Rue (#44012143)
The Messenger
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Scorchpaw Prowler
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Female Spiral
This dragon is hibernating.
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3.43 m
2.95 m
92.6 kg


Primary Gene
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Aug 04, 2018
(3 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 5 Spiral
EXP: 1359 / 5545




  • none



The Messenger
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╯ ╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╯ ╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╯ ╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

Energetic | Speedy | Twisty
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adapted by Katalist
━━━━━ n o t e s ━━━━━━
Clan Representative
Loves giving gifts
Loves receiving messages

Second-cousin once removed of Mal(younger)

Featured on the front page Oct 19, 2019


Hold on, hold on. It's in here somewhere. Aha!

━━━━━━━━━━━━ b i o ━━━━━━━━━━━━

Rue is a gangly teenage Spiral traded with a light clan for a guardian hatchling. Her arrival was a lot later than expected, due to her getting hopelessly lost. Despite that, she is the clan's messenger, tasked with bringing nature bombs and care packages to her fellow clans.

Rue has no chosen mate, and doesn't believe in stable relationships. Despite this, many single males have caught her eye. She just can't choose which.

Rue loves to run instead of fly, preferring to glide short distances than flap constantly. She likes the way her cape billows out from behind her, and would otherwise get tangled in her wings if she tried. She barely gets tired, often running from sheer adrenaline alone.

Rue keeps a good relationship with her birth clan, often keeping in touch with her mirror brothers. In fact she keeps a good relationship with all her fellow dragons. She doesn't believe the effort in maintaining negative relationships is worth it, preferring to keep her distance from bad clans.

All deals and trades go through the leaders. Rue has no influence in any decision; she is just the messenger, and strives to remain neutral. As such, she has no opinions on any subject, political or religious.


━━━━━━━━━━━━ l o r e ━━━━━━━━━━━

The dazzling light pierced her newborn eyes; she loved it. As she broke out of her egg, other dragons rushed over to inspect her. She giggled as she was turned upside down, and twisted and stretched. Satisfied that she was without any defects, she was placed down next to her new mirror brother. Both watched as their other brother joined them. She loved them both.

Time went on, and their personalities developed. One of her brothers was bold, and always looking for trouble, whilst the younger one was shy and reserved. She on the other hand had a skill for making the trouble worse. Their hijinks drove her birth clan crazy, as the hatchlings found different sources for their almost never-ending energy. Finally, almost like the rest of the clan was done with their antics, she was shipped off and sent to her current clan. She never got to properly say goodbye to her brothers, thinking her trip was only a temporary one.

She hopes they are doing well.

When greeted at the entrance by Modremoth, the leader, she was instantly welcomed and fed. She hung around him for a little while, until even her giddy energy irritated him. Hoping to distract her, he gave her a missive to send-and she was off like a shot. Named Rue for her sharp vision and quick reflexes, she was given the job Messenger and took to it like a duck to water.

When her constant interactions with other clans lead to increased popularity, she was appointed Clan Representative. Clans often referred to the ""little spiral with the bandanna"", to her delight. Now that she's matured, Modremoth has taken to using her for more serious interactions as well as her seedling bombs. Rue of course doesn't mind; the chance to run is a good an incentive as any.



TRICK OR TREAT: an RP with CatkinStarchild


Suddenly the air shimmers slightly, heralding the presence of a spell, well before the far-off sounds of gleeful laughter reach you. Then there is a sharp pop like a champagne cork, and an explosion of glitter that makes everyone sneeze heralds the sudden appearance of a tiny gold-coloured fae, wearing the most wicked grin you've ever seen underneath a slightly oversized pirate hat.
It's cute, but by the grin and the glint in the beady eyes, also trouble. Some of your clan guards are already nonchalantly edging over, and someone groans ""Not her, I thought we set up wards against things like that…""
Ignoring them all, grinning from ear to ear, she clears her throat meaningfully. ""Arr!"" She growls unconvincingly in a squeaky voice; ""-I'm a swashbuckling pirate queen- obviously- have you any idea how hard it was to get this outfit in my size?! Anyway-"" She gestures meaningfully with an open sack slightly larger than herself, ""Give me all your goodies or els- wait, no. That's robbery. Sorry, let me try that again, I mean- TRICK OR TREAT!!""




A snapper begins to greet the fae who'd obviously pushed in line-
Until a tornado of brown filled the views of both dragons.

Holding Goldentop up in the air, Rue squeals and shakes Goldentop's body vigourously.

""It's the legend! The myth! The fastest message deliverer in the whole of Sornieth! My friends and I all talk about you, and now you're here!""
Goldentop tried to apparate out of Rue's tight grip, but she only squeezed tighter, causing her to gasp.

""How,"" she squeaked, ""do you know me?""

""I've been following you, and trying to learn your skills! I don't know how you do it..."" Gazing off into the distance, Rue's grip lessened enough for the fae to wriggle free, cursing at her the whole time.
""Imagine if I could teleport anywhere I wanted to be! Imagine how fast mail will be! I might be as fast as the messenger dragons..."" Lifting up her sleeves to reveal rock hard arms, Rue brushed them, leaving fae dust on them.

""My legs can only run so fast. I love running, though, so I couldn't give that up. But teleportation! Goldentop-sempai, you have life so easy for you!""

Turning to the snapper, Goldentop snapped, with an expression of clear disgust.
""Forget your stupid treats, I'm out! Conceal your crazy people before I come next time!""
""No, wait! Take this, please!""
Rue shoves a - honestly it's quite terrible - drawing of goldentop chasing a piece of cake. Scribbled all over it are words of worship, and love hearts.



There was a soft sound like a champagne cork being released, and a shower of glitter pelted down on the clan's grounds, unnoticed. It was evening, a few hours since the Trick-Or-Treaters had finished up, and there was just enough light still to see by. Or to sneak by.
Goldentop found her quarry without much difficulty, as the streaking brown dragon zipped around like lightning- Goldentop had to flap her wings as fast as she could to catch up- when Rue paused to deliver something, she called out, breathless from the flight-

""Oi! You! Spiral with the Bandanna! Yes, you! Be still a moment!""

She caught her breath with some effort, then drew herself up to her full (but still tiny) height.
""I've got to set some things straight. When you say you're my 'fan'- look, I'm assumin' that ye're a fan of my Art of Vanishment, not of me in a squishy kissy sense- because quite aside from the fact we'd have the most godawfully ugly babies, I'm taken. My massively oversized imp (pirate captain) boyfriend would eat you for breakfast, a skinny spiral noodle like yourself. Aaaand, now that I've said all that last bit, I note you're also a girl. Well, I feel like a right ninny now."" Goldentop smacked her face with her palm, groaned, and stared at the sky for a few seconds, lips moving as she worked out her thoughts with some effort-""Well,"" She chuckled, ""Least that problem just went away. ANYWAY, I, um, just wanted to say…"" She shuffled her feet, and turned scarlet under her spots, and blurted out in a huge rush- ""I really LOVED those pictures you did. They're amazing! I've never looked so pretty!!! THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!"" Squealing her delight, Goldentop swooped over and hugged the first bit of the Spiral she could reach. (It was probably her waist. It's hard to tell on a Spiral. )

""I'm so happy!! And totally flattered! And I'm sorry heaps that I kinda yelled at you and called you crazy before. I get all flustered when people start saying nice things about me, I'm sure it's some kind of trick. Nobody says nice things if they actually know me, basic'ly, 'less they're tryin'a get something back off me what I nicked earlier. And people rushing up yelling my name and grabbing me are usually, well, arresting me for something."" She giggled and let go, stepping back a bit- ""So I'm sorry if I came over all defensible- BUT I LOVED THOSE THINGS YOU DREW!!!!""
She burst out again in jubilation, then stopped and shuffled her feet, still blushing like a sunburned golden top mushroom, and tried to remember what it was she was trying to say. ""Point BEING,"" She tried again; ""Look, I wanted to say, I like yer style, an' you're faster than me in the air, but you're dead on, none can top Vanishment. So,"" She lifted her chin proudly; ""I'll teach you someday. ON CONDITION you swear on your life not to pass it on, or let anyone find out. Anyone sees the glitter, let 'em think it was me just gone, got it? And any cake you see, it's gone too, right? That's the deal. I've a reputation to maintain!! Anyone else seen doin' it, and I'd lose the franchise!"" She grinned, and cackled like a mad thing for a few seconds before remembering herself.

""So, you just send me a message if you want anytime. You know where to find us. Speaking of which, are you really clan representative? If Clan Modremoth and/or Pyre The Tribe is looking for any more allied clans, Bard'd love to hear back from you."" She sneezed hugely; then grinned in a dazed way; ""I'm not an ambassador. I'm just a semi-official pest. But I know what Bard likes, and he likes you and yours. Let's be allies! The dergs we've had come our way from you are charmers, except that Winterdawn, she nearly bit my actual head off once when I got into her glory box of knives- but notwithstanding semi-retired assassins, the folks from your lair are class."" She took off her pirate's cap, bowed low and dipped it to the ground, then straightened up again with her enormous mischievous grin back on her face.

""Therefore, to thank you again for your beautiful gift, and to say happy halloween, please accept this-""
Goldentop flicked her wings to be airborne, disappeared, and reappeared within seconds, carrying a huge bundle twice the size of herself, in an explosion of glitter and a cackle of glee at managing such a trick. ""-With our clan's compliments."" She finished, and added proudly- ""I didn't even steal it or nuffin."" Goldentop winked, glittering, and then she was gone.



Rue had been promptly scolded by Aunty Sophie for her appalling behaviour, so when Goldentop appeared again, she didn't know what to think.
The popping sound had become all but familiar by now, so when she heard it, she fled. T'was the smart thing to do, really. Goldentop had probably nicked a knife from somewhere. Rue had seen what she had done to that one wind clan.

But momma had taught her well, and she turned when Goldentop called out.

She would admit, she was very confused when Goldentop started her spiel. Honestly, when she admitted she was a big fan, she meant purely platonically. While her breeding partner wouldn't mind if she had a girlfriend on the side (honestly, he would probably find it really cute and they could go on double dates with his boyfriend), she just didn't swing that other way. Or curl. Or Twist. Or whatever spirals did, but she certainly was straight. For a spiral. Are spirals truly straight?
Bringing her thoughts back to the present, Rue noticed Goldentop was going through some little existential crisis, upon realising Rue was indeed, a girl. Well, it was hard, considering how similar she looked to the other spirals, and she often coiled herself the other way, like a guy, and she acted very tomboyish - maybe this was why she was single for so long, because she was constantly mistaken for a man? Maybe she really was a guy, and Goldentop knew something she didn't! Well, she did lay eggs, like a female, but she didn't have teats or dugs or nipples like some of the familairs in Blush's zoo. Did that mean she wasn't a mother? Rue made a mental note to check out her private parts next time she was at the doctor, to confirm she wasn't in fact , a male. Oh, but then what would she tell her breeding partner? If she was male, then they couldn't lay eggs together, but then she could go on a date with the pair of them and do cool man things like hunt, and sew, and cannonball in the water, which is something all the girls in the tribe do too but what if that was because they were all male too?
What if everyone was male? Including Goldentop? Would that mean that if they got in a relationship, they would be straight? Aah, but no, Rue was clearly a male, like Goldentop had said, so maybe they would be gay? At least they would be happy together. Oh look! A pun!
She was interrupted again by Goldentop hugging her. Instantly her thoughts raced, about how Goldentop knew she liked her, or him, or she didn't even know anymore, and maybe she could read minds, and how much Goldentop could have read by now. Sitting there, as goldentop rambled on about the pictures, Rue focused intently on yelling the lyrics to the macarena in her head, which of course gave all the surrounding skydancers a massive headache.

Oh wait she was talking about Vanishment.
Dropping the macarena, Rue tried intently to listen to what she was saying, but it was too late.

""So, you just send me a message if you want anytime. You know where to find us. Speaking of which, are you really clan representative?""

oh! OH! She knew this one!

""Uh... I'm not clan rep anymore, sadly."" I have got to get that updated, she admonished herself.
Goldentop didn't seem to hear her, continuing on. Rue had to stop her when she got to clan mod/pyre.

""Oh! Wow, you have been gone a while! We've had a massive relocation. You see, we're now three clans. Yeah. Modremoth and Pyre decided the name was too long, and we sounded pretty stupid. So we changed our name to THE TRIBE,"" she shouted, waving her hands in the air. When Goldentop stood there, awkwardly, Rue coughed and shook her head roughly.
""Sorry, it sounded cooler in my head. Buy yes. We are the Tribe now. A certain clan you may know helped us out with that (@Caelyn, bless her), and we cleaned our image up. Ah! Haha! Speaking about that, yes, we attracted some rather foul specimens. Well, I wouldn't say attracted, it was more like our territory expanded to include this swamp that we found at the back, right? So we find these guys, all messed up creatures, like rapists and murderers and necromancers and witch doctors and all reaLLY COOL PEOPLE, and the person who found them really, got them under control and stopped them from killing us it was really cool really.""

Taking a deep breath, Rue continued with the onslaught of information.

""So that dragon, Ursa her name is, she becomes the leader of this group. She manages to stop Pyre from killing everyone, and makes these laws. Pretty much the swamp guys can do whatever they want, just as long as it doesn't involve or harm the tribe. They can stay there and we will provide them protection from, well, angry customers or people they're trying to hide from, as long as they provide us with a tax. Considering how Axa is netting in a fairly heavy net of gol-"" Eyes widening, Rue clapped her hands to her mouth as Goldentop's eyes widened. Grabbing her hand before she vanished, Rue cried out,

""No! Don't touch it! It's booby trapped, and Axa is a vicious snake! She has slaves! She is the pirate queen! DON'T TOUCH HER STUFF For SHADES SAKES, ELEVEN DEITIES COUNTING. She is like, best friends with the jailer and the wendigo. I heard that if she catches someone in her hoard, she will cut you up and feed you to the prisoners! WHILE YOU'RE STILL ALIVE. Trust me, there's easier gold.
Back on topic though, Ursa became the leader of the swamp denizens, that's what they call themselves to make themselves sound smarter than a group of poisonous hillbillies, and now we have three clans. Eventually we grew like, really big, and so two clans moved into this massive tree you see here. The swamp denizens look after the old marketplace, and I often zip through and send messages to both clans. Here at least it's easy, everyone lives together. Don't tell Pyre I said this but basically they're just running one clan here now. Everyone obeys Modremoth and Pyre equally now.
So if you're looking for a clan representative, now it's just easier to talk to them straight up. They're everywhere. I'd probably avoid the swamp denizens though, they're pretty mean. And Ursa is kinda scary, even though I'm related to her!
Yes, get this!
So, because clan politics is weird, Ursa is my *gasp* Breeding Mate's Actual Mate's Daughter. I know, doesn't sound that bad when you piece it together, but when you throw in her brother, Kaveh, her daughter Anaisa, who has made the prettiest little chart with our faces on it, check it out, her adopted daughter the bogsneak, and her mate the blacksmith, it gets really weird. Pretty much it's her family that caused everyone to move, but I don't mind really, because I love trees just SO MUCH!""

Rue had gone off topic again.
It was a terrible problem.

But hey, Goldentop gave her a gift! It didn't look good on her, but Modremoth's mate would look great in this!
Oh hey, winterdawn was still alive? She'd let Modremoth know. Honestly Rue has heard nothing about that weird mumbly dragon, so it was good knowing she wasn't on some centaur's spear somewhere.

Finally, after both parties had exhausted themselves, Goldentop gave her another hug, and vanished quickly afterwards.... taking her satchel.



I don't think we ever finished that rp. We kinda just lapsed into making puns about Goldentop and Rue and giving each other gifts. Oops.


ETYMOLOGY - the name of an herb

━━━━━━━ X ━━━━━━━━
Modremoth was her first boss. She still sends and receives messages for him, but his beastclan messengers meant she often spent a lot of time bored in the Tribe. So she started looking for new bosses.

Fun Boss
━━━━━━━ X ━━━━━━━━
Ursa uses many different messengers, and Rue can't often see them, so she is a bit wary. Regardless, when Ursa needs a rare legal message sent, Rue is the one to ask. Rue thinks she may just be being used as a neutral face in front of other political parties. She will mention no word about her suspicions though.

Not Fun Boss
━━━━━━━ X ━━━━━━━━
Axa is the worst boss. She refuses to pay Rue when payment is due; When Ursa backs rue up, then she gets paid the bare minimum. But Rue doesn't like to ask Axa for much, lest she be asking for her own head. Rue's neck hurts just thinking about it.
Art by Hallea (RyuuAkutagawa)
Art by Alicefireflies
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