Leann (#40848433)
Level 10 Coatl
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Spirit of Wind
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Energy: 48/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Light.
Female Coatl
This dragon cannot breed until Jul 14, 2020 (4 days).
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6.96 m
9.44 m
798.8 kg


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Apr 12, 2018
(2 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 10 Coatl
EXP: 3086 / 27676


wind_rune_20.png • L E A N N • wind_rune_20.png

  • Hatchday: Apr 12, 2018
  • Original clan: Light
  • Parents clans: Father - wind Coatl // Mother - light Coatl
  • Came to clan: was taken in Apr 13, 2018 (TheHungryMonk)


Leann never quite hit it off that well with the other hatchlings back home. She, unlike the others, wasn't fond of causing chaos and just didn't feel like spending that much energy on mischief. She never was a loner, but she valued privacy and relaxation quite a lot; so, she spent just as much time on her own as she spent with the others.

The young Coatl had its moments as well. On the occasion Leann did go out to have fun with the others, she went full out. She is certainly one that can light up any room simply by being there, often full of optimism and cheer. Long conversations about everything and nothing is one of her favorite thing and she's known as someone able to listen just as well--no matter if she doesn't always say a lot, one just knows that Leann is listening and paying attention.

As she grew, Leann found herself seeking out the quiet of small, neglected garden near the borders of her clan's territory. There, she experimented a little in one of the abandoned corners, planted a little here and there and removed weeds from the few herbs the former healers had grown in there.

Once her apparent interest in plants became known, however, she was quickly sent to nature flight to be trained as a gardener and herbalist. An allied clan in nature gave her a little greenhouse of her own where she could do as she liked, plant whatever she wanted and have it as her own space as long as she continued her studies with the other herbalists and got specialiced training form the healers regarding medical plants.

And Leann, overjoyed at the possibility of having the possibility to learn and even have a little space all to her own, said yes right away. At the beginning, she was still lacking in experience, but she learned quickly and made sure to study hard and learn from her mistakes. It didn't always go well, but as time passed she expanded her knowledge and expertice. The plants and herbs thrived in her lovely greenhouse, Leann even made a few plans of expanding as her place was just not big enought to grow everything in. Over time, other dragons with a keen interest in plants have come to trade and help Leann to grow even more exotic plants.



Leann leaving her first greenhouse behind- traveling south- joining clan Aidhear - the opening of her new greenhouse

Not only has she become quite an important one for Clan Àidhear, growing so many of their herbs and vegetables, but she's also created a gentle and quiet space for anyone that needs it. A little humid getaway from everyday live or all the hardships of travel. It might be pretty tight on space, smelling pretty weird and some plants be highly poisonous, but it's nice and it's hers; so Leann loves it quite a lot.

At some point she even got ... and his brilliant mind in on her expansion plans, got some of her friends to help her sort everything out and soon enough, she had a most impressive greenhouse all to herself.

The visitor - Frayldryrth

„A Gaoler! A Gaoler traveler! Now I‘ve seen everything!” – A quite rude exclamation stopped Frayldryrth in his tracks. Just a little while ago he parted with some new acquaintances – a bit beat up, a bit tired. His wanderlust still got him back on the streets and airs, all the way to the Windswept Plateau. At a Crossroad, Frayldryrth had heard about a nice greenhouse build in one of those many wind clans and decided to have a look. Now knowing where to turn next, he decided to ask a tiny dragon behind a stall, selling pendants and other trinkets. The rude little dragon was now eyeing the Frayldryrth from head to tail, that certain ‘look’ on it’s face that would turn anyone mad just by seeing it.

Frayldyrth could already feel the blood rushing to his head, emotions boiling hot in his veins as he got ready to give it to that rude one straight! He never noticed the Mirror appearing at his side, covered in a Silver Filigree Armor Set and a tattered looking Cleaver hanging at her side. She just flashed the Gaoler a quick smile as she tilted her head: “Marduk, old friend. I see, your mind still doesn’t think faster than your mouth speaks... I see, you already met my big friend here. But you have to excuse us, we are in hurry. See you soon.” As if the Mirror had noticed Frayldyrth’s anger raising, it wanted to smooth the whole situation and just dragged the green dragon away from Marduk.

“I have to apologize. Usually, I don’t just drag strangers away from private arguments. But I know Marduk, he isn’t that bad a dragon, but he has zero people skills. He got a lot better; one couldn’t stand to be in a room with him just a year ago. I’m Sarka, by the way. Pleased to meet you.” – The Mirror concluded her explanation. “You know, you had that look… one I’d always recognize. I had the same one just a while back. I used to lose my patience over every bagatelle and simply went crazy without warning when I thought I thought about correcting every single hiccup of this world.”

Sarka’s monologue drifted off in the background, but it helped Frayldyrth to regain his cool. The Mirror told him everything about her come clan. About how thankful she was to the Warrior Squad for taking her in as one of their own as well as Edval and Tybal for their lessons about restrain and behavior to gain a certain control over her emotions. As it was starting to get quite late, Sarka invited her new traveler companion over to stay at her clan for a bit.

Only after they got to Clan Àidhear the Gaoler noticed, he cad actually found the greenhouse he heard about at the Crossroad! It was run by Leann – a young, quiet Coatl – who had loved to take care of plants since a very young age. She would take care of neglected plants, experiment a little in abandoned corners of their home garden, planted a little here and there, removed weeds from the few herbs the former healers had grown in there and grew her little garden into a heaven for all Herbalist. She was trained at a nature flight to polish her skills and after finishing her studies, she got specialized into taking care of medial plants.

When Frayldyrth payed her a visit, they had long and very intense discussions about the ‘how’s’ and ‘when’s’ of medial plants and both of them learnt something new that day. They spent many hours together, exchanging knowledge and seedlings until the Gaoler actually fell asleep in the greenhouse, surrounded by all these beautiful and rare plants.

~[FF 2019] Smokey's Adventures~

A super bloom has taken over Sornieth. Regions band together to help secure their native habitats and protect their lands from invasive species. Clans from every region have been working tirelessly to keep the super bloom under control. However, the growth has been spreading relentlessly and faster than anyone could have imagined. Clans from the Ashfall Waste have decided to call on a local hero and controlled burn enthusiast, Smokey the Embear, to help cull the growth and restore Sornieth's natural habitats. Smokey was kind enough to leave a journal behind as he made his way through Sornieth. Since this is a collaborative effort, Smokey had request help from herbalists of different clans to get ahead of the super bloom. As a nature lover, Leann just had to get going to restore balance to the ecosystem!




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