Kara (#43273147)
Level 25 Skydancer
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Blue and Gold Macaw
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Energy: 46/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Female Skydancer
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4.33 m
5.42 m
452.01 kg


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Jul 09, 2018
(2 years)



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Eye Type
Level 25 Skydancer
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|| Pirate Queen ||
Ships are safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for.
United we stand, United we conquer.


Cruel and cold like winds on the sea
Will you ever return to me?
Hear my voice, sing with the tide
My love will never die
Over waves and deep in the blue
I will give up my heart for you
Ten long years, I’ll wait to go by
My love will never die

Come, my love be one with the sea
Rule with me for eternity
Drown all dreams so mercilessly
And leave their souls to me
Play the song you sang long ago
And wherever the storm may blow
You will find the key to my heart
We’ll never be apart
Wild and strong you can’t be contained
Never bound nor ever chained
Wounds you caused will never mend
And you will never end

Cruel and cold like winds on the sea
Will you ever return to me
Hear my voice sing with the tide
Our love will never die


Kara is the firstborn child of Ragnar and Lorelei, the most feared pair on the seas and possibly in all of Sornieth. At a young age, Kara was trained in the art of combat by her father and in the use of her siren gifts by her mother. No clutchmates meant that she was the only one they were training, and so Kara became very deadly very fast. She was rather agile on her feet if not quite as strong as her father, and while she didn't have the same level of power as her mother it was enough to bring most to their knees. As such, it wasn't long before Kara set out to forge a future in her parents' empire for herself.

Kara ended up in the Dawnchaser Clan, which was a port right off the edge of the Sea of a Thousand Currents. One of the council members, Kushiel, had struck a trade bargain with her father's fleet some time ago, so it was one of a few natural starting places for a daughter of Ragnar and Lorelei. The skydancer himself turned out to be one of the few men Kara could not bring to his knees, but he became an ally to her and further helped her fight and hone her skills along with his guard, Sainika. Her skills advanced quickly to the point where she could confidently handle herself alone, and that's when it really began. Kara used some of her earnings to buy herself a ship, and became a feared pirate along the coast. She courted several of her crew members and had several clutches of hatchlings, but never found one that quite managed to capture her attention.

The road of the pirate queen was a lonely one. Kara took in several of her siblings' hatchlings and employed them on her ship as well as her own great-granddaughter, whom she raised as her own. Still, no male managed to capture her attention for more than a fleeting affair. The viking in her adored challenges, but there was none in pursuing a mate when they all went to their knees at so much as a whisper of her song. Eventually she just stopped looking in favor of taking care of her crew.

Several years went by that way. She become renowned for her piracy skills all across Sornieth and the cash that it brought her turned Kushiel's city from a ramshackle trading settlement to a jewel of the coast. Her great-granddaughter, Ulla, had become a force to be reckoned with, her magic blossoming in the dangerous atmosphere of a pirate's life. Her nephew Eirikur was still, well, Eirikur, though quieter after his best friend's passing. Kara expected him to find a new way of earning a living any day now, but he stuck with the crew and stayed at her side.

The day everything changed was an odd one. They were sailing not far from the coast of the Tangled Woods, the faint scent of a storm drifting on the breeze. Kushiel had tracked down a wealthy merchant ship for them to strike, and Kara expected to be upon it soon. However, around midday she sighted a small schooner not far off their ship. The small vessel was heading towards the shore and wasn't on a path that went anywhere near them, but something in her was pulled towards it. Kara had learned over the years not to ignore the small, subtle things her siren magic whispered to her, so she ordered the crew to turn the ship. They did so, but not without a few confused mutterings and a skeptical glance from Ulla.

It wasn't a cargo vessel, nor a passenger one. It was a ship made for fighting, very much unlike the slow mercher ships they were used to chasing. In fact, the only thing of any note Kara could see on it was a lithe skydancer the color of a sky just before dawn. He was chained to the mast, obviously a prisoner to the dragons she could see driving the ship. His eyes met hers and if she wasn't imagining things his mouth curled upwards very slightly at the ends. A challenge. Her magic was singing through her veins at the sight, much more potent than the usual adrenaline. It was folly to go after him, but Kara was sure that this is what she had been chasing after her entire life and she wasn't about to let it go just because of a couple of pirates.

"We board the ship and free the prisoner," Kara ordered, turning back to her crew, a new storm brewing in her deep blue eyes.

"Kara-" Ulla warned, the young nocturne's gaze questioning.

"I am captain here, and I say we board and rescue the prisoner," she said more firmly.

Kara sent her crew to take care of the guards while she freed the prisoner. Heart pounding with anticipation, she warily made her way to where he had been tied up just a few minutes before. When she got there, however, she found that the skydancer had slipped free of his ropes that now laid limply on the ground. "Impeccable timing, captain," a smooth voice said, and she spun to see the former prisoner standing over the unconscious body of his guard. "Let's get out of here, shall we?" He offered her a smile and strode past to where her crew was disposing of the rest of his captors, leaving Kara behind speechless. Who was this prisoner, anyways?

When she was composed again, she returned to the main area where the crew had subdued the guards. Ulla had left one conscious, presumably for question. She was about to tell the nocturne to just knock them out, but the bulky imperial glared her in the eye and said, "Do you have any clue who this scoundrel is?"

"I'm sure you're going to enlighten me regardless," Kara said, looking over with disinterest.

"He's a wanted criminal all over Sornieth. A thief, a liar, and a cheat," it spat.

The lithe skydancer scoffed. "I am wounded," he said, "You probably don't even know what half of those words mean."

"Of course I do, you-"

Kara cut the remark short. "Listen. Who he is doesn't matter right now, but do you have any idea who I am?" she asked, voice low and menacing as she took a step forwards.

"This is highly unnecessary-"

"My name is Kara," she said, offering a sharp smile. "Pirate queen of the Sea of a Thousand Currents and firstborn of Ragnar and Lorelei. I suggest you bite your tongue if you'd like to keep it."

The prisoner's throat bobbed and they fell silent. Kara made a gesture and Ulla knocked them out before they could say another word. She sent her crew to search for any additional loot. While she sat and inspected the deck, the skydancer they had freed sidled up to her.

He cleared his throat. "So would you happen to have any vacancies on this ship of yours?" Kara's heart leapt. She wanted to sing and jump up and down for joy.

Instead, she just looked at him and said, "Do you have a name other than thief, liar, and cheat?"

"Jax," he replied, flashing her a grin.

"Kara Ragnardottir," she said, returning the smile. "You're going to fit right in, Jax."

From then on, Jax was part of Kara's odd little group. After spending a while on the ship together, the two of them became mates. The rest from there was history. They were known as the Pirate Queen and Shadow King and feared all across the seas of Sornieth.

Gen 1
The name Kára either means "the wild, stormy one" (based on Old Norse afkárr, meaning "wild") or "curl" or "the curly one" (from Old Norse kárr).

She is almost like her father and with the cunningness of her mother
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Welcome dear weary traveler! Please come in and take a seat. Are you hungry? Need a drink? A place to rest? Please make yourself comfortable and enjoy our humble Tavern.

Points: 25***Earned: 2018-9-13
Secret to all but her parents, crew, and closest siblings, Kara loves warm honey tea.

Love you Kara, my pirate queen. <3
By the awesome FrozenKatt!
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