Elio (#44977567)
Level 10 Skydancer
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Curious Kettle
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Male Skydancer
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Sep 07, 2018
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Level 10 Skydancer
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... 44977567.png E L I O
Head Alchemist
Nicknames: El
m/f/x. name origin: Italian and Spanish from Greek sun god, Helios

• Starfall Isles

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Growing up, Elio and his siblings were odd; they always stood out from everyone else. Maybe it was because they was one of the few descended from the Gatekeeper, or because they were descended from the first of the Dawnguards. Maybe it was because they technically weren't dragons; a not-so-distant part of their lineage was created purely from alchemist magic.
Still, however, they had been taught of all three of their lineages since birth, and they were proud of it, in spite of the fact that it often brought them loneliness. Elio, however, seemed to gain more friends easily compared to his other siblings; he was more energetic, more friendly and talkative. He didn't seem the least bit like a descendant of the Glitch Queen.
One of his closest friends was a young Ridgeback by the name of Fafner. He was a friendly orphan, raised by the clan's widowed artist, after he was found wandering near the nursery. He didn't share the same 'borrowing' tendencies like others of his kind did, and he often visited the alchemy hut that Elio's father ran, bringing materials that his mother needed for paintbrushes. Elio went to Fafner's house to learn calligraphy; Fafner went over to Elio's house to learn how to brew. The two dragons bonded over their love of puns.
It was peaceful within the clan, and Elio felt right at home. He was always told that he was to go out into the world when old enough and use his powers to help others, just as his older siblings and as his father once did. However, the young dragon was unsure whether he should stay or go. He had a sense of wanderlust, but a part of him didn't want to leave his family and friends behind.
However, one night would change all of that.

Elio was assisting his older sister and father with a cauldron recipe in broad daylight when he sensed a dark presence lurking in the shadows of the trees nearby.
His father noticed as well, and told him to stay back as he stood in front of him and his sister protectively. Elio caught a face sneering at him from the darkness. He recognized this force. He had only heard of it in various stories from the clan elders and his parents, but he never thought that he would ever see one himself.

"The Shade", it was called. Even the Shadowbringer herself had trouble fighting it, in spite of being created by the shadows herself. The elders told of how it wrought destruction on the world for millennia. It never truly died, feasting on the magic of Sornieth all on its own selfish accord.
However, just as it came, it suddenly dissipated into nothingness, and Elio could no longer feel its presence. The entire clan was on alert that night, and Elio himself couldn't sleep. His parents, having strong magic power, were told to keep watch on the border's outskirts. He and the rest of the young dragons were hidden within the clan's safety area. While the parents were still bringing in the children, they were all told to sleep. But Elio couldn't sleep. He was too afraid of that face, that smirk. It was etched into his mind and it haunted him. So he decided to wait until Fafner showed up. Maybe Fafner's puns could relax him.

He waited. And waited. Elio looked around, waiting for him eagerly. But Fafner and his mother never showed up. At last, he started to feel tired.

Just as he began to drift off, however, he heard a scream. He awoke, startled.

He recognized the voice as Fafner's mother. He looked up, and much to his horror, he saw her being dragged into the forest by a shadowy arm, Fafner desperately running after her. The mages and warriors were trying their best to get to either of them, but to no avail, as shadowy underlings began appearing out of thin air and blocking their way just when they were close enough.
"Fafner, no!" He called out. But it was too late.

Fafner ran straight into the forest, right into the Shade's clutches. The Shade wrapped its arms around him as if to swallow him whole. Elio could only watch in horror.
For the next few weeks after that, Elio wouldn't come out of his room. He was inconsolable and mourned Fafner's death for weeks. He lost one of his closest friends, one of the few who actually understood him.

Eventually, a few months after Fafner and his mothers' death, when Elio was starting to come out of his shell again, some newcomers arrived - a young Coatl pair, siblings who went by the names of Elvira and Onyx. His father was one of the first to greet them, as they became his new neighbors and moved into the hut that Fafner once lived in. At first, Elio was hesitant, but eventually grew to like the couple, as they would bring him and his siblings delicious apple pies. They were kind as well, even looking after Elio a few times for his parents while they were out gathering materials for recipes. They were a little odd, though - they seemed to have a lot more teeth than a normal dragon, and they seemed to know things that they weren't supposed to know. But he liked them nevertheless.

Then, one day, he happened to pass by on the way home from his tutor's house. He heard a loud ruckus, the sound of breaking glass and shrieks. The shriek sounded...inhuman, almost. Worried, Elio peeked through the window of the hut, and was astounded by what he saw.

A Shade being in glowing chains. The two Coatls standing in a defensive position, protecting the young hatchling they had adopted from the nursery just a few days before. The dark runes on their skin were glowing gold, and magical energy was swirling around them.

Just then, Onyx turned and took notice of Elio. He called out to him and told him to grab the clan leader, quickly.

"We don't have much time before it escapes."

As curious as Elio was, he knew better after what happened to Fafner. He ran off to the Clan Leader's hut, calling their name, and managed to get their attention. He quickly lead the Leader and the Archmage back to the hut, and watched as they walked in, shutting the door behind him.

The next day, the clan's messenger dragon appeared during Elio's alchemy lessons, and requested that he head straight to the Clan Leader's house right after he finished his tutoring. This frightened him. He was afraid he had done something wrong, but he went anyways.

As he walked up to the house, he heard the sound of his parent's laughter and the Coatl siblings telling jokes. He politely knocked on the door and walked in.

"Ah! Elio! There you are. Come, come, have a seat, child."

Elio's parents explained to him that he wasn't in trouble, which relieved the young dragon. They explained to Elio that the Coatls were powerful mages from a distant clan that came after hearing of what happened to Fafner and his mother.

"They've taken note of your training, Elio! They would like you to train under them, if that's what you'd like! You'll still take your alchemy classes of course, but you'll still need to choose some type of magic to use on the battlefield. What do you say? If you change your mind, there's still an endless amount of magic for you to learn! It's all up to you, son."

Elio was taken aback by this offer at first, but thought about it for a moment. He thought of the Shade being, stuck in chains. He thought of Fafner and his kind adoptive mother, who taught him how to paint spells using calligraphy and always made him cookies whenever he came to visit.

Without skipping a beat, the young alchemist looked up and nodded to the Coatls.

"It would be an honor to be your apprentice! Teach me all you know. I love to learn."

And with that, he worked under them. He learned of the type of magic they used that day, and they explained their stories, how they came to be, what lead them here.

Stories of ancient clans, hidden throughout Sornieth, ones who fought to stop the Shade from destroying their own homes on distant worlds in the great beyond, centuries ago. How they barely managed to win, how the battles and wars left their world in devastation. The years of recovery that it took to take back their planet. How they were suddenly alerted to a new, young planet that would immediately capture the Shade's attention. That they watched over Sornieth for centuries since the dawn of its creation, taking the forms of dragons to protect the world during the beginning of Sornieth.

Elio listened to every story, took it all in out of intrigue and fascination. He read every book hidden within their hut, learned everything he could and soaked it in like a sponge. The two dragons encouraged him and told him to expand his knowledge.

"Always keep an eye out for the strange, Elio. Many things can be explained, but some cannot. Not everything is as it seems on this world."

Sometimes, the two Coatls would take him to nearby clans to meet other fellow students under other dragons like them. He immediately befriended a few, one of which was a young fae - a distant 'glitchling', as his own family often put it. His name was Ascelin. Though the two were often busy, they sent each other letters frequently as they grew up.

By the time he was of age, Elio grew into a handsome young dragon. Many of the female dragons his age swooned over him, though he showed no interest in mating. One day, he received a letter from Ascelin.

"El, you won't believe what I came across while I was travelling! This may sound insane, but I think I've found one of those clans that our teachers told us about! They're a newer clan, but I rest my case. Come, you need to join us! The clan is in dire need of an alchemist."

Ascelin was never one to lie. So without hesitation, Elio packed up his things and bade good bye to his family and to his tutors, wishing them well.

He journeyed all the way to the Tsunami Flats to the meeting area where Ascelin promised he would be. The fae happily greeted him and took him to a hidden cave entrance. There in front of the gate, talking to one of the guards, was a Mirror. She greeted Ascelin happily, and asked him how his walk was. As she spoke, Elio took notice of some strange features of hers, things that Mirrors weren't supposed to have.

She was a bit larger than most Mirrors he knew. He also took notice of her teeth, which were larger and sharper than most dragons. And wait, hold on a moment - he didn't recall Mirrors having that many teeth. He was sure of it. While many of the ones he crossed paths with were a bit aggressive, like the Goddess that created them, this one didn't seem the least bit interested in a fight. No Mirror he met has ever had such a calming, relaxed aura. He felt a strange energy in the air, one that he only felt around his Coatl tutors. That was when he realized that Ascelin really was onto something.

"And what took you so long, Ascel? You don't usually stay out that long...unless this visitor you have here happens to be...?

Ascelin nodded and nudged Elio.

"Yes! My cousin, a budding Alchemist and a member of the Dawnguard! He's been looking for a place to stay. I was hoping that the Leader would be okay with it."

The Mirror scoffed.

"Of course he would. You know how he is. If your cousin wishes, he's welcome to stay."

She turns to Elio, grinning.

"Greetings, Elio! Ascel has told us much about you. I'm Maelstrom, daughter of the clan leader. This place is small for now, but surely you'll love it here. Come in! My father and mother have been waiting to meet you."

And from the moment Elio stepped in, his fate intertwined with the growing clan and was forever sealed...


Elio is overall a friendly dragon, and he mainly hangs out with Ascelin, in spite of the two looking very different from one another. He loves spending time, working in his cauldron, and is currently seeking to better his skills through transmuting for other clans. He one day hopes to offer brewing services to other clans for free so that he can access more of Baldwin's cauldron recipes, as he's learned that many of the things that can be brewed in his cauldron would make of great use to the clan and help contribute to his growth.

Adaryn, his mate, acts sweet to him, and the two make a fabulous pair, both on and off the battlefield. Adaryn also takes his time to help Elio with some of his alchemy recipes. They take night strolls together, admiring the moon and stars. They hope to adopt children of their own someday and become a family.

As a Naomi descendant, he has the ability to glitch through different dimensions, though his powers are limited as a result of the Magic Circle around the clan, he still uses it to the best of his abilities. He also uses this to help with his Dawnguard magic. He was trained since birth to use the ability for good, and to keep an eye out for any who used the Gatekeeper's abilities for their own gain. He is now well aware that being a Naomi descendant makes him a target for the Shade, but instead of being fearful, that only makes him more zealous and determined to take the Shade down and help purify those who have been Shade-touched. He considers this to be a result of being in a clan full of aliens who aren't necessarily affected by his magic.

Being one of the few descendants of Ithildin of the Dawnguard, he is also very charismatic and can persuade others easily using his own mind to put things into words. Runespells, verbal chants and charms, and magic circles are only a few of the many skills he has mastered. As a result of this, he always seems to know what to say, much to the frustration of others outside the clan. He can swoon many female dragons easily. He seems to show more of an interest in males, however, and isn't really into the idea of mating, though he would gladly do so for the sake of having children.

Lastly, thanks to being from a line of dragons that came to life from alchemy experiments, he enjoys learning new recipes. He is like every alchemy scientist - full of curiosity and always willing to learn more, though he understands boundaries that shouldn't be crossed (he should know - he is, after all, originally from the Starfall Isles). He's always open-minded and willing to learn new things, and is always experimenting new recipes. He is also (surprisingly) very good at cooking and baking (it's very common to hear Elio say "Measuring and combining ingredients for a meal or for a dessert are no different than doing the same for alchemy"). He even volunteers at the water flight food drives and the restaurant that Cherry also helps run when he doesn't have his nose in an alchemy book.

Elio always enjoys going out and looking up at the stars every once in a while. He thinks of his family and his tutors, who left not long after he did. His siblings told him that a few days after he went to join Ascelin, they were giving gifts to everyone and saying that their time in the world was almost over. Maelstrom explained to him that this was common for many of their kind and told him to take comfort in the fact that they could be watching him from the stars above. He takes comfort in the fact that they've finally found a permanent home; they were a restless bunch.

Every now and then, he thinks of Fafner, and hopes that he might be up there, watching him from the stars, too. Now that he knows the truth, he can help save others from Fafner's fate. He lives his life to the fullest, remembering what Fafner told him once; his motto - to live life to the fullest and be the best you can be. And so he does - he works hard and plays hard. He gives his all into what he does, never giving any less.

He's thankful to Cynos and Sura for allowing him to stay, and the opportunities it brings him, to reach out to people and strengthen others. He is often the first during a clan meeting to rouse the clan to excitement, to battle, to whatever event comes next. And sometimes, as he looks at all of his clanmates, he swears he can see an older Fafner smiling at him in the crowd.
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44593155p.png Ascelin | Friend
These two grew up together and are surprisingly close, in spite of their different appearances. They both share a love of puns and are into the strange stuff (seems normal considering that they're both descendants of the Gatekeeper). Ascelin sometimes comes by and helps El out with his recipes. They're both very focused on their goals to reach out to clans across Sornieth and defeat the Shade. However, they've recently sensed a peculiar force similar to theirs, hiding nearby, though it doesn't seem to have good intentions...
45032584p.png Adaryn | Lover
These two felt a strong spark from the moment they met! It only strengthened as they got to know each other over the years, and now finally, after some nudging from Ascelin and Asclepius, they finally got together! Their passion and love for one another is intense, and they often protect each other when on the battlefield together. They hope to start their own family someday.
Name | Relationship
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Elio's more of a mage user; however he is surprisingly adept at physical combat. This comes as a result of his training. However, he's still very average compared to many of the other warriors within the lair.
Due to being a Naomi descendant and being of the Dawnguard, El has incredible vitality - he can take physical hits much better than many other Skydancers. He can also go for many weeks without eating.
As expected, El is a master at magic - he can do different kinds, but his main type of magic is Word Magic, as a result of being from the Sunrise Line of the Dawnguard. He also uses some of the Gatekeeper's magic - he can teleport in and out between different dimensions, and he sometimes uses this to travel when going to see Baldwin for transmuting items.
El has incredible intelligence, of course, and that's only natural for a mage. He doesn't know everything, but he's actually a bit of a history buff when it comes to things that pertain to his lineage and the history of Sornieth. He also has impressive memory.
As mentioned before, El is a master of Word Magic, and as such, he's a natural when it comes to being charismatic and charming. He shows no interest in women, though he would like to have a child with his partner (if he ever gets one, that is - only time will tell).
Elio has never really been much of a believer in luck. As a member of the Arcane flight, he holds a strong belief in destiny and reading the stars. Still, he has pretty average luck, like many other dragons do.

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"Theme" music graphics made by Diamondsuits.

7th Generation Naomi Descendant
Naomi -> Willow -> Erroneous -> Triskadekaphobia -> Phoenix -> SadaoMaou -> me
4th Generation Dawnguard, Sunrise Line, Word Affinity
3rd Generation Alchemist's Tools
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