Yoru (#41229018)
[Being here by your side is all I could ever hope for...]
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Disappearing Pisces
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Energy: 44/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Male Mirror
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Apr 27, 2018
(3 years)



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Level 16 Mirror
EXP: 37876 / 71966




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Protective ⋆ Gloomy ⋆ Loner

Yoru's nest was made on the Starfall Isles, his pack having migrated there just days before his egg was laid. Belonging to such a nomadic group of mirrors, Yoru's birth under the influence of the arcane flight was something that happened largely by chance- But it was a chance that decidedly marked who he would become in his life.

As is the case with many born within the Starfall Isle's reach, Yoru's mind was already filled with questions, theories, and dreams long before his egg had even hatched: The tiny thoughts that filled the walls of his shell possessing an intense desire to know and understand-

But, while there was nothing lacking in the development of his mind, his body was a different story all together. Upon Yoru's hatching, it was immediately obvious that something had gone terribly wrong: The normal webbings that comprise a mirror's wings being entirely absent in him.

Luckily, mirrors are a species that primarily hunt by land, typically choosing to run rather than fly, and this meant that Yoru's lack of wings didn't initially hinder his ability to keep up with the group- Which was, effectively, the only aspect that truly mattered in the minds of his pack.

That said, a mere birth defect wasn't the only abnormality attributed to the pack's strangest hatchling... Whilst learning how to hunt and fight with the use of his claws and teeth, Yoru quickly discovered that he also possessed a natural talent for magic- A bizarre rarity amongst mirrors that was shared by none of the others in his group.

Art by KyuuBird.
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Without a teacher to help him properly harness these abilities, Yoru instead took it upon himself to learn what he was capable of. He would spend his usual time with the pack, practicing to live as they did and ensuring that his curiosities didn't lead to his eviction (and, to his credit, he became a skilled mirror in his own right- able to fight and provide for himself in ways beyond what a caster would ever be considered capable of)- But, as the rest of his pack slept, Yoru began to sneak off to continue his own pursuits.

At first he was able to stay fairly close to the nests that his pack had taken over: His sparks of magic capable of little more than withering away the plant life around him, or causing hairline fractures on the crystals that he focused upon. Eventually, however, his abilities were causing too much chaos to remain near the pack: gnarled roots overtaking the earth, crystals shattering, orbs of light manifesting within the air, mysterious runes etched into the ground and crackling with a magic that even Yoru didn't fully understand- And with his magic becoming disruptive and, quite frankly, dangerous, Yoru was forced to venture further and further away in order to continue practicing.

Soon, Yoru had familiarized himself with a majority of the Starfall Isle, having taken up practicing his magic in whatever space he could find to do so (and caring less and less if he arrived back home late, confident enough with his place within the pack to take it for granted)- But, of all the places that Yoru discovered, the Starwood Strand was an undeniable favorite. He found motivation within the twinkling blossoms, and discovered a deeper connection with his magic amidst the introspective atmosphere. His abilities just continued to grow and manifest, encouraged further by Yoru's own ambitions, until he achieved what should have been impossible: He made himself a pair of wings.

The substance that filled the once-empty spaces looked much like the place that had inspired Yoru to create it: The once empty wings brought to life by a shifting expanse of purples and blues, illuminated by tiny twinkling lights that made it appear as though the night sky itself had given his wings their new shape. Shocked beyond his comprehension that his magic had worked and eager to show his pack how much better he could now fit-in, Yoru enthusiastically raced his way back home, experimentally flapping the wings he had never thought he would possess as he went. And, come the time that the rest of his pack awoke to see him, they shared in his sense of wonder and expressed happiness (in their own way) for the sake of their little mutant finally being capable of flight.

Unfortunately, Yoru had spent a majority of his hatchling life without wings, and the process of learning how to use them came much slower than the other skills he had acquired. In itself, that fact would have been alright, Yoru having already proven he didn't need flight in order to be of use- But, when you live in a group of nomads, there is always one inevitable event that will occur: Migration. With the latest hatchlings deemed strong enough to make the journey, Yoru's pack made their way outside the realm of the Starfall Isles, abandoning their nests in favor of something new. It was an event that Yoru was originally excited for, eager to see what the rest of the world had to offer.

But he was a weak flier. As the rest of his pack flew over the expanse of water that divided the Starfall Isles from The Scarred Wasteland, Yoru was soon forced to resort to swimming it- Unable to fly for such a lengthy period of time. No stranger to swimming, the journey itself wasn't anything overly difficult for Yoru to complete, but the time that it required soon became his downfall. As fast as he was in the water, the difference between flying and swimming became more and more apparent as the distance between himself and his pack grew further and further- Yoru's best and most frantic efforts bringing him to the shore many minutes after everyone else had already landed and taken off.

Without any knowledge of where his pack had gone, and senses dulled by how long he had been practically submerged in water, it was all that Yoru could do to search the land for his missing family. But wandering around aimlessly, without hope or companions, in a strange and unforgiving place made it impossible to ignore reality: No matter what he did, from this point forward, Yoru was now entirely alone. It was hard to accept at first- Going against his very nature as a mirror- but that same nature allowed him to adapt to and survive in the Plague's rotting homeland.

Using his every survival skill, and the final scraps of his determination, Yoru made his way deeper and deeper through The Scarred Wasteland until, eventually, he came across The Tangled Woods. Having finally given up on the idea of rejoining his family, with no clue as to how to get back to his original home, the weary mirror saw the gnarled fauna and glowing mushrooms as something almost akin (albeit a more twisted comparison) to the place he had loved so much as a hatchling- And the thick darkness as something he could find a new comfort in, a place where his shame and loneliness could be concealed and he wouldn't be able to constantly search the horizon for the familiar faces that he would never see again.
Art by KyuuBird.
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And so Yoru found a new home for himself, settling into the Shadow Flight's native land and doing the best he could to take his mind off the past- Throwing himself, more than ever, into magic as soon as he had adjusted. It was an arrangement that worked for quite some time, Yoru's only 'distractions' being the occasional tricksters that stopped by (and whom made him almost thankful for his solitude), but...

But one day it wasn't a trickster he stumbled across, but a dying skydancer who had dragged her way into his hunting grounds from The Viridian Labyrinth. Her body consumed by disease and her breathing labored and shallow. And perhaps he should have gone by his day as always, but instead Yoru found himself frozen in place, watching the poor thing for far longer than he ever intended to-

And perhaps he empathized with the lonely sense of helplessness that her failing body conveyed, or felt drawn towards the pleading hope that kept a light in her eyes, because before her time had completely expired Yoru had made his way over to her poor figure and offered what limited comfort a hermit like him could provide.

It was only for a few minutes... And it should have been nothing more than that: A simple act of kindness- to allow her to die beneath his wing and with the comfort of knowing that she wasn't entirely alone... But it just wasn't fair. Overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness as her shallow breathing slowed into nothingness, Yoru decided that things would be different this time.

He didn't know if it would work- If it was even something that he could do- but summoning every ounce of his magical ability, Yoru focused everything he had on one single task: He brought her back to life. Defying every odd and probability, he actually succeeded in giving her a second chance at life- Or, at least, mostly.

And, surprisingly, she decided to spend that second chance at life on starting a new one with him, staying by his side long after her condition had stabilized enough for her to go elsewhere. And, strange as it is for him to admit, Yoru can no longer imagine a life without her. [Lore constantly being updated as Kyuu and I progress this little plot <3]
His ray of sunshine ♡:
Extra Information
1Fl4AuW.png ⋆ Yoru's wings are entirely given their shape by magic: The starry pattern of them shifting around slightly like the true night sky. His wing webbings, themselves, are also questionably corporeal- at times they seem as though they're nothing more than a misty illusion, but at other times they're able to block out rain and provide Yoru with a limited sort of flight.

⋆ Whilst mirrors are, in no way, famous for being good fliers- Yoru is even clumsier than most. He didn't have wings during the time all the other hatchlings were learning to fly, and his wings aren't exactly... normal. In all practicality, he ends up using his wings more like a boost to his jumping or almost like a paraglider- It's like trying to learn how to walk for the first time as an adult, it's just super difficult for him to even attempt traditional flight

⋆ If you thought the 'only say what's necessary' mentality of mirrors was bad, Yoru's years of isolation left him practically mute. He often forgets that he even can speak and has a very hoarse and wispy voice when he does speak as a result. Luckily, Ethe, his only companion, has such a heightened empathy that this near lack of communication doesn't really cause any issues.

⋆ Because Yoru and Ethe were on their own for so long, the two of them forgot what their true birthdays were- Mutually deciding to celebrate the day that they met (April 27th) as their "birthday".

⋆ Wanna see a stoic boy get flustered? Ask him what his feelings are towards Ethe. At first he thought that she would just leave him behind (like his family did) and go back to her original homeland- But after she reassured him that she wouldn't, and proved it with time, the one thing he knows for certainty is that he no longer wants to imagine a life without her.

⋆ Yoru and Ethe's den has a lot plant life around/on/in it (thanks to Ethe) and they both have nice and soft nests as well. Yoru is a little clumsy about trying to show his appreciation and caring and has a tendency (to this day) to bring Ethe back different meats and fish he's hunted that day
"CirrusAscending" wrote on "2019-09-16:
- Yoru has a soft spot for nighttimes and everything to do with it. Sometimes, on particularly starry nights, he and Ethe sit together under the stars, enjoying each other's company and the sight of the star sky above them.
- Yoru doesn't particularly like raw, bloody meat. He doesn't really like sour foods either. Surprisingly enough, he'll occasionally munch on Manaweed.
- Sometimes, Yoru will run his claws through Ethe's feathers, grooming her wings. Ethe doesn't really need it, but she doesn't have the heart to tell him so.
- Yoru once blew a massive crater into the ground back when he was first learning to control his abilities.
"Lullawish" wrote:
Yoru writing a love letter to Ethe like-

All the painful years spent alone seemed so bitterly unfair at the time. I didn't understand why I wasn't good enough, or how these matters had nothing to do with my talent (or lack thereof) to begin with. I learned how to be alone to the point I stopped wishing for anything else- Until you came into my life with a heart less darkened than my own, despite an even harsher burden to bear than my own. I saw you struggle your way to loneliness, the way you selflessly chose to die alone, and could not allow that to happen.
... Because, without even realizing it yet, you were what would make all my years of struggling worth it. I had to experience what I did so that I could meet you- and so that, when I did, I could see your truth and understand what my heart needed to do. I do not believe it was coincidence that brought us to where we are now- I think that it was always meant to happen and that this is our reward for everything we endured.
"Lullawish" wrote on "2020-07-29:

The Tangled Wood existed as an impossibly dark stretch of land- A place of gnarled brambles and suffocating mist illuminated by nothing more than the occasional clusters of glowing mushrooms. It was a place that few outside of the Shadow flight would ever dare inhabit- Intimidating enough on its own, and even less hospitable when one took in account the echoes of mocking laughter that seemed to reach, and emanate from, every desolate corner. And yet, the Tangled Wood had become a home to quite the pair of outcasts: An arcane mirror with magical prowess and a nature skydancer who should have died long before her time.

But, strange as they (and the place that they had made their home) may have been, the fact that they had found refuge and security within their patch of the world together remained something undisputed- Which was not to say that it was taken advantage of, a fragrant scent filling Yoru's nose as his legs carried him down the well-worn pathways that he had created in this stretch of territory.

To avoid being gashed by the thorns in his racing pace was something relatively simple at this point- his muscles remembering where to avoid and which way to move- but keeping his precious "hunt" safe was a different matter entirely. The delicate petals of the flower held within his mouth requiring that he gave them a wider area of safety and did not move with quite the speed and force that he normally would do... And, because of that, Yoru could not help the sinking feeling that he was running late.

Late to return home...

At long last he skidded to a halt within a magically created clearing- A place made soft by softly glowing plants and moss, the wonderful things that only she could keep alive within a place like this... But, despite her influence being ever-present, Yoru could find no trace of Ethe herself. She might have gone out... It was not as though she were confined to this gloomy location, and yet Yoru's heart still twisted with anxiety to find her missing.

He had been late... So, perhaps, she had thought him gone. Gently depositing the flower within his jaws upon the ground, Yoru's eyes darted around their tiny lair, the Mirror never more thankful for his infrared vision than he was in these moments. But being able to "see" didn't change the fact that there was no one else here. Audibly exhaling (with a tinge of a small whimper concealed behind his breath), Yoru took to collapsing upon the ground and rolling the plant around with the tip of his nose- He had taken care to leave the roots intact and the tiny fibers tickled at his nose until he finally sneezed and gave it a rest.

Bothering this plant could not summon Ethe back to his side... And, perhaps, he did not even have the right to hope that she would return, the claws of one of his forelimbs gently folding over the flower's stem before being made into a makeshift pillow. All he hoped was that she was safe... Or, at least, that was what he tried to convince himself of as the day's exhaustion took over and overcame even his vision with darkness.

The soft tickle of antenna was what awoke him, Yoru stretching out a wing to make room for her by his side before he could even mentally process what was occurring- But the still-fragrant scent of his gift and the continued pestering of antenna as they sensed his troubled emotions quickly brought him back to a more alert state of being. Ethe. " Are you alright?" She asked in a hushed tone as he stirred, " I'm sorry I wasn't here, I-"

But he cut her off with a gentle tap of his head against her own, a low rumble purring in his throat as he dared to nuzzle her cheek. She came back! She was here! Ethe! Pulling away from her momentarily, just long enough to snatch the flower back into his jaws, Yoru made a few subtle bobs of his head to urge Ethe to take it from him. He had searched hard to find it... He hoped she liked it. He hoped-

" Oh! Is this... for me?" Ethe asked, the cheerful undertone instantly setting Yoru's heart at ease as he gave a confirmatory dip of his head, " Thank you!"

Thank you. Handing the plant over, Yoru's heart could do little more than echo the saying. For her being here, for always coming back, for staying by his side- For being who she was. He felt entirely happy and full of peace, the buzz of her delicate antenna letting him know she understood as he leaned into her and pressed his face against the fluff at her neck.

I love you.
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