Zenith (#39083258)
Level 1 Tundra
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Male Tundra
This dragon is hibernating.
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4.02 m
3.99 m
439.93 kg


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Jan 27, 2018
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Tundra
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


Human age:Mid to Late Twenties
Runaway Prince who now runs a coffee shop
HeUGJin.png Z E N I T H
Cafe Shop Owner -

An actual runaway prince who would have thought. With his kingdom no more. Zenith and his retired Butler have come to the clan in search of family.

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Asher is the closest dragon that Zenith has to a father. His parents left him to Asher for most of his life. He was the one who taught Zenith the basic milestones. From him, Zenith developed his extreme fondness of teas and the occasional sweets. He treasured the days that the two of them would hangout in the kitchen and try different blends together.Sometimes they would make something completely unexpected that the duo would deem worthy to go into Asher's recipe book. Once their old clan fell to ruin and they found their new home. Zenith now would like Asher to have the chance to get some relaxing done much to Asher's disdain. The two currently run the coffee shop with Zenith mainly do all the baking and tea brewing and Asher mainly with the recipe making.
So apparently Affection and Zenith are related as somewhere down the line the former's family choose to leave the kingdom and eventually found a new place to stay. It was a little awkward at first but it's seems like it was only on Zenith's and Asher's end. Affection is the one who would show the two around and loves to take them out to meet new dragons. Where Zenith's shyness comes up Affection is able to at least coax him out of his comfort zone. Zenith is able to keep him somewhat in line when he gets his large ideas the community center.
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- - -
Ohe9zoc.png Most fairy tales make the life of prince to be something to be jealous of. They seem to live life in luxury with all the money, power and fame in the world. Does money,power and fame truly replace the feeling of being love? All of Zenith’s life he has had those three at his claws tips and he can honestly say that he could not remember them bring him happiness.

His once upon a time kingdom was a beloved place that soared high up the sky above those cities underneath. The dragons of this place with a “special” bloodline were all born with an extra set of wings that resembled those of avian species. They prided themselves with difference and made sure that everybody knew. There were the ones that were born with and the ones who were not. That difference was never to be forgotten no matter what. The ones without where looked down upon as being lesser than others. With those without were forced into meaning less jobs and no power of their own. This was the place that Zenith called home, his kingdom. A place that a the time his saw no wrong.
Growing up he rarely saw his parents no, he never saw his parents unless it was completely necessary instead he was placed in the care of his nanny Asher and left with a sizable amount of money to buy the things that were necessary for his development. He was told that he was apart of their forth nest of eggs so he was not in league for the kingdom so he was left alone for the most part. He did not have to attend lessons on how to conduct a kingdom and the politics that he may have to follow. He got all the rewards and none of the draw backs. He was free to do as he pleased and no one could stop him. Not like he knew at the time as he was a young hatchling.

Zenith was not really one to socialize with others as there were no others around for him to play with. With his bloodline it was frowned upon for him socialize with those without so it was just him and his scarcely seen clutchmates. He was generally left in the company of his caretaker. Which he would usually spend the day following Asher and helping in the kitchen. Of course he was told that it was beneath him as a prince but Zenith did not care and would assist anyway that he could. The only reason that Asher was even able to take care of him was because the wing gene skipped over him and those around him felt pity for him. So, instead of casting him out and giving him a demeaning job they made him the caretaker of Zenith away.
Zenith did bare an striking resemblance to his father and thank the heaven’s for that. If he did not, if he was not born with those extra set of wings there would have been no way that the Queen would have let him live. You see Zenith was a product of his father stepping out of line with another dragon. The Queen was of course not to happy about that not in the least. It was lucky that he was born them or else his fate could have been of the undesirable kind.

So Zenith was not attending lessons because he was born in a later a nest but because he had no claim to the throne at all. Zenith was not allowed to play with those without not because of his bloodline but for the fact that him hatching was a disgrace to his family's name. He was the dirty little secret that only a select few knew about. That did not stop him from trying to be what they wanted. As a hatchling these words were often said to him by the elders of his family that he did see “Children should be seen not heard” he took that saying to heart. When he follows it they would give him a small amount of praise. The individual would turn their head and give him a small barely noticeable head nod and Zenith would feel like the world has grown 5 times bigger. Their praise felt so much different then that of which Asher gives him. So, he would strive to do as they said so he could get that tiny bit of that elated feeling. Back when he was younger he would do anything if that meant he would get some recognition from his “family. Now he only wishes that he would have spoke up some more and maybe just maybe his family and kingdom would still be here.
- - -

- - -


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Other stuff to remember

The fluffy Tundra fled from his family with taking only small items that fit in his knapsack and his now butler/ past nanny with him.

Zenith would much rather talk things out then go to violence but alas his family does not agree with it. His precious kingdom was plagued by war and by war is how it crumbled. He was not able to save his people or his family.

The fact of the matter is this a very shy boy who for one does not voice his opinion much.Children are to be seen not heard was a popular saying with the elder's in his family.

Has a huge crush on Violet Sky and loves it when she comes into shop. He is not able to give her much advice on her problems but he is there to lend her a ear. In which she does the same and will lend her's in turn. That is the main reason why he has a crush on her.

The feather apparel is not apparel at all but actually a set of wings and tail feathers. It is a trait that is passed down his family gene poll
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