Zeria (#48023902)
Clan Leader
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Transmuted Treasure
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Female Spiral
This dragon is hibernating.
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Personal Style





3.62 m
2.13 m
93.22 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Dec 27, 2018
(2 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Spiral
EXP: 20 / 245


Clan Leader
(Ramin) - (Just Like A Gold Rush)


Zeria is a young Spiral female who is the current leader of the Quaeris Clan. She was actually born in the Ice Flight in a clan settling on the floaters at the border of the Arcane Flight. She lost her parents when she was still a hatchling during a fight between her small clan and a bigger group of Serthris, and was found all alone hiding in a burrow when a scouting Tigger was patrolling the floats in search of possible survivors of the brawl. Zeria was raised by him and his mate Neve, the previous leader and founder matriarch. She actually become the personal mentoree of the matriarch, until she stepped down of her position in favor of the younger, more energetic Spiral.

Zeria is a bright, intelligent and ambitious leader, and once she received the leader position in her hands decided to give new horizons for the future of Quaeris. Zeria's goals are plenty: expanding the clan, accumulating riches and acquiring resources from all over Sornieth. Because of this, groups of dragons from the clan travel all over the globe to search for treasure, supplies and assets, and gain new clan members along the way. Despite being a bit too enthusiastic and energetic sometimes, she lies a lot of trust in the elders of the clan as well as her people, and because of this she founded a Council made of both the progenitors and newer members so that she can always get suggestions and opinions on how to move the clan politically and socially.

She is hard to read and has a sarcastic tone to her words, it's difficult to understand whether she finds something funny or outrageous, whether she thinks someone is to be held in high praise or a total idiot. She is quite greedy and treasure-driven, would die for anything precious and if she could she would literally swim in the golden coins and gems she has collected over the years. Despite being extremely open-minded due to having been raised along with a multitude of dragons from different flights and deeply believing in the possibility of an alliance between dragonkin and beastclan, she still has lingering mistrust and distaste for anyone from the Serthis population. Because of this, while they are not banned from Quaeris if they want to join, she will probably never be close to any of them, and no dragon close to her has an alliance with a Serthis and calls them their familiar to respect her past.

She is in a relationship with the Clan Alchemist Surana. She has two adopted brothers, Luxx and Heliotrope.
Just like Neve did with her, she is currently mentoring a young spiral to become her successor, Kazoo. She adopted Kazoo when she was brought to Quaeris by the scout squad after she was saved from a fodder trade auction run by a shadow black-market syndicate together with Delphinus, whom she is also raising as her own son and she would like for him to be an advisor to his sister when they grow up and Zeria will leave the leadership in her favour. She adopted them before she started dating Surana, so she is their main momma, however they have a great bond with the alchemist too and consider her their mom as well.

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Coding from Disillusionist. Assets from Serpenta , Rivershard, and fluffmoth. Flowers from sockmonkeygerald
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