Lanark (#41490755)
Level 1 Skydancer
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Male Skydancer
This dragon is hibernating.
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3.68 m
5.39 m
507.85 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
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May 07, 2018
(2 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Skydancer
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


Demigod of the Unknown
Passive X Enigmatic X Solemn X Absentminded X Quiet
"To become god is the loneliest achievement of them all"

- Has a book containing all that the world doesn't know

- Book will appear blank to others

- Can read out a secret but everyone that hears automatically forgets unless they know that secret too

- Scared of the day when all the world's secrets are found (that day will kill him)

- A wanderer

- Uses ice magic

- Has some self-esteem issues but let's not dwell on that haha

- Daydreams often

- Eurith is his older brother

Rosayc wrote:
When Lanark became the Demigod of the Unknown, and was listed his ultimatum, he wasn't exactly sure how to feel. There was some pride, for finally reaching his goal and becoming one of the Gods, but then there was that sense of oncoming doom, weighing heavily on the simple black book that lay in his hands. It looked so plain, so normal, like a diary he might have written in as a hatchling. Surely there couldn't be enough in there to hide all this worlds secrets?

The first time he opened and read it, he didn't stop for days. Each page turned had his mind blown, so amazing were the words written plainly on each page. When he finally stopped, finally pulled his head away, that sense of oncoming doom began to linger like a shadow, the weight now fully sinking into his shoulders. He knew the worlds secrets. And once the the world knew them, he would be no more.

Lanark began to wander, never able to settle, never able to trust. What if someone stole the book from him, killing him by just reading aloud from the book? How could he form connections, when one day he knew he was to die?

And one day, it happened. He was asleep at a small fire, and a young hatchling stole the book, not realsing the consquences that could occur. Lanark shot up as soon as he realised, watching in horror as the young dragon opened the book. he tried to use his ice magic to stop the young one, but it was too late. The pages flipped open, and the hatchling breathed air out heavily. There was nothing on the pages for him to read.

That was the moment things began to change slightly for Lanark. He realised he was safe from could-be murders, and that each moment he had should be kept precious, rather than wasted on worry. So he began to live his life more, even exprementing with the books secrets and what he could do. The worry of the day of death might still be at the back of his mind, but for now, the book is still full, and he is still alive.
myriadofstars wrote:
Know not the world’s secrets, for at the end the secretkeeper will meet his end. Within your book are written the riddles of time, discernable only to you. Do not secret away in the shadows, for time is precious, even for those who would live forever. Lonely is your heart, for you know things the others do not. Whisper them to your friends, and they will forget your words, for the secrets of the world are for you alone. Whisper them to yourself, because one day they will be no more, and on that day will death finally come with its gentle touch. Yet do not be afraid, for that day is not yet.
By wintermintie
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