Foray (#39243541)
Left to discover, found a mystery
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Almandine Sturgeon
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Wind.
Female Pearlcatcher
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4.11 m
3.91 m
685.62 kg


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Feb 03, 2018
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Pearlcatcher
EXP: 0 / 245


Foray Vagray “Little Moray”
Traveler • Cartographer • Deep Sea Apprentice
Curious • Clever • Creative • Socially Inept

» ═════════════════ ═══════════════════ «

| “Pretty amazing how I left home to explore the places I’d always heard of, and ended up in a place nobody even knows about.”|


» As an avid explorer and note taker, Foray constantly carries notebooks and data gathering devices with her at all times. She carries a rubber satchel to haul belongings and uses her wind element to create bubbles to encase items that can't get wet.

» The runic etching on this helm is similar to the age-old water magic that Foray uses to draw her notes and maps underwater. Using magically “soaked” papyrus or metal, Foray etches onto them with magic cartography utensils.
Foray is an incredibly intelligent dragon, adept at anything she puts her mind to and is perfectly capable of deep work. In the past, she has even had spouts of such intense concentration that she has lost track of several days at a time. Despite seeming to have the capability, she abundantly lacks common sense and is socially inept in many ways. She generally enjoys the presence of others yet lacks the urge to build relationships beyond acquaintanceship.
However, there is one exception: Meatpack. Despite their brief meeting, she often thinks of him fondly, and in the dark depths of the ocean, she can't help but associate him with freedom and the accomplishment that would come with reaching the surface again.

Due to Foray’s apprenticeship with deep water magic, she has taken on new characteristics synonymous with deep underwater living, although that was of course the purpose of her apprenticeship. The odd magic, coupled with the high pressure and lack of any sun light has made her body softer and squishier, and her dark red skin tone now a bit paler. The magic alone, however, is responsible for the more major changes in her anatomy. Her wings and underside have developed light-sensitive phosphores, making her resemble a Hatchet Fish. Other parts of her body have developed smaller phosphores, allowing for her own form of bioluminescence to help see and communicate in the dark. Naturally, she has also developed gills, but has also kept her land-lubber lungs. Due to her roots, new growths, and propensity for traveling, she has become an asset to the clan and is one of the few who can return to the surface, although she now needs magical aid to do so.

As a young dragon raised within the inviting landscape of the Windswept Plateau, Foray was urged to follow where her gut took her and travel, as all Windies are raised to do.

When she came of age, Foray traveled north into the Scarred Wasteland, wondering if they were as gruesome as in the stories she had heard. Her curious personality and way with words allowed her to get along with new dragons that may have otherwise brushed her off as a vapid tourist, naïve to local customs. Unbeknownst to them however, Foray was naïve but just the right amount. Smart enough to be curious and teachable, but with the social ineptitude others interpreted as gentle naivety. Foray’s willingness to learn about the culture led her to unknowingly make acquaintances with local underdwellers that most would have instinctively avoided. During her travels in the southern Wastelands, Foray’s inherently open and talkative nature caught the interest of a pair of pirates. Lively as she was, Foray blabbered on about her journeys, cultural tolerance, and skill with maps and navigation. The pirates interpreted Foray’s curiosity and talkativeness as code for, “I’ve got the skills you’ve been looking for” and promptly answered all the questions she had. This of course meant she had been brought in on their schemes. Meanwhile, Foray was simply elated to be learning the ins-and-outs of a culture so new to her--To follow the intriguing natives wherever they invited and do whatever work they asked of her. She honestly thought they were friends at first sight.

With shades unknowingly drawn over both parties’ eyes, the pirates led the new member of their organization toward the east coast to get acquainted, and Foray followed her new friends right along. However, Foray’s ignorant adventure would soon come to a startling halt. The dragoness thought her travels were continuing on as normal, only this time being shown around by natives, introduced to niche coastal towns with the best seafood this side of the Wasteland—or that was what she had had in mind. She was eventually brought to what appeared to be a spindly harbor village on the Sea of a Thousand Currents. Initially, nothing seemed off to Foray as her friends led her around town, through storefronts, alleyways, and finally up the gangplank of a docked ship. Seated in the captain’s quarters, however, something made Foray’s mind begin to reel. Moments later as she was seated in front of an elaborate desk with an ostentatious tundra on the other side, she knew something was wrong. ‘How do I feel about the gods? Do I get seasick? What weapons do I carry? What connections do I have? What’s a keyhaul?! For Windsinger’s sake! ’ Where was she? What had she agreed to? Saying there had been a miscommunication would be an understatement (because there hadn’t been one). Foray tried not to overwhelm herself in the moment, suddenly felt rocking beneath her feet, and stood up making the other dragon start. She knew somewhere some information had gone astray, but she didn’t care where. She couldn’t allow whatever she had agreed to, to continue. She simply wanted out, apologized for the confusion, and voiced just that. Foray can still recall the dragon on the other side of the table giving her a fowl look just before she blacked out.

Suspecting Foray to be a spy, the pirates sailed into the middle of the thousand-current sea and tossed her unconscious body overboard.

Miraculously, Foray awoke, groggy, confused, and encased in a bubble at the very bottom of the Sea of a Thousand Currents. Thought to be a barren, un-touched wasteland beneath the Leviathan Trench, Foray was discovered by a local dragon and brought back to a settlement to recuperate, however this would prove to be complicated. As the dragon explained, the immense pressure at the bottom of the ocean would eventually wear her out, and eventually crush her. The magic air bubble that saved her descent into the deep could not keep her alive at this depth as long as she needed, so something else would need to be done. Foray agreed to the terms without much thought, only thinking of survival, and soon became an apprentice to a water drake of the clan and began following her magic teachings. As Foray would soon learn, all of the local dragons had developed special characteristics that allowed them to survive at such a depth, but this also kept them from returning to the surface. With this in mind, Foray went forward with her apprenticeship, vowing someday to remember what had happened to her and return home.

Although her apprenticeship was started purely out of necessity, Foray has since developed a genuine interest in it and pursues her lessons and goals with fervor, rather than seeing it as the means to the end that it initially was.


"Hatchetfishes are one of the many deep sea creatures that have the ability to create their own light through a process known as bioluminescence. These fish have special light-producing organs known as photophores that run along the length of their body. These photophores produce light by means of a chemical reaction similar to that of the land-based firefly. Since these light organs point downward, it is believed they are used to hide the fish from predators through the process of counterillumination. This means that they can adjust the intensity of their underside lights to make them nearly invisible against the faint light above. [making them nearly invisible to predators from below] The patterns of light created by the photophores differs slightly from one species to another, leading many researchers to believe that they may play a role in courtship, although very little is know about the mating habits of these mysterious creatures."
"Scintillia" wrote:
Foray, how's the apprenticeship coming along? Do you still plan on returning home, or do you wish to stay at the bottom of the ocean(or is it even a choice anymore-)?
39243541p.png "It's coming along swimmingly! I do still plan to return home, but learning how to use magic that you're not born with is hard! "element switching" is a myth we read about in school. It's supposed to be impossible, but it seems possible only under high stress conditions? On top of that I'm having to relearn everything but only this time I'm under about 8 metric tons of water. Also also, mysterious STUFF happens down here since you can barely see 10 feet in front of your own face. Volcanoes shifting the walls of the region, dragons missing, dragons showing up. Bizarre."

Foray- meaning: (verb) to do or attempt something outside of one's accustomed sphere : to enter into a new or different field or area of activity.
Vagray- play on “Vagary” From the Latin vagari, meaning “to wander,” this 16th-century word originally meant a wandering journey. Nowadays, "vagaries" refer to unpredictable or erratic situations.
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