Amphitrite (#41590064)
Level 1 Skydancer
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Deadwood Boar
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Light.
Female Skydancer
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3.99 m
3.47 m
351.33 kg


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May 11, 2018
(3 years)



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Eye Type
Level 1 Skydancer
EXP: 0 / 245




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Golden eyes stared out towards the horizon. Behind them were tracks in the dirt from where they had come from; a trail from their home. The skydancer looked back at the horizon until she spotted it: Clan Embellished.

“There,” she pointed. Her partner nodded. “We should reach it by nightfall, then.” She was skilled in knowing how long it would take her from point A to B. She had to, given that her profession had been a messenger.

“Mm, I think so.” The skydancer next to her hummed. “At least when we arrive we can go to bed right away, yeah?” Valkyrie’s face lit up in a grin that made her partner sigh and nod. She didn’t mind having to wait till tomorrow to begin their work, but it meant she might not sleep that night anyways. Her nerves would get the best of her, anticipating the beginning of their work within the new clan.

Amphitrite had been hesitant in joining the clan. The last time she had done such a thing it ended badly for her, leaving the skydancer wounded when things turned south and half of the clan rebelled against their leaders. Sometimes she could still feel the searing ache of claws raking across her back, could smell the lairs on fire and taste the blood. It woke her from her dreams on more than one occasion, and left her wary of leaving her clan ever again. Valkyrie had been there for her, their friendship so strong that it was impossible to let even such nightmares break it. Slowly but surely she had brought her friend out of that dark place, and now she even traveled with her to a new clan, swearing she would keep her safe yet again.

Both dragons had been requested to The Embellished to help with training of two very specific departments: royal bodyguards and the beast keeper. Valkyrie was a shoe-in for the role. She was a fighter, and had earned her place within the ranks of their old clan’s military. The skydancer was also skilled in training and upholding morale within the ranks, as her tactical skills were sought after by the commander. Amphitrite herself was unsure of her own skills. She was mainly a messenger, but had taken a liking to beasts and familiars alike. She seemed to have a way with them as well, which she supposed was reason enough to call her forth to join Valkyrie in her travels to The Embellished. The two had visited for several weeks, bestowing what knowledge they could to the clan. Their leaders were impressed, as were their commanding elders. Both Valkyrie and Amphitrite were offered permanent positions within it’s ranks.

It had taken a lot of convincing on Valkyrie’s part to get her friend to come with her. Amphitrite was terrified of going and leaving her home yet again, but more importantly she was afraid of losing Valkyrie. The Embellished had been well known to most clans, giving them a bit more established status within the world of Sornieth. It was a slight comfort the skydancer, but little eased her nerves.

The city that made up the clan was always magnificent, even at night.

“Seems none of my training stuck,” Valkyrie grumbled into her lunch the next day. She’d spent most of her morning with the royal guards, reacclimating herself within it. “Well, some of it did. For the most part they just seem young and- what’s wrong?” Amphitrite had been staring at her food, stirring the spoon about her mashed slaw. Valkyrie’s voice cut through the haze and she looked up in a bit of surprise, her feathers turning a bit flush.

“Oh- I… nothing…” he mumbled. Valkyrie set down her own spoon, eyes focused on her friend. Amphitrite knew she couldn’t escape. “It’s just… Well it’s Catalina.”

“What about her?” Valkyrie was very aware of the other dragon and how she and Amphitrite had not gotten off to a good start all those months ago. The other skydancer had always had an air about her that spoke ‘entitled’, and she was quick to rub it into Amphirite’s face at every turn.

“I was helping my master round up the nymphs after they’d spent the morning in the gardens and Catalina walked in, shrieking,” Amphitrite began. “She claimed I’d set a frost nymph after her to freeze her feathers.” Valkyrie stared at her for a moment, not blinking.

“Heavens, I wish you had.” she then said, making both of them laugh a little. “Imagine though if you did.”

“I think she was just upset the frost nymph didn’t like her much.” Amphitrite responded, finally eating her food.

“She’s jealous that you’re better with them she is,” Valkyrie agreed. “You’re better than the whole lot of them.” A smile crept onto Amphitrite’s face at the compliment.

For the most part, the skydancer was able to avoid Catalina. She’d rarely bother her when she was working in the menagerie or the stables, mostly because she didn’t like the scent of the beasts and familiars they kept. Amphitrite made sure to spend most of her time within the stables regardless of whether it kept her away.

Unfortunately, one such ‘visit’ from the other skydancer became far more of an unpleasant situation than normal, as Catalina let out one of the centaurs. The creature stampeded through the main area of the clan, knocking stalls over and threatening to trample several dragons before they got out of the way. Amphitrite sprung into action, catching up to the centaur just as another skydancer raised an arrow at it. She threw herself between the two, turning her attentions to the centaur to calm her.

“Shh, steady. You’re okay,” she soothed. The centaur huffed, then kicked at the dirt but was calm. Satisfied, Amphitrite swirled on her claws and turned to the skydancer that had dared rase an arrow to her beloved creatures. “And you! That’s very rude, you know! Preparing to attack a creature such as this centaur!”

“It was rampaging.”

“It was frightened and looking for a way out.” Amphirite shot back. The skydancer blinked at her, then smiled. Amphitrite scowled. “What’s so funny?”

“What’s your name?”


“Amphitrite!” She turned to see Valkyrie making her way towards her, along with two other guards. “We heard someone riled up a centaur and let it loose. Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine. And so is the centaur. I’ll bring her back to the stables.” she took one more look at the skydancer before moving towards the beast.

“Who let it out?” Valkyrie asked as she began to walk away.

“Who else but Catalina.” She grumbled back. If the skydancer was still there, she intended to give her as stern a talking to as she could. Though, a look over her shoulder and at the male that had almost shot her beloved creature, she wasn’t sure if she would even manage to look intimidating.

Valkyrie had seen to Catalina after Amphitrite had locked up the stables. The other skydancer was no longer allowed to go near them nor the menagerie. Amphitrite felt her life return to a calm normal for once, as calm as working with beasts could let her of course. Her days became the same, making her enjoy the work she did more as she could spend time with the different creatures without worrying about looking over her shoulder for Catalina. Whenever she saw her out within the clan the two would glare at each other and walk faster, which was fine with Amphitrite. She’d still been so unsure of her role within the clan, afraid of what could happen to her, to the creatures she cared for. Cataline had made her wary, but the clan cared for the wellbeing of their beast keeper and the familiars it seemed.

Soon a new visitor began to see her within the menagerie. It was the male skydancer from before, and at first Amphitrite almost sent him away until he apologized. She was taken aback by it, but allowed him to stay. The two talked a bit while she worked, and she learned his name was Astrope. He was an archer, as made apparent by his bow and arrow when the incident with the centaur had happened. Eventually they grew close, talking about his adventures while she told him facts about the different beasts and familiars they kept.

Amphitrite started to grow feelings for him as well. It was an unexplained sensation that made her unsure, and after Valkyrie’s encouragement she gifted him his familiar - a steelhound pup. She taught him to care for it into adulthood, warning him not to let the creature out of his sight until he was older. Astrope of course promised, but he also promised her something else. With a kiss, he promised himself to her. The two wed, and Amphitrite was over the moon. She felt comfortable within the clan fully for the first time since they had agreed to join it.
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