Darkstar (#4700960)
Level 1 Imperial
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Enchanting Goblin
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Male Imperial
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29.86 m
16.63 m
7994.18 kg


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Jul 07, 2014
(6 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Imperial
EXP: 0 / 245


Preferred Familiar: Arcane Sprite

Darkstar has always believed in the power of the mind. While other dragons may scoff at him and prefer the use of their claws and teeth, he knows that the mind is the key to the magic he wields so well. He follows this belief with religious fanaticism, using logic to solve problems. He organises the world for himself and others, and brings order and control to an otherwise chaotic world. Despite the fanaticism of his belief, Darkstar is quite practical. Despite what other dragons believe, he is not a useless daydreamer. Disciplined and thoughtful, he does not hesitate to choose the direction that his life will take, and he does his best to bring his ideas into concrete reality. He is an avid seeker of knowledge.

Despite his happiness at his current way of life, Darkstar is aware of a growing emotional blockage. He wishes to dislodge it, but finds that it is easier to ignore it. However, he also knows that one day he will regret this action. He knows that he should take a few days to sit down and use his time to make sense of his emotional state, and to change his life so all sides of him, including his emotional side, are healthy. The obstacle to the achievement of this goal is simply the pace of Darkstar’s life. He has no time to sit down and sort things out when he is expected to make the ordinary into extraordinary. Aside from this, he is also quick to pick himself up and start new projects or adventures, which leaves him less and less time. Whether he is hiding from his emotional blockage or actually enjoys his endeavours is unknown. One day, he will demolish his old ways for a new system that will serve him better, and face his inner worlds honestly. But that day is ever today.

As a dragon that is quick to act, Darkstar struggles the most with slow and steady progress. To him, a solution to a problem must be quick and effective. He has no patience for a solution that will take days or weeks or even longer, and has even less patience for the hard work required for manual labor. Projects that do not take a few quick bursts of energy and instead require a long term commitment are often abandoned. In addition, Darkstar is not the most kind or reliable of dragons, and will not hesitate to lie if he stands to gain by doing so.

But Darkstar isn’t really at fault for his habits. He was born into a particularly fanatic clan belonging to the Plague flight. The flight’s belief in strength and adaptability was taken to new levels. This clan stomped out anything deemed as “weakness,” and when as a hatchling Darkstar foolishly announced his intention to be a healer, the clan’s leader ordered him to be subjected to the most gruelling trials. The poor hatchling dealt with starvation, dehydration, extreme temperatures, and much more, everything a young dragon should have been sheltered from.

When his mother returned from the mission she had been assigned just after Darkstar’s hatching, she was furious. As a dragon born from the Earth flight, she could not understand the need for such violent treatment. She escaped with Darkstar, and vowed to destroy the clan that had so hurt her child. She sent him to her relatives in the Earth flight, where he stayed for a while. The clan was smaller than the others in the area, and was constantly in fear of attack. Once Darkstar became an adult, he left the clan, and travelled all across Sornieth, though he was careful to stay as far away from the Plague territory as possible.

It was in the Nature flight that he once again felt a yearning for healing. He pushed this urge away, and opted instead for the magic of the Arcane flight. Ultimately, however, he settled down in the Lightning flight, away from all his memories, to start anew. He never pretended to be an Arcane dragon, but in some way, he felt more connected to that flight than any other, perhaps due to his use of the Arcane flight’s magic. It was rare that any dragon would ever use the magic of a flight other than his or her birth flight, but Darkstar managed. After all, he had destroyed every link between the Plague and himself when he fled that accursed land. His eyes were the only remnants of his time there. He made a point never to look into reflective surfaces.

Darkstar is imperfect and living in a world full of mirrors of smoke, making himself believe that everything is alright, even when it isn’t. One day he’ll acknowledge this, but for now, he has his projects and his mind.

bio by Moonwater
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