Pinesoul (#45715392)
Level 15 Tundra
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Bearded Yeti
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Energy: 47/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Wind.
Female Tundra
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2.45 m
3.45 m
275.8 kg


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Oct 03, 2018
(1 year)



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Level 15 Tundra
EXP: 465 / 60881




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Pinesoul | The Journalist
Pinesoul . . . sees things. Not the kind of things that coexist with the mortal plane, not the creatures that Saze would fit right in with, and neither the twitching horrors that Aonani swears up and down that lurk in the darkest recesses of the Hewn City. No, Pinesoul can sense a higher kind of entity. She's not, well, entirely confident whether or not she's just hallucinating. But they have to exist! She knows they do! Though just in case, she keeps her jaw shut about them.

- - -

It started when she was a hatchling. Shadow, swooping in to congratulate her daughter and look over her grandchildren, had noted with some concern that one fluffy chocolate hatchling was staring blankly at her, seemingly fascinated with something right over the skydancer's shoulder.
Though uncomfortable, Shadow determined it just meant that the odd furball had seen a pretty cloud, disregarding the fact that said cloud seemed to always be right behind her own wings.

To Pinesoul, however, there was something else. A Presence, a haze of light nearbly indetectable by casual glance, hovered over the strange dragon's shoulder, and seemed to stare right at her. It was much later though, that she discovered that only she could see it. The Presence seemed to favor watching over Shadow, though many a time she noticed it following other dragons. She watched it warily for a long time until she noticed that it never seemed to do anything. It simply followed seemingly random dragons and that was it.

- - -

Older now, Pinesoul has made a variety of observations about the Presence. And Presences, she comes to find. There is only ever one per lair, though not all lairs seem to have one, oddly enough. And they seem to all behave differently. Most are just like hers. They follow a dragon of importance or notability, and watch over the dragons in the lair. But others are... diferent. She's yet to find any conclusive evidence that they do anything more than watch, but some exclusively follow a single dragon, and she's found that those dragons tend act just a bit eccentric, though never in the same way. Other Presences she has found instead seem bound to a place, watching the dragons of the clan pass by as if just an observer. She's yet to find a correlation between those objects; sometimes it's the management office of a large clan, and sometimes it's the lamppost on a small sidestreet well away from the city center of whatever place she's visiting.

Pinesoul has heard rumors and legends of ghosts and spirits that haunt lairs, but each is a tad different from what she sees. Some of what she's heard are dragon-shaped, some are blatantly malicious, and some chill the air and make dragons disappear. She's fairly certain those are hoaxes after several years of chasing down leads, but she is frustrated by just how little she knows after all this time. Where they came from, why they're here, if they are intelligent, or even capable of communication are questions she has yet to answer.

Of course, she needs an excuse for all this travel. On the surface, Pinesoul travels as a freelancing journalist, uploading her stories and opinions of new locations, with a focus on busting hauntings and exposing hoaxes. Her primary objective though, the mystery of the Presences, she keeps to herself.

- - -

Pinesoul's been at home for the past few months, after the arrival of Flow. The Presence of the Breezen clan has changed from hopping around from dragon to dragon to almost exclusively sticking with the strange hatchling, and Pinesoul is doing her best to figure out why. The clan has gotten several nonsensical and suspect orders from the Exalted after taking in the dragon, and it makes her journalist's intuition itch whenever Flow flaps by.

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Exalting Pinesoul to the service of the Windsinger will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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