Level 2 Coatl
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Frostbite Dryad
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Male Coatl
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Personal Style


Simple Pearly Necklace
Cat's Wing Fans
Bronze Steampunk Tail Bauble




7.47 m
8.67 m
792.66 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Jun 20, 2018
(5 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 2 Coatl
EXP: 23 / 641


Uh-oh, looks like this heckin' millennial wandered a little too far from his home lair (#386651 khe), and now he's off to see the world! If ever you feel the need to exalt, he'd really appreciate it if you could just return him to the home lair, or to the 'Dragons Off To See The World' rest hub, here. Thank you!

Discord wrote:
#my-travels | please write your experience here!==== | Search==== |

66899737p.png ktjn #386651 10/19/2021
yeah he apparently almost fell into the volcano because he was staring at his phone too much?? literally almost died, dude. we sent him out of Clan With No Name because he's basically a hazard! plus his ringtones sucked!!

56126682p.png jackalfighter #548769 10/26/2021
We received this visitor from @ktjn and regret the decision wholeheartedly. He almost wandered into the Pit of Carnivorous Darkness. When scolded he just laughed and shrugged and said "Yolo", whatever that means. He's not welcome here any longer. May the Shade claim a moron.

62024555p.png SauriumDragonArt #534270 10/27/2021
He ate all our stored food, clapped off rhythm to everything, and kept complaining about how his coffee had ‘two shots of soy instead of three’. What does that even mean? Anyway, we have decided to agree he has to go. May he find somewhere where he is welcomed, but it’s not here. For sure.

47388793p.png LunaTenebrisFlos #534270 11/1/2021
A pestilence to the clan, Artan trampled the nest gardens "trying to snap a selfie", became stuck head-first in a drone vent, and nearly wandered into [REDACTED]. Promptly after, Artan was exiled from the clan, deemed unworthy of sacrifice. He wandered into the woods where he became very, very lost.

31156970p.png IceRose #293290 11/11/2021
Tried to save some fried fish from drowning. In his soup.

54937833p.png SleepyDoggo #413658 02/28/2022
This loud neon dragon showed up in the middle of the night, waking the whole clan up with his shouts of "HASHTAG WIND FLIGHT IRL". He was booted out after he attacked one of our children for "stepping on his selfie stick"

70499975p.png Await 03/01/2022
He walked into the clock store, said “TikTok haha” (he pronounced the word haha) and left. We never saw him again.

69366210p.png UnknownConcept #222148 03/03/2022
He sat in a local cafe and kept requesting something called avocado toast. When we explained that we don't sell that, all he'd say was "That's cap!" The cafe does not sell hats either. We are very confused. We cannot help him.

71838290p.png UmbraCrow #166731 11/13/2022
We have no idea how this strange Coatl got here, but he's more trouble than he's worth. First he almost fell over the edge of our ravine trying to take a '''selfie''' (whatever that is), and proceeded to blabber on and on in this strange language. It sounded like common and yet it didn't at the same time, many of the clan were confused. However the final straw that broke us was his sheer carelessness when roaming the town, breaking into our store of specialty scrolls, and mutating himself all willy-nilly. He has henceforth been banned from staying within clan borders. 0/5 stars, would not recommend.

(brewed & applied Poison 12/6/2022)

78515794p.png Miere #565963 12/07/2022
Ended up sending him from the main village to the more technologically advanced portion of land owned by the clan since he was close to offending the local coven by "wanting to snap a selfie with some crystal girls". Was surprisingly well receipted within the city by some of the inhabitants but ended up getting on the bad side of someone who consequentially wiped out all the data from his phone. Left on his own accord after whining about how he doesn't remember his passwords and needs to create all new accounts.

81519826p.png Beliel #2095 12/17/2022
Was greeted by one of the towns innkeepers, he was far too impressionable on the young bog with his weird way of saying words like frfr which sounded like the coatl was being possessed by something demonic. The young bog's sister sent him away, only to watch the strange coatl nearly take his head off on a hanging signpost when he was trying to take a selfie. Thankfully, he only broke his selfie stick instead, however, he whined about how life wasn't fair and how it was Gen X's fault while making a TikTok. Not sure what a TikTok is or who or what a Gen X is but he scared a few citizens with his weird ways. Still unsure if this one is going to be allowed back. Highly doubt it.

55411845p.png Constellarum #489807 12/20/2022
We welcomed him with open claws at first, as is custom for all newcomers and travelers here. Boy, was that a mistake! He immediately made a complete mess of the kitchen stock pantries that had just been organized. To make matters worse, he ate (yes, ATE!) all of the cinnamon from the spice cabinet and claimed it was some kind of "trendy challenge", all while recording the whole thing on his phone. How he didn't immediately spit it all back up along with the rest of his stomach contents is a complete mystery... After his spree in the kitchen, he made his way to our nesting grounds, "twerked" (his words) on the nest nurse Prism, called her his "thiccc queen with three C's", and was promptly sucker-punched in the face by her and knocked unconscious. After waking up, he was told in no uncertain terms that he and his bizarre lingo was no longer allowed anywhere near the Clan borders, else he would be knocked the f' out again. He's someone else's problem now. Good riddance!!

31948879p.png Purrloinedlove #283135 12/25/2022
Worst Nochukkah guest ever! He interrupted Murdoc and Regina's rendition of "Ma'oz Tzur" by screeching, "OK BOOMER," whatever that's supposed to mean. It certainly wasn't a compliment, based on the younger dragons' protests. He did not get to stay for latkes and gelt. Not that he could eat it anyway.

52757423p.png KittyCats #311508 12/29/2022
We found him dousing our meat stores in a chemical-smelling blue goo. When questioned on his actions, he said he was, "doing the NyQuil chicken challenge LMAO." Though we still did not understand his actions, we offered him other food. He refused it all because he only ate "gluten-free and vegan" food. Without anything to offer him, we urged him to look elsewhere and leave our clan in peace. On his way out, he said, "Haters gonna hate." His departure is a relief.

79851905p.png BigB0yJENKINS #633029 01/03/2023
Wgen he found out we had an evil kitchen he said "can we normalize letting me into the evil kitchen??" So we did. He wanted to invent a new tiktok dance challenge in there but all he did wAs shake his butt a little and say "beef twerky LMAO" and then fell into the meat grinder. We put him back together but when he woke up he was sobbing inconsolably because his phone got meat ground and now he cant post it. We had to kick him out because now all ghe ground meat tastes like kombucha.

66020941p.png hyddenchyld #559475 01/05/2023
This dragon was found lying in the sun after rubbing lotion on his body in strange designs. He said he came to the Sunbeam Ruins because he knew that the best "rays" were located here. He spent the next half hour taking hundreds of photos of himself with his phone, making a dumb, scrunched up face. He berated nearby dragons for "photo bombing" and ruining his "selfies". After impatiently waiting for an hour, he looked disappointed that the lotion rubbed off his scales. We aren't sure what he was trying to accomplish, and, frankly, we are too afraid to ask. He flew off muttering something about needing a gallon of Planesrunner milk. Good luck to any dragons that come across him.

77565153p.png NecroticroseQT #617537 01/07/2023
This.......dragon we found wandering the Necropolis did not stay long. He immediately started looking around at some of the dragons of the clan and yelling 'this one is RED, so they look kind of SUS!!!! They look like the IMPOSTER! I think that they should be VOTED OUT!' Did a newcomer, a visitor, even, think that he could determine who is and who isn't allowed to live in this clan??? We removed him immediately, and has been banned from returning.

9808690p.png perfectoranges #100277 01/11/2023
*tap tap* Is this thing on? I'm here to relay a transmission about a...most unruly visitor staying in our clan's travelers' dens. Since his arrival, he's become fixated on a number of clan members, repeatedly asking to "follow" or "collab with" them, undeterred by their confusion. Not only that - he always carries around an unusual device that seems to occupy much of his attention, often laughing out loud by himself while staring into the inky black square. He doesn't seem to be malicious whatsoever, just...a dragon living in his own world. Best of luck to whichever clan next hosts him.

6919277p.png Aelwen #6919277 11/1/2021
The poor lad came to us while complaining the last Clan "didn't let him eat all the squishy ballroom urchins for a challenge." Challenge by whom? We sent him off to some of our more experienced Guardians, to perhaps figure out if this is the first time in world history a dragon not of Guardian origin received his Charge, but mislabeled it as a "Challenge" (honestly, the two words do sound similar enough).
After a long, hard examination, we figured that no. He did not have a Charge.
He was simply... an idiot trying to eat spiny urchins in a row

We did give him a piece of our wing fans, for it seemed to be the only thing that could comfort him and pull him out of his misery. Bless his poor soul.

Cat's Wing Fans

64693917p.png Lunaeic #633319 01/21/2023
This Coatl randomly appeared from the Grove with... no clue as to where he was. When the librarian of the town, Camazotz, asked who he was, all he replied with was "Your mom LMAO" and ran off.
Later Artan was found purchasing the item below from a jeweler's stand within the area. He kept referring to the pearl collar as his "ice cold chain" and would not stop trying to force civilians into having a rap battle with him.
Simple Pearly Necklace
His last straw was when he kept trying to steal the skull off of Skinwyrm, saying "it was just an obvious mask," and "he isn't as cool or edgy as he acts like he is." This really angered the spiral, and Artan was last seen being flung away from the clan by Skinwyrm...

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