Moraune (#44399316)
Level 4 Coatl
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Ichor Nymph
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Male Coatl
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7.41 m
8.68 m
781.94 kg


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Aug 17, 2018
(2 years)



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Level 4 Coatl
EXP: 1378 / 4027



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"Heavy heart.
Or so it goes."


Ghostly Aura x1

Azure Yuccarope x2

Vial of River Muck x10

Moraune - Formed by my Loneliness

- The Sound of Rain - River Flows in You - Desolation -
This dragon's story is just beginning !

When you see me again
I'll no longer be the same
But even then...
I'll still stand under the rain
The very same sky we stood under
Is now clouded by storms
And lit with thunder
By a heart so worn
Even so...even so please tell them
How much I loved the flowers
That looked to me as friends
Send them my bowers
I'll smile from the sky
Up there in the clouds
Flying so high
You can't see me now
Trees in the meadows of my dreams
Dandelions dancing with the wind
Tell me now, tell me so, love
Where to flies the little dove?
To the sunlit skies of orange and pink?
Beating her snow tainted wings
The little dove soars to the sky
Waving goodbye...

- By Sky Dreams

______When I am alone, I come to you. Not to feel comfort, not to feel like there is another, but to dump that sadness and loneliness into another. Such a deep power that makes the heart sink so heavily. That agonizing feeling of being left in the dark, in the rain, shivering, so alone. I often wonder if you feel the same. If it hurt you same the same way it hurts me.

______Do you, too, ever cry out in the night? Does your heart feel as desperate and shadowed as mine? Does it ache from the cold? Where to you put it all? Where does it all go? Do the tears flow down your face as heavy as the rain? As heavy as mine?

______Why haven't you come for me yet? Why haven't you called me back into the warmth? Back into the place that makes me feel the least lonely? That place, back into your arms. Why am I always left out in the cold?

______Please, don't leave me out here. I want to feel the warmth again, but I cannot do it alone. I need to picked up. Picked up by someone stronger and warmer than me. To have this heavy heart of mine released back into the heavens, feeling like I again play a role in the life of another. An important role of harmony and warmth.
The Exalted

______Each of the lost offspring represent a different emotion. One that burns within the heart and soul, one that causes deep sadness and depression, and another that causes total loneliness. Each parks a spark of pain that resides within and is to be kept locked away in hopes to feel better. In hopes to view a better light within another day.

______That of which carries the burden of an aching body. The pains carried on from day to day where no amount of sleep can seem to heal. Doing what everyone advises, months at a time, only to never feel that relief people seem to speak of. It burns forever with no point of going away, and the hopes of casting it aside go with the said offspring out into the depths of Exalt.

______Containment. Caged. Boxed. There is no freedom, there is no escape. Trapped by everything around with no door or window to emerge from on the other side. As if a cry for help, unable to even see a hand to somehow free one's self from an inescapable clutch. Sending the offspring out into the Exalt as a sacrifice in hopes of bringing me the key to roam free.

______Though a side effect of of entrapment, the feeling of loneliness grows. There is no sent help, there is no one coming, there is no guarantee of having a light by one's side. That scary thought of forever lost and unsure of trusting if an entity will forever reside with you. Will some other force just whisk away that little bit of light from your day forever?


Completed 5/5/2020
Thank you so so much to Yemoja#353440 for gifting me the final Bee gene that I needed for this boy! I cannot thank you enough! Stay well :)

Those that have been created by the negative emotions of another exist only for that reason alone. The entity can never switch to another and can never be reborn into something new. The only way for the entity to change is to cease existing. Emotional Wells are often created when someone is hitting a breaking point of emotion. Where no amount of withholding can restrain the ever growing force of the thoughts within a being. Those emotions poor out and form into a dragon. That dragon will forever attached to the creators soul, and their soul alone. It cannot exist without for it needs to be fed what it was created from. Emotional wells will NEVER gain taste for another.

These dragons reflect mainly what they are created from. Those who represent a strong depressive emotion are often darker, quieter, and potentially dangerous. However, one that erupts from wrath, vengeance, or anger may be very hot headed, lethal, or quick to act. Emotional Wells act on the most negative and worst of emotions and their properties which could pose as a huge threat.

It is unknown what happens to these dragons once their soul bounded owner passes away. Some say the emotions just drift in the wild without a form, never to be hosted again, but to simply drift along, forever lost. Others claim that the broken forms of the Emotional Wells can be collected, but it has never been done before and with the unstable connections of an Emotional Well to a potential new soul host, there is no telling what issues may arise.

Emotional Wells never form in groups or even couples. The supposed offspring these dragons have are formed from the overflow of emotions and are marked as potential release. These formed offspring can never bond with another and are often exalted almost as a sacrifice by the soul host in order to feel some emotional relief. There is no limit to the amount of offspring release an Emotional Well can do and it is often said that this is a good means of keeping the dragon stable and leveled.

Emotional Wells come in the following four groups;

Melancholia is the most common of Emotional Wells. Often times this category is formed by depression, sadness, loneliness, or misery type emotions. Each dragon in this category can represent a mix of these emotions and often reflect outward expressions of being aloof, quiet, and gentle. When Melancholia type dragons take part in combat, they represent more of a sly and silent form of battle.

Their color range consists mainly of dark blues, dark purples, dark greys, and shades of black. Terts may range in slightly brighter colors, or even white, to accent their true feelings of loss as more prominent in those that display Ghost or Smoke. Since Poison and Toxin are none to form for this type, they are only able to form with the less shades and not those with brighter colors.

The genes of Melancholia types consist of the following;
Primary - Python/Falcon/Poison/Wasp/Starmap
Secondary - Bee/Constellation/Toxin/Morph






If found please return the FallenAngel#2602.

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Exalting Moraune to the service of the Stormcatcher will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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