Ethe (#41242762)
The happiest moment in my life was meeting you
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Crystalcleave Canary
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Nature.
Female Skydancer
This dragon is hibernating.
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3.94 m
6.61 m
565.25 kg


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Apr 27, 2018
(3 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Skydancer
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  • none


Revived Spirit | Gentle | Shy | Friendly

Ethe: A shortened version of ether (the clear sky; the upper regions of air beyond the clouds), ethereal (extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world)

Ethe is a spirit, and upon death she has lost 90% of all leathery tissue that made up her wings, leaving feathers and skeletal 'fingers'. However she still has a somewhat corporeal form, allowing Yoru to be able to touch her. She doesn't know if other dragons are able to do so.
When protecting Yoru or otherwise needed to be fearsome, Ethe will morph into a fully dead, skeletal version of herself: twisting her neck in unnatural angles, staring at the opponent with empty eye sockets, hissing and overall being downright terrifying. She doesn't like doing this, as she feels terrible and guilty afterwards.



corporeal spirit


Neutral Good




ETHE ; The happiest moment in my life was meeting you


- Ethe was brought back to life using an odd form of necromancy, so she is not 100% spirit. She's corporeal, but possesses spirit like abilities
- She's extremely soft, both externally and emotionally. Her fur and feathers are just addicting to stroke, while her no longer beating heart is fearful and anxious, but made up of 200% love and care
- being a nature dragon she has a natural affinity for flora, and this ability followed her after death, resulting in a Sakura plant growing on her bones
- she makes flowers and other soft glowing plants grow and bloom all over Yoru's den, and loves gifting him with them
- she no longer needs to eat, but still drinks and bathes in the sun. Whether it's needed or not is unknown
- while her antenna would already be able to pick up on emotions, after death those abilities increased tenfold. She is now able to absorb negativity out from others- it causes the flowers on her body to wilt and fall off, but she says it's worth it (because they'll grow back stronger and brighter than before)

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Noctua || Rosemary || Lavender

Incense || Tibouchina || Troyanda

"Lullawish" wrote on "2020-07-29:

The Tangled Wood existed as an impossibly dark stretch of land- A place of gnarled brambles and suffocating mist illuminated by nothing more than the occasional clusters of glowing mushrooms. It was a place that few outside of the Shadow flight would ever dare inhabit- Intimidating enough on its own, and even less hospitable when one took in account the echoes of mocking laughter that seemed to reach, and emanate from, every desolate corner. And yet, the Tangled Wood had become a home to quite the pair of outcasts: An arcane mirror with magical prowess and a nature skydancer who should have died long before her time.

But, strange as they (and the place that they had made their home) may have been, the fact that they had found refuge and security within their patch of the world together remained something undisputed- Which was not to say that it was taken advantage of, a fragrant scent filling Yoru's nose as his legs carried him down the well-worn pathways that he had created in this stretch of territory.

To avoid being gashed by the thorns in his racing pace was something relatively simple at this point- his muscles remembering where to avoid and which way to move- but keeping his precious "hunt" safe was a different matter entirely. The delicate petals of the flower held within his mouth requiring that he gave them a wider area of safety and did not move with quite the speed and force that he normally would do... And, because of that, Yoru could not help the sinking feeling that he was running late.

Late to return home...

At long last he skidded to a halt within a magically created clearing- A place made soft by softly glowing plants and moss, the wonderful things that only she could keep alive within a place like this... But, despite her influence being ever-present, Yoru could find no trace of Ethe herself. She might have gone out... It was not as though she were confined to this gloomy location, and yet Yoru's heart still twisted with anxiety to find her missing.

He had been late... So, perhaps, she had thought him gone. Gently depositing the flower within his jaws upon the ground, Yoru's eyes darted around their tiny lair, the Mirror never more thankful for his infrared vision than he was in these moments. But being able to "see" didn't change the fact that there was no one else here. Audibly exhaling (with a tinge of a small whimper concealed behind his breath), Yoru took to collapsing upon the ground and rolling the plant around with the tip of his nose- He had taken care to leave the roots intact and the tiny fibers tickled at his nose until he finally sneezed and gave it a rest.

Bothering this plant could not summon Ethe back to his side... And, perhaps, he did not even have the right to hope that she would return, the claws of one of his forelimbs gently folding over the flower's stem before being made into a makeshift pillow. All he hoped was that she was safe... Or, at least, that was what he tried to convince himself of as the day's exhaustion took over and overcame even his vision with darkness.

The soft tickle of antenna was what awoke him, Yoru stretching out a wing to make room for her by his side before he could even mentally process what was occurring- But the still-fragrant scent of his gift and the continued pestering of antenna as they sensed his troubled emotions quickly brought him back to a more alert state of being. Ethe. " Are you alright?" She asked in a hushed tone as he stirred, " I'm sorry I wasn't here, I-"

But he cut her off with a gentle tap of his head against her own, a low rumble purring in his throat as he dared to nuzzle her cheek. She came back! She was here! Ethe! Pulling away from her momentarily, just long enough to snatch the flower back into his jaws, Yoru made a few subtle bobs of his head to urge Ethe to take it from him. He had searched hard to find it... He hoped she liked it. He hoped-

" Oh! Is this... for me?" Ethe asked, the cheerful undertone instantly setting Yoru's heart at ease as he gave a confirmatory dip of his head, " Thank you!"

Thank you. Handing the plant over, Yoru's heart could do little more than echo the saying. For her being here, for always coming back, for staying by his side- For being who she was. He felt entirely happy and full of peace, the buzz of her delicate antenna letting him know she understood as he leaned into her and pressed his face against the fluff at her neck.

I love you.

I might have broken your rules a little-
But I have wanted to do this for a while and this gave me the excuse, oops.
Lullawish wrote:
Yoru writing a love letter to Ethe like-

All the painful years spent alone seemed so bitterly unfair at the time. I didn't understand why I wasn't good enough, or how these matters had nothing to do with my talent (or lack thereof) to begin with. I learned how to be alone to the point I stopped wishing for anything else- Until you came into my life with a heart less darkened than my own, despite an even harsher burden to bear than my own. I saw you struggle your way to loneliness, the way you selflessly chose to die alone, and could not allow that to happen.
... Because, without even realizing it yet, you were what would make all my years of struggling worth it. I had to experience what I did so that I could meet you- and so that, when I did, I could see your truth and understand what my heart needed to do. I do not believe it was coincidence that brought us to where we are now- I think that it was always meant to happen and that this is our reward for everything we endured.
SilverSilver wrote:
"Rooted and bound beneath the ceiling of the sky, I will await and watch for all of the chances for rebirth. Have I not observed the springtime, seen the slow twisting passage of the hours? Have I not beheld the morning glories in their prime? Yet, bareboned and serene, when all roses have withered I will remain, counting each star that falls from the sky - and oh, dear friend, although no longer may I fly, that does not mean I cannot yet stand tall."
FanOfFun wrote:
- Ethe really hates loud noises, especially thunder and other dragons yelling.
- While sunbathing she will fall asleep and will wake up dazed, taking at least 5 to 10 minutes to completely wake up.
- Ethe loves hanging around and watching over the hatchlings even though she is s spirit.
- For some reason, she loves laying in shallow water. Other think that it is for the flowers growing on her, but it is really just because she like the feel of cool water on what's left of her body.
Nice Words wrote:
@Mbirnsings71: Ethe is so pure- i love her

@Astr0fish: "If you move that flower one inch I will have your head. I swear I just wasted 5 hours on making this flower patch the prettiest flower patch that has ever existed and it better stay that way unless-"

"WildGuppy" wrote on "2019-05-19:



Everyone in Svandas lair knew of the enormous garden in the center of the lair, which she spent most days carefully tending to. But once or twice during the week, she’d fly of and be gone for the better part of the day. An hour or so flight from the lair laid her "secret" garden.

Once Svanda was surprised to see another dragon. Amongst the sakura trees a smaller skydancer sat in a relaxed position, strangly still. Petals were falling gently around the other skydancer. Svanda were for a few moments stunned at the sight if her. Her skin was taunt and grey, contouring her skelleton. Her body frail, seeming mostly held together by the rots of grenery growing on her. Her wings were bony putrusions confining her when she sat with them lightly folded. Her emaciated skin stood out againt the lively green grass she rested on.
Svanda mind was running wild, but one thouhgt stood out to her. Beautiful.

Svandas breath shuttered in her throat when she realized the other skydancer were looking at her.
she mumbled out an appology and felt her feathers bristle ligtly in emberassment. The skydancer still regarded her quietly, a hint of a smile lurked at corners of her mouth.
Svanda averted her eyes to look her claws.

" I’m sorry aswell. I surprised you, didn’t I? I stumbled upon this place some time ago. I could tell some one kept coming back to care for the flowers here." Her voice sounded as fragile as her apperance, yet sweet to Svandas ears.

" Truth is," she continued, her tone now uncertain. Svanda looked up to see averting her gaze. " I’ve wanted to meet you for a while. To talk. I had some questions about some of these flowers. I hoped you could answer them for me. " She shrunk a little. ” I’m sorry for intruding."

" Oh. Not at all..." Svanda shuffled to the skydancer sitting down a few feet away from her. " I don’t mind. I enjoy anyone sharing in my interests. "

The other skydancer lit up, and she lifted her bony claws gesturing to a clutch of dully colored flowers.
" These flowers. They seem so withered. They always seem to be on the verge of death, but they’re still here, and have been so for a while. At least, for as long as I’ve been coming here."

Svanda smilled. She were personally very proud of those. “ They’re called wither roses. They’re quite unique. They only bloom at night and they glow very beautifully doing so. They look like that perfectly healty. I like their wilted look. It makes them seem delicat and unyielding at the same time.“

Through the corner of her eye, Svanda saw the other skydancer nodding slowly.

More questions from the skydancer got their conversation flowing. Svanda quite enjoyed herself. It was rare for her to have such a natural conversation, naming the flowers as the other skydancer pointed to them, giving tidbits of interesting facts about them.

" And this one? What’s it called?"
A gentle smile tickled playfully on her face as she said this pointing at Svanda.
Svanda felt her feathers bristle again. She gave her her name, and asked her in turn.

Their conversation took rot again, not only about the flowers, but more freely now. They talked about their other interests, their lairs, their den mates. Svanda got to learn about flowers she’d never heard of from Ethe, which she definitely would have to add to her garden.
As Svanda talked she began fiddeling with some flowers.

Dusk had begun to set in , the light fading for every minute they talked.
" Thats beautifull. " Ethe said looking down at the Flower lei Svanda had been working on.
Svanda was suprised to see the gentle glow coming from the flowers and she realized how late it’d gotten.
" My lairs a way of, so I better get back before it gets to dark to fly."
Svanda looked at Ethe, and she noticed she almost had a faint, ghostly glow to her.
" Will you come by here again? I’m not opposed to seeing you again."

Ethe nodded gently, looking out into the forest. She seemed almost a little sorrowful.
" Here, this is for you." Svanda moved to put the lei over Ethes’ head, letting them rest gently around her lithe neck. As she did she, her claws brushed lightly against the soft fur on Ethes neck. So soft, she felt tempted to do it again, but she caught her self. " They’re offshots. You can plant them and grow some of your own.“

" Oh my, Thank you." Ethe said, caressing the new addition of flowers to her body.

" Goodbye then, Ethe" Svanda said getting up. Ethe’s eyes meet hers, the sweetes smile adorning her face.
" Farewell. Be safe."

Svanda turned and walked away from the clearing, folding out her wings, but just before she set out into the sky, she glimpsed back.

The clearing was completly emty. Ethe was nowhere to be seen. Svanda pondered how she could have dissapeared so suddenly, and without a sound. The clearing was dead silent, only abrupted by the rustle of the grass and leaves, brought on by a cool breeze, giving Svanda a chill.
Svanda took of then, feeling a little spooked.

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By Hocotate
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By Eterna
By Carvanha
By Me
By Lullawish!
By Shraider
By BleddynGirl ♡
By Samfurina
By HeatherAKARoses

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