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Energy: 50/50
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Male Guardian
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13.91 m
15.58 m
10206.84 kg


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Jun 03, 2014
(8 years)



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Eye Type
Level 25 Guardian
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Odin is the patriarch of the Outpost's Clan, handling the external Clan business, while his mate and the Clan's matriarch, Frigga, handle the internal affairs.

The Guardian of the Clan Grounds, no-one is quite certain of how old he is, though there are guesses based on the fact that he seems to have seen the beginning of the Beastclan War, back when dragonkind was still young and he was roaming the world in his Search.

It was during that time that he found Frigga, fighting in the Lightweaver's forces. She and her squad had had a bad run-in with a school of Maren, leaving her as the sole survivor. She was barely out of hatchlinghood at the time; the attack had been an ambush. Her squad was merely meant to convey food to the front-line fighters, a fairly risk-fee duty, thus assigned to inexperienced or recovering dragons.

Now, Odin has never been a very sociable dragon by any means, often coming off as gruff, lazy and uncaring at first, but those who truly know him can attest to the fact that he really is “a big softie” (in the words of Itha, his protégée), and as such, he was unwilling to leave the young Guardian alone among the bodies of her squadmates, despite knowing that she would surely be found soon, when it became obvious the they had not reached their destination. So he curled himself around her and draped his wing over her smaller form so that she need not see the carnage surrounding them, even if he did not know how to comfort her.

This was the start of what would become an indestructible bond of love between the two, despite the fact that neither of them were meant as the other's Charge, something which is very rare among Guardians; mates usually have at least one Guardian-Charge bond between them.

That is not to say that their mateship was ever a certainty, though, and neither was it some kind of fairy tale; they met in the middle of a war, with bloodshed and carnage surrounding them, and that is not the place for such a tale to begin. No, their bond was forged with the blood of their enemies and allies, and they are together just as much because of the fact that they cannot function without each other as because of the fact that they love each other.

Let us not dwell on the horrors of that time, though, but rather focus on how the two of them eventually found their happy ending. It all started with an assignment to the Hewn City, actually. By then, the two of them had been fighting side-by-side for several years, and were just about inseparable, not to mention a next to invincible tag-team. So the Lightweaver judged them skilled and experienced enough to take charge of an Outpost at the edges of the Maren territory in the Hewn City Bay and lead whatever defensive skirmishes were needed to keep the then much more aggressive Beastclan away from the shores and the eggs of the Clans that had set themselves up in the dark and ruined landscape.

And so, Odin found his Charge. Immediately upon arriving at the edges of what would become the Clan Grounds, he felt an overwhelming pull, a compulsion, a need to protect. He did not understand it at first, because he had Searched for so very long, and could not quite believe that he had finally found his Charge. Frigga was the one who helped him out of his disbelief and shock, having already found her own Charge – bones from some of the first Imperials, still heavy with the Lightweaver's essence – some seasons earlier, and was as such able to explain to him what was happening to him.

If we skip over long years of vigil, comrades coming and going and dying in the endeavour to keep the Hewn City safe, we soon arrive at a very important day. The War had calmed down, the Maren backed off, and Odin and Frigga officially petitioned the Lightweaver for permission to turn the Outpost into a Clan, rather than just a military station. They were granted that permission, and slowly but surely started gathering clan members around them. Aghi, Regin (both of whom Odin and Frigga had fought alongside in the War), and Itha (who at that time was nothing but a hyperactive hatchling) were the first to join, though the mates' first clutch of hatchlings soon followed, even if Fritha would turn out to be the only one of that clutch to stay if one does not count her adoptive brother, Loke.

Since then, the Outpost's Clan has gathered all sorts of strange individuals to itself, but somehow the strange conglomeration of breeds, Flights and personalities still manage to work together when it truly matters, even if the day-to-day running of the Clan can be... highly chaotic, to say the least.

Which is why Odin can often be found lazing about in various out-of-the-way places on the Clan Grounds, keeping an eye and ear open for trouble, but only really moving if the ever-present shadow over the Hewn City shifts, thus depriving him of his sun bathing. There is some speculation going on in the Clan about how he may have some type of guard-rotation schedule going on with his napping points, but no-one has as of yet managed to confirm this theory.


  • Odin's name means "rage", "frenzy" or "inspiration"; it is the name of the Norse god of warriors, leaders and wanderers, and he is also known as the All-Father.



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