waves and deep in the blue
I will give up my heart for you
Ten long years, I’ll wait to go by
My love will never die

Come, my love be one with the sea
Rule with me for eternity
Drown all dreams so mercilessly
And leave their souls to me
Play the song you sang long ago
And wherever the storm may blow
You will find the key to my heart
We’ll never be apart
Wild and strong you can’t be contained
Never bound nor ever chained
Wounds you caused will never mend
And you will never end

Cruel and cold like winds on the sea
Will you ever return to me
Hear my voice sing with the tide
Our love will never die

GEN #3


Quote: You can't tame someone that has magic in their veins...

Position: Herbalist/Botanist

Personality: Darya is shy when she first meets someone new and will often hide in her work, taking pride in the dresses she makes. once she gets to know a dragon she is very friendly and will often spend time with those she considers her friends, she doesn't mind sitting in silence rather than talking. she is flexible in the activities she will take part in even sitting on a beach and watching her friends swim although she will not get in a large body of water she will find things to occupy her time. she is kind and gentle to most although she can be harsh and stubborn when dealing with dragons that push things too far.
She has a love of sweets and wandering through the forest, never seeming to get lost no matter where she goes or if she's ever been there before. she loves small groups, but will tolerate big groups until she gets antsy and finds a place to read a book or sketch something with or without telling anyone. she can be almost hyper at times and can offer no explanation for the sudden fits of giggles and fidgetiness that seems to overcome her.

Quirks: Fear of water, Nightmares

Background: I Spare you my child
Those were the last words Darya heard as she fell into the cold water, panic gripped her and she tried to fight her way out of the silk bag, quickly filled with water and slowly dragging her down to her death. she struggled and fought until she had no strength left and tried crying out pitifully for her mother or father to save her only for the bitter taste of salt water to fill her mouth and water to flood her lungs, choking her. her mind called for her mother to come help her, save her from the terror she felt as her limbs grew cold and heavy and the fight left her small form, she let the sea lull her as the water seemed to rock her gently as a parent would.
Mama! I'm sorry! I can be better! Mama Help! Please!
No one came to rescue her and soon Darya fell asleep in the unforgiving sea, she was once a Siren, born to Ragnar's granddaughter, blood to a Viking Lord. Darya died in the cruel cold with fear her last feeling in her dark prison, what was born in her death was a creature kin to the Siren, but different in anyway that mattered, a Rusalka. a creature made from death and fear, but one that doesn't necessarily have to bring death and fear in her wake; her song is a sad one, but no less powerful than her Siren kin. Darya woke with fin instead of clawed legs and sharp claws on her hands, she cried for help and was answered by something else, pulled free from her prison Darya came face to face with a Banshee and was taken in by the fearsome faerie creature.

That one has no mother.
She didn't remember for a long time what exactly had happened, only the undefinable terror that large bodies of water brought out in her. she often sat on the bank of a river and watched the water rush past her, the sound was soothing almost akin to a lullaby to her and she sometimes found herself singing softly. her adoptive mother, the Banshee that had found her knew she was not a faerie nor Banshee like herself and mourned the child's innocents, for one so young to be turned into a rusalka was a tragedy. her faerie mother did her best for the child and taught her what she was, but did not tell her how she had been turned into such a creature, afraid of upsetting the lost hatchling. Dask, the banshee, taught the young Rusalka a bit about being a banshee, although Darya would never be a faerie she could still learn from her adoptive mother what it was to be a wailing dragoness.
Darya did remember as she grew, often waking up to nightmares of a dragoness that looked similar to herself dropping her in the sea of a thousand currents. two other hatchlings that looked like a drake that lay curled around them, she remembered the first thing she heard the dragoness say and the sadness that welled in her chest at those cold words. Darya wondered at who the dragoness was and why she would have drowned her, she wondered what made her 'diluted' while the other two were 'pure', she grew angry that she had to suffer such a fate. Darya took her frustrations out on any passerby unlucky enough to cross her path, singing softly and sweetly, it was a sad song.

Damaged. Unfit.
Darya asked Dask, the Banshee, what her nightmares were, memory or fantasy and although Dask told her that she believed they were memory it did nothing to comfort the hatchling. Dask told her of the sirens, one family in particular that had grown very large and that she believes Darya one of their kin. Darya refused to accept any part of the Dirge that ran through her blood, finding thinking of it and those who lived on the ships brought nothing but pain and frustration, Darya claimed she would rather be one of the faeries that ran in the forests so she could claim Dask her mother by blood since she had raised her from her earliest memory. Dask, while flattered her adoptive daughter thought so highly of her, felt bad that the hatchling felt that wat about the dragons who were her blood and in the banshee's opinion should have had more of a bond with the young one than the fae Darya claimed as family.
As Darya grew into a lovely adolescent Dask told her she was a rusalka, rather than a siren, which by all accounts is a living creature, Rusalka are a type of undead. usually dragoness that were drowned for one reason or another, Rusalka could be both kind and hateful creatures depending on the dragoness they were. Rusalka were also known to wander fields, watering and tending crops as they saw fit; most stayed in or near the water most of the year and only came out at certain times to sit on docks with their feet trailing the water or sit in tree branches and sing. Darya was surprised that the common belief was that Rusalka could not leave the water and wondered of her origins as a Siren allowed her more freedom than an average dragon turned into such a creature.

they are all warrior's blood. They have the dirge inside them.
Darya grew into a lovely young dragoness and learned how to fight with knives when she wasn't sitting by her favored brook and singing her sad song. she became very good with her knives and took excellent care of them, wanting to make Dask proud of her, she often sparred with the young faerie drakes. she found affection for several drakes, but it went no farther than that as she found her affection was more similar to what one feels for a sibling rather than a lover and kept close contact with these dear friends as they grew older. Darya avoided large bodies of water, but adored storms; feeling no fear of the storms that raged around her, she often danced in her brook as the storms raged around her and sang in the strong winds. the worse the storm was the happier she seemed, something that the faeries around her found fascinating, they often watched her dance in the storms and listened to her singing in the howling winds, the words often ripped from her by the raging winds.
When Darya did finally leave to find a place to live she found herself in the company of two older drakes, both Hunters, and she helped them fight creatures that wanted to hurt dragons, she realized later that she would be one of the creatures they hunted had Dask let her hunt dragons. Darya was given the nickname Becca by the eldest in the group, a imperial she called Grampa, the other male, a mirror, she called Gramps, she protects the two as best she can. eventually she and the other two found a clan to stay in by accident when Darya met a drake and agreed to go to the clan he lived in. the male courted her and she accepted. she has found as time wore on she is not dead so much as a odd mix or Siren and Rusalka, it seems her mother did give her something as a parting gift and made her more of an oddity. Darya often wanders to the water's edge to sing at night when she can't sleep, sometimes she wakes up laying on the beach where she fell asleep with the tide licking her scales, her song is always a sad one.

Family in lair: Miski, Nanna

Mate: Bruce

Close Friends: Phiora, Wanda, Kurt, Pietro


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