Crevan (#45229809)
Level 10 Skydancer
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Glitterfreeze Ambassador
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Energy: 43/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Male Skydancer
This dragon cannot breed until Jul 09, 2020 (3 days).
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5.18 m
7.35 m
705.53 kg


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Sep 16, 2018
(1 year)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 10 Skydancer
EXP: 833 / 27676



• C R E V A N •

  • Name pronunciation: < KREE - vən >
  • Hatchday: Sep 16, 2018
  • Original clan: Ice
  • Parents clans: Father - ice Skydancer // Mother - ice Skydancer
  • Came to clan: was taken in Sep 26, 2018 (Yukorusshi)
  • Internal politics and foreign affairs: Fiendark - strategist / Étaín - diplomat
    43337096.png // 40566755.png

  • Takes part in Étaín's Ambassador Training Camp


'Among the frozen ice
Blending in with the cold
The glass-like surface
Drew him in
Keeping him close and safe

He had to share it
Others needed to know
Of the beautiful ice he loved
He travelled to the land
Where wind reigned supreme

Solitude never hindered him
But simply made him stronger
Wanting only peace and preservation
Remaining calm and unchanging
Becoming more like the ice he so admires'

Poem by IOfTheStorm

Étaín wrote:
~ Ambassador Training ~

Over time Étaín realized, that the job as Diplomat was getting too much for only one dragon to handle. Discussing the matter with her good friend Fiendark they decided to train eleven dragons that will become the clans Ambassadors.

These dragons will be diplomatic officers in all the different flights, educated and trained by the Chief Diplomat Étaín; but would also have to taken classes from the clan strategist Fiendark. Only then they are officially allowed to take the required exam that would earn them the right to carry the title ‘Ambassador’.

As these dragons were going to become high-ranked representatives in a foreign flight, their training was very carefully overlooked.

When deciding on suitable young dragons for the job, Étaín and Fiendark were looking for motivated individuals with sound judgement and leadership abilities who can retain their composure in times of great stress–or dire situations.

Soon they would work closely together with other diplomats of their host country or clans. It would be in their claws to maintain friendly relations with them by engaging in negotiations of certain issues, promoting understanding, peace and cooperation and also settling disputes, if any. Listening and observing what was going on in their host country, analyzing it; the young Ambassadors then would regularly report back to Étaín. The gentle Skydancer was always willing to give advice and her opinion.

~ Early days ~

Crevan was born into an Ice flight clan deep in the heart of The Southern Icefields. He was born among ice and grew up with it everywhere, loving it more than any toy he was offered to distract him from leaving the safety of the lair. As such, it became a part of him. Ice became his companion, more-so than any other dragon or familiar. In fact he hardly talked to any other dragon.

As he grew older he started to wonder what else was out there. He began to yearn for travel, and though he loved ice, Crevan knew the Southern Icefields weren't going anywhere. The Skydancer wanted to tell others of Ice, but also find out what other regions had to offer. The changing and moving nature of the Wind Flight seemed to be a good place to go.

The knowledge of his ambitious plans spread throughout the clan, and some asked why? Why would a dragon who loved Ice want to leave? Although they questioned his plans, they supported him. His reason was simple. He wanted to see somewhere new, be a part of a new crowd, help a new clan. The clan worried that his solitude had stopped him from being able to talk to strangers, but they saw he had a determination to leave, and they had faith in the young one.

Crevan has the drive to learn more, and the capability to be quiet and diplomatic. Others have remarked upon his ability to remain ever calm and seemingly unchanging. This reputation was hard earned, as Crevan always strives to be as the ice is. He wishes for peace and preservation and finds violence unnecessary and destructive.

~ Early days ~ , written by DraconicProphet






Winter time

Crevan could feel the air getting colder with each passing day, reminding his soul of the gelid embrace of his homeland. Whereas he usually enjoyed the warm and gentle breezes of the Windswept Plateau, the Skydancer always felt more alive and eager to explore during this time of the year.

His fellow clan members where similarly aware of the change in the currents and started their own preparations. Furry clothing in all sorts of colors and styles to keep the wings from freezing in the upmost air layers where tailored. The most beautiful ones made by hand from Desiree, who loved to give them away at the beginning of this month.

As it got cold outside, all members of the clan started to get closer to one another, each with their very own preparation so they could contribute later on: The corners of each pantry was being stuffed with treats and dainties and tasty tidbits so all visitors (and their tummies) would feel welcome. New songs and stories had to be refined and polished so they could be presented during the long winter nights.

Winter was going to be a time to get closer together, to exchange stories and songs that would warm everyone’s heart.


  • Étaín's Ambassador Trainees:

Wind - Niyol / Shadow - Kalki / Light - Yongrui / Water- Llŷr / Earth- Mahkah / Nature - Ctirad

Ice- Crevan / Arcane- Althea / Fire- Cináed / Lightning- Ishkur / Plague - Clot

37013623.png - 28463426.png
Associate Amb. - Amina / Beastclan Amb. - Ronan



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Original Code by Chronicle (46437), edited by me

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