Cantabil (#47146345)
Level 1 Imperial
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Smoky Bantam Fangar
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Female Imperial
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20.57 m
22.71 m
6565.63 kg


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Nov 24, 2018
(1 year)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Imperial
EXP: 0 / 245


Part one; her story

Cantabil was once a celebrated princess, her kingdom was prosperous and grand. On her sixteenth birthday, a letter was received.

Written in an elegant script it read.
“Your majesties,
I write you in regards to the promise you made me. I granted your kingdom great and unmatched prosperity, now I expect you to keep your end of the deal. Your daughter is to be delivered to me, before the moon reaches its highest point. Or your kingdom, well let's just say it would fall quickly before daybreak.
Truly yours,
Guardian of the forest.”

Sorrow stricken, the King and Queen prepared their only daughter to be sent to the demon of the forest. After so many years they had assumed he had forgotten or died, but with the arrival of the letter their hope died in their chests. The princess was defiant, but knew if she were to refuse that her beloved land would fall. Determined she ventured into the forest alone, she would do away with this ‘Guardian' herself.
Part 3; their story

An unknown dragon glides up to her, unaware of her intent. “Princess?” He spoke timidly trying not to laugh “are you ok?” She swung around pulling a dagger “Who are you?” She growled, looking him up and down, his deep purlpe body seeming the shine like a cosmo. “Woah woah,” he backs up looking at the knife “I'm just a resident of this forest, what are you doing with a knife?” He spits out the final word hating its taste. “I'm going to kill the demon that resides here and free my people!” “D-demon?” He sputters “He is no demon, just an old Skydancer.” He laughs musically. “You. You know this monster?!” She hisses.”The only monsters I know of are the royal who would sale their prized child for a simple spell.” His deep eyes froze her “And now you, for intending to kill an old mage that would treat you as his own.”
She steps back hearing the venom in his voice. “You are a disgusting dragon, just like that demon.” She growls. He stands to his full height and towers over her “And here I thought you were this beautiful kind angel, but it seems you are as vile as those others. You will leave these woods or I'll kill you.” He turns his back to her and goes to leave “Begone. I don't want you here any longer.?” “You didn't summon me here idiot! That mons-” “Call my father that one more time and I'll end you.” His voice vibrated through the silvery mist.
“You deserve to die…” the words leave her lips when several arrows rain down one the male imperial, seemingly killing him. She bares her teeth " Who's there! " " M'lady, we have come to save you! " she relaxes at the sight of soldiers baring her kingdoms crest. She willingly follows them out of the forest only to find herself travelling away from the familiar cliffs. " Are we going the right way? " " Of course m'lady." one soldier replies. " We are going exactly where we should be." Another muses. She realizes quickly that she is in danger and shoves into the nearest soldier, drawing his weapon and stabbing it into the soft stomach of the tundra, dropping him to the ground in a coughing fit staining the green grass red. She swings around to face the 3 remaining soldiers. “I refuse. I am no damsel in distress, I will kill you all before you have a chance to touch me.” The large guardian scoffs “Have it your way, woman.” He looks at the other two dragons “The king wants her alive.” A lithe skydancer charges her blades drawn “Let's dance princess.” She dares. The sound of clashing steel rings out covering all other noise, Cantabil was so focused on the skydancer that she forgot about the wildclaw until his claw raked across her unguarded back. His feral smile challenges her as the skydancer drives her hilt into the back of Cantabil’s head, she collapses to the ground.
When she wakes she is assaulted by the smell of blood and smoke. What seemed to be a camp was up in flames, bodies littered the ground before he stood a green seemingly glowing skydancer, his hand hovering over her head, he smiles down at her “Heil ok sæl.” “Wha..” She swallows roughly. “Do not try to speak yet, the binding spell was powerful. I have only just broke it.” “What did…. You.. Say?” He seemed surprised for a moment “Oh I keep forgetting you do not understand me like Orion. It was just a greeting child.” his voice is warm. “Whose Orion?” “The one that you called names and tried to get killed.” She instantly felt terrible as the imperial from before approached them in light armor covered in blood. “I'm Orion, princess. Now let's take you home, so that I don't have to look at you anymore.” “Ori, be nice to her. She does help you.” “And aspirate me.” he mutters “Ori?” He cuts his eyes to her “I'll kill you.” The skydancer laughs “You're flirting wrong Ori, you have to be nice to her.” “Adrian, I'll stab you too.” The skydancer laughs joyfully, his laugher is infectious until he falls silent. The three stared in shock at the old forest alight in flames. “It's…” Cantabil starts “It's fine” Adrian smile at the two, “it was time for change anyway. Let's go.” And they unwilling set off.
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