Sunburst (#4607406)
Level 1 Coatl
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Trick of the Light
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Fire.
Male Coatl
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8.15 m
9.59 m
954.94 kg


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Jul 03, 2014
(6 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Coatl
EXP: 0 / 245



Protective | Brave | Headstrong

Sunburst comes from the land of lava, fire, ash and heat. The lava pits and lava flows were a regular part of his life from his hatchday. Exploring his fire home was a favorite activity for the young Coatl. He always had a group of friends to accompany him on his dangerous explorations. However, their Fire alignment helped in protection from any burn he and his friends could sustain.

While exploring he would discover all sorts of things about the fire world. Where the lava met the oceans he discovered pillows of solid magma. The lava vents glowed and emitted a great heat that he loved to fly through. His friends thought he was crazy for how closely he flew to the lava and heat.

The Great Furnace was the most dangerous of the lands, and his friends thought he was crazy, but brave, when he fly over the great top. While it constantly leaked lava, there were times where it would shoot ash and pyroclastic bits into the sky. But Sunburst didn’t care, he liked the thrill he felt at the risk he took.

He grew a little arrogant with his skills, and one day he flew a little too close. He crashed into the sea beside the lava flows once his plumage caught fire. He escaped with singed wing and head feathers, leaving him humbled. The blackened feathers made him less confident in himself, and he learned that his arrogance had gone too far.

He realized how oblivious to his friends feelings he was, and how they looked at him as only a source of entertainment. He was wounded by the ignorance his friends showed him because of his singed wings. He was unable to fly until he shed the singed feathers and new ones took their places. It took months for his wings to be as magnificent as they had before the incident.

When his feathers were finally back, his friends had deserted him. They had gone to far off lands, or found other friends to hang out with. Sunburst was left alone, and so he decided to travel. With his wings fully functioning once more, the Coatl took off across Sornieth. He didn’t know where to go, but once he found a clan in the Scarred Wasteland, he knew he’d found a place he’d belong.

The clan was perfect for the Coatl because they didn’t know of his past arrogance. He told himself he wanted to be someone different. Someone seen not only as brave, but loving and protective of those he loved. He was still stubborn in his ways, but those he had known before would not have recognized this new Sunburst.

It was on his way to reform that he met RoseFire, the healer and herbologist. She helped him to become who he wanted to be. On the road to his new self, RoseFire was the rock he could lean on. She was solid and gentle with him, and gave him a token to help him through. The ring was a promise to Sunburst, that she would be there for him to help.

After their initial friendship and romance, the couple decided they wanted to have a hatchling. They were finally ready for a child, and they named her RubyFlare after her red colors. A troublesome hatchling, the young female loved to get into things and try her parents’ patience. But she was loved by her parents, no matter the trouble she caused.

Sunburst became a warrior for the clan, but took on a role more akin to guard. He protects the clan from outside threats with help from his fellow warriors. With he and the other protectors, their Plague Clan is kept safe from the outside threats like Beast Clans and other dragon clans.

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